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  1. According to the WSJ article, data was being sent from the EU to the US via the Privacy Shield exemption. But now that's been struck-down by the EU's Court of Justice. If a simple disclaimer and user-acceptance sufficed, I guess there wouldn't be any problem for US businesses. But it sounds like the decision is affecting them. So, the meaning or relevance of Derogations might not be that simple. But I don't know.
  2. I edited-in some links to my previous post, which explain under what circumstances personal data can be shared with select countries and companies outside the EU. I don't know how it all works. Some companies, like Microsoft (and I'd guess Facebook, Twitter, and Google), process user data in the EU. I was sure that Microsoft was doing that for some years already. But this article says Microsoft is aiming for that goal by the end of 2022: Microsoft to store European data in EU instead of US by end of 2022 Microsoft's Chief Privacy Officer: Assu
  3. The EU and Russia already have rules restricting their citizens' data from being sent outside their borders. And US laws don't apply in countries that aren't the US. When operating in another country, a company has to follow that country's laws. Apple wouldn't get a say in whether they abide by what the Chinese government requires: They either conform to the local law where they're doing business, or they get kicked-out of the country (and likely have their in-country assets seized). They don't have any power to defy a foreign government regarding how they may operate in their coun
  4. I might add Sim City 2000, if I can fit one more box in there. The box cover is a bit damaged, but I think it might be possible to reshape it by dampening the back of the box cover so that it's malleable, and then letting it dry with a heavy object placed on the back while the cover is face-down on a flat surface. Then I could maybe glue together the corner of the box that's torn.
  5. I didn't have a games display until some months ago. I had some random items in my closet, which, as they added-up, formed a gaming theme. Then I came across some old games stuff while looking through storage boxes that gave me the idea of putting some of them together with the items in my closet for visual enjoyment. I selected some preferred items and made a closet shrine out of them. Admittedly, it's not all that visible, being in a closet, but I know it's there and see it often enough. Anyway, I just got a new addition to the shrine. I still had the CDs and manual f
  6. Does anyone know who would need to be contacted to place a bulk manufacturing order for something like this?
  7. I'm serious and not being at-all hyperbolic. And we're not talking about Twitter ads, but violations of privacy rights. The ads are just the claimed purpose for the violation of privacy rights. I don't care what someone says their purpose is for doing something they don't have a right to be doing in the first place, and which can end up being used for anything regardless of what the person taking the data claims their intention is. Their intentions, dishonestly stated, aren't a safeguard against anything. And their intentions don't change the fact that they aren't entitled to what
  8. I'm not an Apple person, and I want to keep using Android. But being able to shut-out all tracking, and having it all be disabled by default, very well may be so huge an incentive that I get an iPhone and don't look back until the same feature is available on Android phones (maybe 3rd-parties, like Samsung could add it for their phones). Privacy and security aren't simply nice to have. They're fundamental for mental health, and their absence takes a toll even when it's subconscious for most people. They are human rights. Tracking and unilateral data-harvesting violate a
  9. I have a bunch of SNES controllers which all have somewhat mushy buttons. So I ordered a bunch of replacement conductive pads for them from here: https://store.retrofixes.com/products/snes-replacement-conductive-pads-controller-repair-kit But having received the pads, I've found they're inferior in quality to the originals, and that they're so inadequate that the mushy originals are still better than these brand-new replacements. The replacements have a thinner membrane material than the originals and so are flimsier, with less push-resistance and less pop-b
  10. 'Check out our video of photorealistic graphics - but only in 144p to 720p' They coulda made a bit more effort to show-off their tech, with a higher-res video.
  11. I think they build to the exact spec they're contracted to, using the materials chosen by the party contracting the production. So, if Africa gets worse stuff, then distributors in Africa and manufacturers for African good could be ordering cheaper production. If China offers cheaper production than other places, it makes sense that companies looking to save by cutting corners would be getting stuff built there. But it doesn't mean that everything from there will be of inferior quality.
  12. It sounds like I should switch to Binance's pool, then. Thanks for the info.
  13. How frequent are the payouts from Ethermine if mining with a single RTX 3080? I'm not sure I understand how their payout system works. Looking at their credits page, ETH accounts with a hashrate comparable to an RTX 3080 are set for a reward in 8 months, while accounts with slower hashrates are even worse off. https://ethpool.org/credits But maybe that credits thing has nothing to do with regular payouts. But I didn't find clearer information about their payout rate on their site. 2miners has a 0.05 ETH payout threshold, which currently will take