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    KnightSirius reacted to PEagle in Is this PC adequate?   
    All in one, a water cooling that comes already build and you don't have any maintenance to do.
    Personnally and nowadays I would rather go with an high end air cooler, but that comes to personnal preference in the end.
    Regarding power supply, I'd go with a higher wattage, though not absolutely necessary, I think you can get a 650-750W with the same rating for a very similar price. 
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    KnightSirius reacted to 5x5 in Asus Caught Being Malicious - Zephyrus G15 has fan vents blocked by black paper. Reason Unknown   
    10*C is indeed massive on laptops and in this case is the difference between throttling and no throttling. The laptop manual clearly states it was designed to operate on a desk so having those intakes be blocked is absurd.

    The complaint is only common on one Zephyrus model - a model which never got refreshed with black paper and every Zephyrus after it save for the GA502 has not had black paper blocking intakes. And according to testing the black paper makes the laptop LOUDER as the fans have to work harder to move air through the chassis. The entire noise argument falls apart.
    From the looks of it surface thermals also improved, though. The black paper is on the bottom area, not the keyboard side so the keyboard argument is odd since it doesn't actually make any logical sense to block the bottom panel when the keyboard deck is getting hot. It also doesn't block the area underneath the heat-generating components but the area under the fans which is usually a cool spot and thus the argument further falls apart. If Asus were trying to direct air towards the intakes under the CPU/GPU then surely they could have done a better job and not even put the cut-outs under the fans to begin with. Since as it stands, the laptop is chocked for air and removing the paper results in a universal decrease in temps across the entire device.
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    KnightSirius reacted to kelvinhall05 in Asus Caught Being Malicious - Zephyrus G15 has fan vents blocked by black paper. Reason Unknown   
    Highly doubt it is a noise thing, Asus has done some dumb shit but they aren't *that* dumb, and the fact that they only did it on Ryzen-based laptops doesn't support this theory.
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    KnightSirius reacted to 5x5 in Asus Caught Being Malicious - Zephyrus G15 has fan vents blocked by black paper. Reason Unknown   
    10C is a LOT for a laptop - that's the difference between running at 3.7 and 4.1 under load.
    Also fan noise was only on complaint on the Zephyrus M which didn't have any fan blocking. In fact, Asus purposefully open the laptop fans on all high end Zephyrus models so that more air can be moved. It's the hallmark of the series. This is a massive shift in tone without any logical comment when pressed about it
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    KnightSirius reacted to BaruBakedQue21 in Alternative for Thunderbolt 3?   
    yeah I do need to resolve that but hey it means I need to do my cable management sooner or later.
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    KnightSirius reacted to RollinLower in Alternative for Thunderbolt 3?   
    also, you might want to adress the rat problem.
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    KnightSirius reacted to Imakuni in Clock speed or more cores? F@h   
    Rather than 3x SLI 980, get 2x SLI 1070. While upfront cost of a 980 is smaller, power consumption will play a factor in the long term, making 1070 a much better option. Maxwell is efficient, true, but Pascal is much more.
    As for the CPU, an i3 will do. Due to the way the software works, you don't really need a "core" to feed an Nvidia GPU, you just need a "thread", even if HT; the CPU isn't actually doing much, it's just the driver hogging useless calls that have to be fed with a thread, not with actual usage. If you want to keep the system modern, you can go skylake; otherwise, an older platform will do just as fine.
    Just be aware of PCIe lane constraints. While you don't exactly need SLI on it's own, I still recommend getting an SLI capable mobo, as those have at least 8x features on 2 slots. Going lower causes a drop in performance. In fact, that's another reason why I recommend 2x 1070 rather than 3x 980: lack of bandwidth / need for a much more expensive motherboard.
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    KnightSirius reacted to TVwazhere in F@H and BOINC Badge Request Thread [Last Update: 2020-MAY-27]   
    Please read the Blue post at the top of the topic.
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    KnightSirius reacted to M-ursu in How long should I run prime95 for to check for a stable overclock?   
