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  1. In the OS. For example in the Nivida Control Panel under 'change resolution'.
  2. 'Mixed' its a really broad topic. Tech has advanced, good in some, bad in others. The companies attitudes is the predominant 'bad' part of it. The games have advanced for sure, but again in some cases the attitudes and actions of the companies behind them have somewhat soured. Steam, indie devs , cheap games all great. ..but soured by the increased dominance of MTX's , paid DLC, and gambling mechanics included in AA and AAA full priced titles. I think the biggest 'negative' present since pre 2000 is the mainstreaming of the internet a
  3. Well seems like i can scratch that plan. Black Friday week is here and, in the UK at least, the LG CX 48" isnt being discounted, the other sizes are, just not the 48", in fact its gone up around £100 since launch lol. And GPUs are still near impossible to grab at MSRP due to quantities. Oh well, upgrade delayed another generation it seems
  4. Depends on the size of the stands, u may get lucky and find that the stand will just barely fit on the desk but the 2 side screens will overhang the desk. 70 -55 = 15 15/2 = 7.5 Meaning the stand would have to be around 4-5" in width allowing for ~7inches ether side to total the length of a 22" 16:9 display. |-------------22" screen-----------|--------------------32" screen-------------------|------------22" screen------------| ~7inch | ~5inch stand | ~7inch |------------- 28inch screen width--------------|~7inch | ~5inch stand | ~7inch
  5. The most common form of Monitor calibration is with ICC profiles used by the windows OS. They work, but can be temperamental with some software, especially games (not that thats important to professionals) Any reputable color work software will use the windows ICC profiles so u shouldnt have any issue for the most part. An ICC profile is used by windows to output adjusted values based on what ur colorimeter and associated software (like DisplayCAL) determines is necessary to reach the target delta, idealy below 2 but 3 is considered imperceptible to the vast majori
  6. Both HDMi 2.0 and Dp 1.2 support 1080p 240hz 8bit, if u want HDR ull need HDMI 2.1 or DP 1.3 or bettter.
  7. While someone who uses their facebook account a lot may have a lot of info on it.. its not the only source of info. The device itself has a bunch of data gathering sensors on it, and the software interface for the programs and games u play also has a bunch of data gathering included. All of which is being sent to Facebook.
  8. $600 for the cheapest 'tested' models, of which there are few. Most sit around the $1000 range. Now if u look at non tested models, which i do not recommend unless ur ok taking a gamble, then just search ur local supplier / online store for the cheapest u can find, likely around $400. But again i wouldn't recommend buying an non-reviewed and tested monitor.
  9. My critique here is that , despite obviously being OK using $400+ in custom loop parts .. u restricted urself to a single 240mm rad. The whole point of a Custom loop is that ur not restricted, a 240mm rad is the minimum one should be using for a TR cpu, if the IceGiant is supposed to be some balls to the wall air cooler option for TR then do the same for custom loops. Your comparing a $170 'air cooler' (expensive) vs the minimum spec of a custom loop when u should be comparing it to something similar in the custom loop scene Like at least a 60mm x 360mm rad.
  10. 1080p high settings will be better than 4k low. Unless u can maintain High or better settings, its not worth going down to medium or low for 4k, the only options u can do without at 4k vs the same settings at a lower resolution is Anti Aliasing (AA) as its less necessary at higher resolution.
  11. Indeed. i have adblocker on my PC, but my TV doesnt. I really should get a Pi-Hole but its the family TV and im "not allowed to mess with it" Its so infuriating that over the past year or so the number and length of unskipable adds has increased. So glad adblock still works on PC. Im all for creators actually recording adds into their videos, its an income after all, but the automated adds are just obnoxious.
  12. Each individual monitor will require its own individual calibration settings. You cant use someone else's. The best way to calibrate a monitor is with the use of a colorimeter like the X-rite i1 Display Pro which costs around $200. If u cant buy, rent, or find som1 who can do it for you then u do what u have done which is to eye ball it.
  13. Ill never be recommending Oculus VR sets since the forced Facebook requirement came into affect. Theres enough data tracking as it is let alone with a full on camera, location, and physical movement sensor tracking ur literal every move. it was an absolutly terrible move, and certainly not for the benefit for the consumer thats for damn sure. Not to mention if u get arbitrarily banned on facebook, which happens a lot nowadays, u've just lost access to ur hardware it just straight up daft. Thankfully, some people do listen when they find this stuff out, as anecdotal as it is, i