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  • Birthday Oct 03, 2001

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    Your Overlord ☭#3351
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    Photography, Racing games, CSGO.
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    Epic moment capturer


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    Asus prime B360M-A
  • RAM
    Ballistix 64GB DDR4 2666mhz
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    GTX 1660ti 6gb
  • Case
    Cyberpower case
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    128gb SSD
    1tb HDD
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    Some Chinese company
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    Acer display (1920x1080 144hz 1ms response time)
    Dell display (720p display 75hz god-knows-what response time)
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    Stock intel cooler
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    Redragon K552 Mechanical
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    Cyberpower Elite M1
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    Razor Kraken Tournament Edition
  • Operating System
    Windows 10 64bit
  • Laptop
    Hp notebook, i3-6100u with basic intel graphics

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  1. So I have had my computer now for around 2 years. It was a Pre-Built from Cyberpower and I have been upgrading it ever since. I replaced the original 1060 3gb with a 1660TI, changed out the 16 gb of ram for 64 gb set to 2666mhz (which is the max speed my I7 can handle) and recently replaced the god awful stock Intel cooler with a Cooler Master Hyper 212. Over a year ago a regular issue would occur; my computer would shut off entirely on it’s own. I asked about it here before and someone said it could be thermals so I got the cooler. However today it shut off again. I’m about 70% sure
  2. I believe it adds character to it. It wouldn’t be anything I built if something was either attached in a ghetto way that works or upside down. Also thank you for moving this! I forgot there was a sub forum for this...
  3. The fan was clipped to the heat sink so I removed that before installing. I wasn’t paying attention until I went to put the fan back on.
  4. Not gonna lie I have been upgrading a pre built from Cyber Power. I’m not 100% sure on the power.
  5. After the photo I did a better job cleaning. Didn’t hurt leaving it upside down, kinda adds character.
  6. I bought this for my set up, was so excited! Got my case all cleaned (and did more cleaning after this photo) bought some Arctic MX-4 feelin gre- put the cooler in upside down....
  7. Recently I have received a very lightly used HD 5570 that was basically collecting dust. I have since cleaned it and want to build a gaming computer from around the time I got into computer gaming (Early 2010) but never had the money to do. I didn’t get into parts and stuff until around 3-4 years ago so I don’t know if this was any good. I know this was made around the same time Windows 7 was released and I plan to use that OS. It is basically new in terms of usage because it was upgraded 1 month after it was purchased for what was basically the Titan equivalent in 2011.
  8. This was after about 10 mins driving around in GTA V. Normal settings with textures on high.
  9. My specs are in my signature and I don’t know how to get temps outside of the bios after a crash. After a crash the CPU temp is 70 degrees C
  10. For the past 4 months I have had an issue where my PC will shut off completely on it’s own. Like it’s restarting for 0 reason. I don’t know why this is happening and frankly do not know where to put this. I don’t get errors upon restarting. It primarily happens in games but has also happened when doing literally anything. It also happens more often when in Discord calls, but that could be coincidental. My power supply is a 500w that I got with my prebuilt and upgraded everything around it. After upgrading is when this started happening, but it only started shutting off around 4 months after th
  11. I currently have 64 GB of DDR4 RAM clocked at 2666mhz. Unfortunately, that is the fastest my CPU can handle (according to intel) and 64 GB is the maximum amount of memory the CPU can handle. For Christmas, I figured it makes more sense to upgrade capacity over speeds (seeing as my original set was 16 GB 2400mhz) without really considering or looking into it. So far it’s awesome, and I can compact files drastically smaller then before, and editing videos is a faster process, but I still think about speed. Rather than google it, I would rather ask people who have experience
  12. So I found our old family computer laying around. It’s a high tier version of the Dell Dimension 3100. Funny enough, it has the professional version of Windows XP and a Pentium 4 HT. Came with no card. I’m curious as to what I can put in this thing for cheap, that can run slightly intense titles from back in the day. (And possibly emulate PS2 for shits and giggles.)
  13. Im trying to replace my hard drive with a solid state drive. I have windows on another ssd in my computer and my hard drive is garbage for gaming. I already have the one I want, I just want to know if such a thing is possible.