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  1. Recently came across Tom MacDonald, I rarely listen to 'rap' of any kind, in fact the last time i did it was Eminems early stuff. But this guy be spitting truths ..straight brutal truths and doesnt give a flying fk about 'repercussion' as he is fully self made, no record labels no manager, makes his music and videos himself and owns it all outright. Also helps that the backing tunes to his lyrics have a nice flow to them.
  2. Flickering and shimmering are the result of aliasing and overzealous Antisotropic sample optimizations. ideally you would use a processed AA, not crap like TAA or FXAA, however the good ones like MSAA, are much more performance intensive and are rarely implemented nowadays as post process AA is much easier to add to games. If the AA options are only post processed options i'd recommend disabling them entirly, then using a higher render scale or use DSR. This is much more performance intensive but gives vastly superior results in image quality. If the game doesnt su
  3. Peak brightness isnt the gold standard of display quality. many things to take into account. For instance near black handling of the C1 is vastly superior to the C9. As is its handling of tone mapping. Motion handling is also better. The C9 also has the worst near black uniformity. i could go on but , just watch Vincents video comparing the 3 generations. The next generation of OLEDs are the ones to look out for, currently the brighter EVO panels are only available on the higher end OLED models, and newer fabrication methods and materials are yet to come.
  4. In such a scenario all u need are displays that ..display. So just go to your favorite retailer and buy 3 of the cheapest 27" displays they have on sale. They should all have DP. The only way ud need to worry about any specific specs are if u need them to be viewable at off angles, in which case u'd want to make sure they are using IPS panels. But beyond that any cheapo 1080p display would be fine.
  5. Most cards have a default fan curve targeted for around 80c. If thats to toasty for you then ull have ot deal with faster fans by setting ur own fan curve. if the fans are to noisy for you then ull have to lower the speed and to keep temps in check either undervolt, down clock, or let throttle itself.
  6. So.. you want to render at 4k then downsample to output at 1440p without the TV picking it up at 4k. DSR takes the native resolution and runs from that, so ull have to trick it into thinking 1440p is ur native. Try messing around with CRU, delete the resolutions above 1440p, this should allow DSR to use 1440p as its base resolution. Dont try use Nvidia custom resolution tool, it disables DSR. The only way to have BOTH DSR and custom resolutions is to use CRU or alter your resolution in the registry. Also make sure you have NVCP set to use the GPU for sc
  7. And yet, despite all the improvements over the years to laptops vs desktops they still suffer from one big key issue, and this particular one suffers from a second. Price Dell Lets face it, prices for performance laptops like this are still substantially higher than desktop equivalents. Your not going to find a person of sound financial mind say that the price difference is worth the size difference of laptop vs desktop. In this instance your also having to contend with the fact, this is a Dell product, anyone who has ever dealt with Dell in the past kn
  8. Check make sure ur running RGB-Full or YcBCR 444. Also understand different displays come with different anti-glare filters some of which can look rather matt giving a washed out look in some scenarios. And ofc as u already stated IPS have poor contrast, they also tend to glow , some worse than others.
  9. The vast majority of games solely made for PC, or at least PC first, and some of those well ported from console, have uncapped FPS. Its generally only those poorly ported from consoles that have capped frame rates. Examples include Dark Souls 1 and 2 which have capped FPS, trying to go beyond the cap with mods can cause issues with the games animation and physics as the the frame rate is tied to the games internal timing.
  10. There are 2 points about render scaling that affect gameplay the most imo. 1 good 1 bad. The good, it allows you to render above your native resolution without the need for custom resolutions and downsampling. This is less of an issue nowadays with DSR doing what used to require some faffing to achieve, but a games internal render scaling can be used in conjunction with DSR if you want to go super crazy with rendering resolution, perhaps instead of using post processed AA which suck. The bad. Some games will use render scaling and/or adaptive render scaling, in def
  11. Lol. This thread seems a tad wet ..think people are breathing to hard and melting snowflakes Seriously ...if something as benign as a gamer tag is ruffling ur feathers ..u need to grow thicker skin.
  12. Ideally u'd want to be around 4' from a screen that big. Im talking measurement from screen surface to eyes, not seating position. Wall mounting it would probably help as the CX stand doesnt allow u to push the display back against the wall. One thing ull have to deal with also is that without a 30 series Nvidia or 6000 series AMD GPU, u wont be able to display 4k 120hz 444 as u need HDMI 2.1 for that. Your 1080ti doesnt have HDMI 2.1. 4k ultrawide ..im assuming u mean 2160p ultrawide, only exists in a few select models all of which cost as much as a OLED and are l
  13. Depends on the image being shown. An OLED for example with lower peak brightness will have a far superior image displaying a starfield and other space images. While an LED Display, even one with FALD will loose some of the stars in the image that are not bright enough to activate the backlight in that area. If the LED display does not have FALD then the star field will display everything but wont have a good black level and will result in an obvious grey in dark room environments. For 'normal' content however, especially bright scenes, peak brightness will be more im
  14. Cant recommend a 32" option as the ones i've seen tested dont have as wide color gamuts as 27" alternatives ... However if ur ok with 27" then take a look at the below option. Not only is it good for color work,it comes with a good out of the box calibration (though u should have a calibrator at hand if ur doing things professionally anyway),its also good for gaming being that its 240hz+ and has VRR. https://www.rtings.com/monitor/reviews/acer/predator-xb273u-gxbmiipruzx its actually a very good display. its nice to see gaming displays good enough for professional color w