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  1. Thanks for all the answers. Does AI learning stand to improve decompiling accuracy? Perhaps by running a program or parts of it, and analyzing what's happening as it runs?
  2. I don't know anything about this topic. But I'm curious if the current challenges of accurately decompiling compiled source-code are due to current technology's performance limitations or something else. Does the compiled information in an executable include information about how the source code was originally written and organized? If so, then I would think decompiling compiled code would be like breaking encryption, and I'd wonder if a supercomputer or quantum-computer could do this now already, if someone wanted to use one for that purpose. But even if formatting inf
  3. What can happen depends on where you live and whether the ticket was issued by a private company, or by a city or state authority. In any case, not being able to get a loan or buy a house, or paying much more on a loan, all because of how an unpaid parking ticket affected a credit rating, would suck. https://www.thepennyhoarder.com/save-money/what-happens-when-you-dont-pay-a-parking-ticket/ Companies don't get a choice of whether to obey the law of the countries they operate in - if they don't, they're out of the country. So, a foreign company conducting bu
  4. In terms of their staff costs, a $10 million fine could seem like a lot. But it's nothing in terms of how much Valve makes each year, which will be in the many billions of dollars. Epic Games made $3 billion in 2018, which was before they launched EGS - and largely just from Fortnite. If Valve considered the fine placed on them by the EU to be inconsequential and so not pay it, the EU would increase the penalty with prejudice and pass any new laws necessary in order to make it possible. Valve would always come-out the loser in that situation.
  5. I'm not sure of what "They don't have to give the EU the graces of using any of their software for the sales of any games" means, but a business has to obey the laws of the countries in which they operate, otherwise they won't be allowed to operate there. And so, every transaction Valve makes within the EU is subject to EU law. So are Valve's servers and any assets Valve has in the EU. So are any funds of Valve's processed and kept in the EU. A company has the right to sell in a place, subject to the law of the location in which they are seeking to conduct their business. Valve'
  6. Publishers might have brought this on themselves by engaging in geo-blocking. Region-locking keys, preventing people from one region from buying and activating keys from another, makes sense - though, it can be sidestepped with VPNs. But geo-blocking games, preventing people who bought and activated them in their original region from playing them while they're in another, is an awful practice that should be outlawed everywhere because it is effectively stealing people's games and obstructing their property rights over them, which includes the right to play them regardle
  7. One thing to add is that the stand for the LG 32GK650 is pretty abrasive underneath. It has three small and thin rubber pads, one under each leg-end, and one under the peg sticking-out behind the centre post. But other than those small pads, the underneath of the stand is a rough metal that feels like sand-paper. If the rubber pads wear away or come off, sliding the stand around on a desk could tear the surface of the desk up - particularly if the desktop is wood. And while the LG 32GK650 screen isn't that heavy on its own, together with the stand it is pretty heavy and so delivers lots of dow
  8. The LG 32GK650-F 32-inch 1440p 144hz FreeSync monitor had big discounts on it for the past couple of month, and I thought it would be a good upgrade from my HP Omer 32, which is a 1440p 75hz monitor. After calibrating it and using it for a bit, I've found that it isn't a complete upgrade from the HP Omen 32, but that it is overall better. I thought I'd write a comparison of them. There are no dead or stuck pixels on either monitor. Though, when I got the HP Omen 32, I bought three of them so that I could pick the best one from them. Two of the three had dead pixe
  9. Just to clarify, if a person owns Hitman 1 on EGS, or if they don't but they buy Hitman 3 on EGS within 10 days of its launch, they'll get Hitman 1's content for free in EGS Hitman 3. While the Hitman 2 content will be 80% off on EGS for the first 2 weeks after Hitman releases. So far, EGS hasn't done any permanent exclusivity deals. So, my guess is that if people wait 6 months to a year to get the game on Steam they will be able to add the Hitman 1 and 2 content for free, if they already own it on Steam.
  10. EA's Star Wars license has resulted in a lost decade for Star Wars games. The deal stunk from the outset. It's too bad that Disney didn't know better about EA. Maybe the prospect of losing their exclusive access to the license in a few years will motivate EA to start actually releasing games, like ones they developed to near-completion before canning to shift developers to less-worthy projects. I want project Ragtag to still become a reality.
  11. Do all Business Editions of Windows 10 activate from the same installer? Specifically, would this Windows 10 Business Edition installer activate with both VLSC and MSDN Enterprise keys, including a MAK key? https://www.heidoc.net/php/myvsdump_details.php?id=p6877f95694ax64len
  12. Cards with an MLCC power-filtration design tended to not have the problems that cards with an all SP-cap configuration did. EVGA spoke to this, and der8auer's modding a card with an SP-cap configuration to have a couple MLCC arrays (which I think brought the card up to Nvidia's spec) did make it stable with an additional 20 - 30 Mhz - which possibly could make the difference for a lot of the MSRP-priced stock and factory-overclocked cards. Consequently, Nvidia's driver had to be adjusted to accommodate cards with a worse cap configuration. So, the caps were the weak link. But from
  13. No need to harp on the new poster's mention of AMD too much, IMO. Thanks for the heads-up, @linuxChips2600.
  14. This is a good reminder that digital services are not solutions to physical or persistent media sources. In 50, or even 15 years, you may not be able to find the games, TV shows, and Movies you want to watch anywhere unless you have a local backup, or if the GoG and EGS plan of Universal Ownership [2] (the idea that a universal ledger keeps-track of all media a person owns, and all of it can be downloaded from a variety of source) is successful. A streaming service needs to have a license agreement in order to supply an item. The more they offer, the more agreements and license fee
  15. The four gospel books are tellings of the story and work of Jesus by four different people. So, while they cover the same life story, they reflect the differences of the memories and perceptions of the authors who wrote them. In some cases, they might document Jesus' words exactly the same, while in others they might phrase them a bit differently. Same with descriptions of how specific events played-out - some tellings might recall some additional or different details. There are significant similarities between them, but there are also significant differences, both in style of writ