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    AMD Ryzen 7 1700
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    Asus Prime X370-PRO
  • RAM
    16 GB DDR4
  • GPU
    GeForce GTX 1070
  • Case
    Fractal Design Define R5 BP
  • Storage
    480 GB SSD + 2 TB HDD
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    XFX 650W Core Edition
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    2x Acer KG281K 28" 4K
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    Noctua NH-D15 SE-AM4
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    Das Keyboard 4 Ultimate
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    Logitech MX Master
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    Sennheiser RS 175
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    Microsoft Windows 10

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  1. Did you do a chargeback on a purchase you made? That's a popular way to get banned, and (re)payment could plausibly be offered as a resolution.
  2. Updates are unfortunately rather frequent. You can however play fully offline just fine. Achievements will sync once you go online again. Up-to-date specifics are readily available with a quick Google search. "--- phone --- has unlimited data, but WiFi is limited to 10 gigs a month" makes no sense.
  3. AT&T might not have enough local mobile capacity, it's the only reason I can think of why they'd refuse to sell you a new plan. (My Internet varies from barely tolerable to Morse-like during the day, but works well at night.) If you don't need open ports for stuff like hosting servers, you don't need any special plan - the same plan you'd use in a phone works the same in a dedicated modem. ISP can tell the difference, so if the contract is silly enough to forbid any specific use, it's better to find something else. Prepaids are the simplest way to go (assuming the US has those)
  4. LPT: You can convert Live Gold to Game Pass Ultimate for even cheaper price. Here's the process in a nutshell: If you have previously subscribed to GPU, you have to wait until it expires. Stock up as much Gold as you can, limit is 36 months. Purchase one month of GPU, it'll convert existing Gold to GPU in 1:1 ratio. Do not add more Gold until the subscription expires. I repeated this last Sunday. Microsoft is probably phasing it out as they have stopped selling 12 month subscriptions directly, but there's still plenty of subscription cards out in the wild.
  5. Well there's your problem. Legitimacy of the activation keys is completely irrelevant if you're downloading the actual game files from third party sources. Either there'll soon be a massive story about newest Windows update deleting user files (again), or you have fucked up your system yourself. There's no conspiracy, your Windows is not unique nor sentient, and you're not being targeted by Microsoft. If you're confident about your own actions, report the issue to Microsoft and wait. We don't care about your pirated games, but no one has magical fingers they can just snap your prob
  6. GW2 is more a "show up and play with people without worrying about parties" (dungeons are long ago abandoned content, GW2 has substituted them with other stuff like Fractals/Strike Missions). The open world itself is full of regular events that require several people, but doesn't force you to be a part of a group. Just show up. Some maps are locked behind doing the first steps of story content, but once you complete those/get someone to help you teleport there, you don't actually need to play the story. An MMO doesn't get much more casual than GW2. It's just a bit of an oddball to understand h
  7. I quit wasting my money on those when "10 Random Steam Keys" had the same games twice in a row (same games, different keys, separate purchases), and the seller figured holding onto 2.99€ was worth it to lose a customer with a history going back five years. PayPal naturally refunded me regardless. Scammers scam, it's easy to forget that when you are normally one of the benefiting parties. There are legitimate alternatives. IndieGala rotates cheap variably sized bundles of indie games. Might not seem as exciting/fun, but it's ultimately equivalent experience just with the option to l
  8. Samsung is my go-to brand for SSDs. I went with 1TB 870 QVO since that's what happened to be in stock, and it has been performing as expected. Any SSD in One X is not going to blow your mind if you have been watching videos about the Series X/S, but compared to the stock 5400RPM spinner it's still nice, and the opportunity to swap the pads and paste at the same time helps justify the work (I went with 2mm pads). Just a PSA for anyone else that has been considering this but haven't done the research yet: Microsoft now offers a way to reinstall the OS, so there's no longer need to me
  9. Does the BIOS of the PC recognize the drive? Have you checked the cables (both ends)? Have you tried power cycling (Google) the drive (and have you tried putting it back after connecting it to the Mac)? Contents of the drive don't affect the PCs ability to recognize the device, so until you sort that out, breaking the stored Windows shouldn't be a priority. Once that's sorted, here's some additional steps: Have you disconnected all external storage devices from the PC? Have you reconnected any internal drives you have disconnected since the last successful b
  10. Selling laptops with Intel Celerons/pre-Ryzen AMD CPUs feels borderline criminal. 4GB RAM doesn't help. At least SSDs are quickly becoming the norm even in lowest end. For a more specific example: Selling FHD laptops that struggle to stream FHD video. Sure, there may genuinely be people who just need something for online banking, but for a third of the cost a smart phone works inevitably faster (if sight is an issue: tablet).
  11. Eleven and a half years later, yes, still have mine. Plugged in and ready to go. 360 apps need more love, but otherwise the platform is still great. Thanks to GwG it keeps getting better (since you get to keep the games without active sub). Guide (in-game system menu) was perfection (and now that Xbone no longer has Snap, 360 gets additional points). I have my original phat, a replacement twin, and an S just in case. My daily has an upgraded 500GB drive that frankly sounds like it's dying. Once it dies I'll replace it with an original 60GB drive for BC (I did a bad job upgrading th
  12. Minecraft's EULA forbids all of this. The only legal way to get an account is to buy one yourself. That's the end of it, stop being delusional. The obvious risk is that you may lose your illegal account at any time (and any money you have put in), and additional risks depend on just how shady site you manage to find. You do realize that they won't have any more respect for your information than they have for anyone else's? If you start openly distributing illegal copies, you start attracting more serious consequences. That crap is one step worse than plain piracy, as you're trading
  13. Guild Wars 2: 1272 hours Guild Wars 2: 378 hours Guild Wars 2: 217 hours Guild Wars 2: 130 hours Plus a few that are still at sub 100 hours. Ah, the joy of MMORPGs. Seeing my numbers like that I'm a little disappointed. There's probably no more than 1400 real hours. I need to improve. Star Trek Online and Minecraft are probably my only 2K+ hour games (but they also both have years head start, Minecraft's humongous lead might keep is ahead for years, but STO will likely be overtaken in a year).
  14. Really well made, system-wide controller remapping could be a solid reason to install their launcher. If they did something amazing with VR I might take a look, but that's far from a guarantee. An MMORPG could also do the trick. Perfect Discord integration, aka "Open Discord" -button, instead of having their own social features would be appreciated. Edit/ Some sort of "VPN Mode" for 2FA would also be nice. "Shh, save the freakouts for when I try to spend money. Just recognise the machine, stay calm, and let me in."
  15. I doubt any S775 processor is enough to run a decent server these days. When you're not running mods, a realm is the sensible choice. Ask your friends to skip one soda a month and you'll be set. If you and your friends have been playing long enough, you might all be able to get the Bedrock version for free. Since it's far less resource intensive on the clients, I'd bet it's also much easier (and optimised) on the server. They haven't really advertised it yet, but hosting Bedrock servers has been a thing for long enough for there to be plenty of resources regarding it. Your friends