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  1. Alot depends on the coolant ur using. If its a colored coolant ull want to clean it at least once a year especially if its an opaque coolant. If however ur using distilled water + anti corrosion & biocide additive, then all ull need to do is top up with additive every now and then to maintain the ph and it should remain fine for years. In the past i ran a loop with just distilled water + biocide... no corrosion inhibitor. It lasted something like 5 years before i disassembled it for an upgrade. Although i lost no cooling performance i did find that
  2. Noise. The NF-A12 X25 fans are VERY quiet, and can stay quiet at high speeds, and silent at below 1200rpm whilst still giving good performance. Combined with their, quality, and Noctuas warranty...they end up being the go to fan when price isnt an issue. A note on performance, while other fans in their line up may have better figures in the spec sheet, the NF-A12x25s have a more usable performance curve for both case airflow and radiator use. While their other fans may be better for one or the other at specifics speeds. Of the 13 fans my case has, the 8 on my
  3. The problem with the above 'bold', unlike the 'left leaning' build, Youtube HATES anything that opposes that 'side'. be it Trump, Crowder, or Shapiro. LTT would be taking more of a risk doing a right centric build even if it was tongue in check. Just the mention of one of these individuals alone is enough for the algorithm to negatively impact the video. Also while the Hasanabi build is tongue in check on far left socialism, a right centric build would inevitably end up being tongue in check vs an Individual, rather than the overall politics. Basically its the difference
  4. @ColinLTT So..whats the rules here ? Forum rules = No politics allowed ....but this is inherently political. So how u going about this.... ???
  5. FYI, the Q6600 is a rather well known Core2Quad CPU ..its claim to fame beyond performance for the time is the hardware based overclock trick that simply requires the use of some electrical tape and taping of a specific few pads on the CPU. giving the CPU and 20-30% performance boost. Its fully reversible, just remove the tape. if your interested look up "Q6600 BSEL overclock"
  6. Generally speaking its in regards to price:performance. However there is the added rule that it has to be within the range of acceptable performance for the given task. A £50 10 year old bargain 'used' PC may have way higher price:performance than a £2000 new PC, however if the £50 PC cant even run the most basic of games, its useless as a gaming PC. For example if the £50 PC achieves 10 FPS in a game for £50 thats £5 per FPS, vs the £2000 for 120FPS being £16.6 per FPS. £5 per FPS is better than £16.6 per FPS, but 10 FPS isnt playable. So a line has to b
  7. A standard D5 pump is easily partially disassembled so u can clean the impeller. If u've been using colored coolants i'd strongly recommend taking out the impeller to give it a proper clean, that colored crud likes to build up in and around the impeller shaft. #nopoliticsintended
  8. There's a bunch of reason u'd want to limit FPS, some are more serious than others and many are subjective in importance, but here's a few of the top of my head. Reduced Coil whine Reduced Heat Reduced Fan noise Reduced Power usuage Reduced stutter from widely changing FPS Consistent game 'feel' from consistent FPS figures. The last 2 are arguably the most important as they affect ur gameplay, its more important to have a stable frame rate than it is to hit a certain high figure in less demanding scenarios. However if ur not wearing headpho
  9. It would be a nice project ..however .. and i say this without harmful intent... LTT doesnt have a good track record of being able to pull of builds like this without going very janky. it would be a nice change to see LTT do this and have results that look more professional than in the linked vid, as they should due to their large workshop, connections to call on, and manpower. I could see them doing this and incorporating a whole PC (watercooled ofc), effectively making a large All-in-one for use outside. Again i think its an excellent idea for a project. B
  10. "Villains who twirl their moustaches are easy to spot, but those who cloth themselves in good deeds are well camouflaged. Those people will always be with us waiting for the right climate in which to flourish, spreading fear in the name of righteousness. Vigilance, that is the price we must continually pay” Jokes are jokes . humor is humor . .Leave it at that. #nopoliticsintended
  11. None. Every QLED u've seen is using a QD Filter.
  12. Is Samsungs QLED real... ...well yes it is becouse Samsung originaly coined the term QLED. Now if u mean is it 'real' Quantum Dot ...thats another story as it can be argued that 'real' Quantum Dot isnt the 'film' layer we see currently used but rather the self emmisive version original created. The problem is that 'real' version of QD just isnt practical atm, so instead they use a filter layer the achieve somehow similar results at a much cheaper price. QLED is Samsung marketing term, as such yes the G7 is real QLED. Any other brands QLED ..or Nano IPS ..or other marketing te
  13. OLEDs are the kings of image quality, there is no argument on that. However, they are best suited for use where that quality is most needed, media content consumption. For content creation and office work, the image quality is less important than image accuracy and long term durability, in the case of photo and video work. As such a LCD is the better option. I'd recommend you get yourself a LCD of suitable size and color space capabilities, then calibrate (a necessity for any photo and video work) it yourself using a consumer level colorimeter from the likes of X-R
  14. How old is this kid ? Would be kinda impressive if this is a child for which such locks are meant for, but if this is like a high school guy, like 15 say for example, then such locks arnt likely to work better than actually talking to the kid. Though telling him who he can and cant talk to isnt likely to go down very well. In the end the best parental control ..is 'real' parental control. Actual parenting, not relying on software. #nopoliticsintended
  15. Jokes and comedy are a thing, to be so easily 'hurt' by them signifies a deeper problem, likely a coddled upbringing. These people are normally refereed to as snowflakes. Here's the thing. if a person starts down the snowflake route, its only going to get worse. 'Normal' people wont like being around them more and more as they get more perpetually offended by the smallest of things. As more and more people distance themselves from them and tell them they're to sensitive, or a 'snowflake' ..they'll get more angry, more hurt. And so the it continues until they possibly end up one of