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  1. I think they're both components of one policy shift. The lifting of the executive order on Chinese companies coincides with the implementation of plans to bolster US tech production, and I think the tech production investment is the alternative chosen to targeting Chinese tech companies. So, I think they're sister topics and part of the same thing, and that they're happening at the same time because the one approach is directly taking the place of the other.
  2. Joe Biden REVERSES Trump’s executive orders targeting Chinese-owned TikTok, WeChat The executive order: https://www.whitehouse.gov/briefing-room/presidential-actions/2021/06/09/executive-order-on-protecting-americans-sensitive-data-from-foreign-adversaries/ Senate passes bill to boost US tech industry, counter rivals I guess stopped following what was happening with TikTok after the deal with Oracle and Wal-Mart was approved in September. But TikTok's still around, and now free from its former restrictions. And I don't see it mentioned on TikTok
  3. Try to stop it at its source. This is a good tool for curtailing a bunch of data-harvesting: https://www.oo-software.com/en/shutup10 There could be something informative in this post, though a lot of it is likely outdated. However, some of the methods might have counterparts in current versions of Win 10:
  4. Because the US is owned by Big Business which can exert a lot of influence to see that they aren't sued or that courts and politicians see things in their favour. So, there's less initiative to take-on Big Business in the US, and there's also less chance of a lawsuit against Big Business in the US being successful. But no one is stopping people and agencies in the US from suing Big Business.
  5. Google is getting whacked by France over advertising practices that are said to be penalizing competitors and to have "enabled Google not only to preserve but also to increase its dominant position”, according to Isabelle de Silva, president of the French Competition Authority. Google slapped with 220mn-euro fine following French probe into anti-competitive behavior Google fined $268 million by France for unfair advertisement practices Statement by the French Competition Authority: €220 millions fine to Google for favouring its own services in t
  6. I'm with a carrier. I don't have a contract, but a really good grandfathered plan that I pay month by month, and get basically unlimited everything in North America for $40. I'd like to keep that. I'll check-out the Pixel 4A and S21 FE. I had the SIM card replaced a few months ago. I'm not sure if it made a difference with the issue, but the issue has gotten worse and worse since then. Almost each time I power down, it's more difficult to get the SIM card detected again after I power back up. My phone has now detected the SIM again, but that took sporadic
  7. For a while, my ancient Nexus 5 phone that's running Android 5.1 has done this thing where if it powers-down, or the battery dies, when I next power it up, the SIM card won't be detected. And if I'd remove and reinsert the SIM card two or a dozen or so times, it would eventually be detected and my phone would function normally so long as it didn't power-down / lose power again. And if it did, then the same thing would happen and I'd have to pull and reinsert the SIM card usually a bunch of times until it would suddenly be detected upon insertion. So, my strategy has been to never p
  8. It's nice that they improved some aspects of the remaster, like re-adding lean, improving the visuals and performance in some aspects, restoring the suit mode-changing controls, re-adding the Ascension level, and making the wooden fence break-apart piece by piece (like it does in the original) rather than in big chunks. But it looks like some of the notable issues with the remaster weren't addressed at the time that video was made, including the water which still looks awful, foliage doesn't react to explosions, and foliage reactivity when it does react is still locked to a low FPS
  9. I play lots of games from the early-to-late 1990's on my PC, and a bunch of games that are even older, if counting NES games - Super Mario Bros. released in 1985, for example. I have Bio Menace, Chip's Challenge, Monster Bash, Keen Dreams, Hocus Pocus, Sim City 2000, Cyberia, Willy Beamish, Myst, Jazz Jackrabbit, and maybe some other early 90's games installed right now. I also have Warcraft II, Star Wars: Dark Forces, Heroes of Might & Magic II, Might & Magic VI, Total Annihilation, TA: Kingdoms, Jazz Jackrabbit 2, BioForge, Betrayal at Krondor, Crusader: No Remorse, MDK,
  10. I don't know that it's worse, as, hopefully, fewer companies will be able to build comprehensive profiles of people (meanwhile Google will likely become more of a one-stop shop for intel agencies seeking to bolster their profiles on people). But it's still far from the goal and right of personal privacy and security on one's own devices, and agency over one's own activity records on their devices. I also edited into my post that the new method is likely to be more process-intensive for device-owners because the work to profile them is being done on their devices instead of on Googl
  11. The catch is that Google has a new method of gathering data on people and categorizing and profiling them based on their interests using on-device processing (which I guess means more processing overhead for device owners), which doesn't rely on device IDs, and which has been speculated to make 3rd-parties more dependent upon Google's own services
  12. The first Crysis game remaster is a major disappointment, with the original game looking and playing better in many big ways (including the water, which looks gorgeous in the original, but looks atrocious in the remaster). For the game which outright won and ended the graphics wars when it released in 2007, and which is used as a meme to denote graphical indulgence, that's not living-up to its identity or to people's expectations. Rather than see a remaster of 2 and 3, which might be equally disappointing, I would prefer to see a proper job done on remastering the first Crysis. IMO
  13. The EFF article does plainly say that Google transfers to bidders personal data that's tied to a unique ID for each individual, though. The data, including location data, is tied to a unique ID, which is effectively the same thing as "ToboRobot is interested in buying a new CPU". Whether a purchaser of the data knows of a person by their username, personal name, or a device ID, they associate all their data to that identifier and it forms a comprehensive profile of who that person is. And having a comprehensive virtual profile of a person who lives at X pla
  14. That which is taken from you through connivance and deception was not taken through just means but was stolen from you. Google are thieves and liars who have made themselves a criminal enterprise out of thieving and lying. And nobody should make excuses for them or whitewash that they're doing that, because that is what they're doing. Google is evil. As I've said in another thread: The business of harvesting data is a dirty, illegitimate, predatory, and hypocritical one. It is making money through the exploitation and manipulation of people and is a crime - and n
  15. Table of contents: 1. Preamble 1 2. Preamble 2 3. Getting on with the incomplete (see Preamble 2 for explanation) check-list 4. Instructions Preamble 1 Someone asked me what can be done to make a fresh Windows 10 installation run more decently, and so here's a list of what can be done to make Windows 10 a more usable, peaceful, reliable, compatible, private, and controllable environment. The premise of these instructions will be that you have Windows 10 Pro, Enterprise, or LTSC. Windows 10 Home doesn't give access to