    Personally when i am OC:ing more i test for 10min then i change settings and test for 10min again, when i am happy for my OC, i will leave it for 24h
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    KnightSirius reacted to LogicalDrm in Acer Predator 300 HEATING up to 95 degrees when playing games.HELP!!   
    *** Thread locked ***
    Please do not revive old threads.
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    KnightSirius reacted to RobynProw in LTT Panties when?   
    Female viewers of LMG I know, including myself, have been wanting to know if there will be LTT panties. I am aware LTT underwear exists, but it isn't exactly comfortable for females. If a model was needed, have Alex make a mannequin out of a 3d printing...

    This isn't an outrageous request, and I feel like tech girls need some cool tech panties.
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    KnightSirius reacted to atxcyclist in LTT Panties when?   
    There’s a strong possibility that “cool tech panties” has never been written before.
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    KnightSirius reacted to iionas in Acer Predator 300 HEATING up to 95 degrees when playing games.HELP!!   
    Go here:
    Do all guides
    Repaste and she will be fine. 
    I own one and run a undervolt and she goes real fine  
    Factory paste is really bad thats all there is to it . 
    I repasted and it made a world of difference 
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    KnightSirius reacted to CircleTech in Hello I’m DanielRadcliff   
    Harry potter sure looks a lot thiccer than I remember.
  15. Informative
    KnightSirius reacted to Forgotten_Fox in Gigabyte is apparently under investigation by the Bureau of Consumer Protection over RMA issues   
    This was posted by a fairly reputable member of the PCMR reddit community detailing their efforts to get a warranty replacement from gigabyte for a motherboard with an exploded cap. Their efforts were met with gigabyte refusing to make a warranty replacement because they claim they had not received the motherboard after having legally signed for the package which USPS had in their manifest records.
    "TLDR: Gigabyte's horrible customer service leads to an investigation by the Bureau of Consumer Protection after they refuse to replace a motherboard, they "aren't in physical possession of" even with proof from USPS that Gigabyte signed for it."
    Total story can be found here: https://www.reddit.com/r/pcmasterrace/comments/fgz4he/serious_complaint_about_gigabytes_criminal_rma/?utm_medium=android_app&utm_source=share
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    KnightSirius reacted to ARikozuM in Gigabyte is apparently under investigation by the Bureau of Consumer Protection over RMA issues   
    I'm going to have to disagree on this one. The CFPB's job is to protect consumers with financial transactions. Did the person pay for the motherboard? Yes. Ergo he/she must be protected for the warranty claim made. The CFPB was a rather large step in giving consumers a voice where they had none before. 
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    KnightSirius reacted to GoodBytes in Gigabyte is apparently under investigation by the Bureau of Consumer Protection over RMA issues   
    Asus should be part of it as well. They don't repair RMAed boards, they just send you someone else RMA board with its problem to you (dust included), and hope you won't notice.
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    KnightSirius reacted to minibois in gpu usage at 45% at idle   
    What am I suppose to look at in these screenshots? Also, what is it; idle or browsing? Because those are not the same.
    Just check what is using your videocard (like a video on YouTube or something).
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    KnightSirius reacted to Spotty in Floatplane Redundency   
    Which web browser are you using? I get horrible screen tearing in Firefox but when I switch over to Chrome it plays fine. Only an issue with Floatplane.
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    KnightSirius reacted to Ryan_Vickers in Floatplane Redundency   
    While we're at it, can we please ensure the player loads at the size of the video rather than some arbitrary default that changes when it starts playing?  Having the buttons jump up so your click is instead delivered to the thumbnail under it, causing you to switch away from the video is quite tiresome after a while.
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    KnightSirius reacted to SupaKomputa in How do you deal with parts that is not resellable?   
    Convert them all to office PC and sell it as a complete set.
    Or donate it to orphan homes if no body's buying.
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    KnightSirius reacted to ARikozuM in (Leaked) EU Considering Bringing Back Removable Batteries?   
    Not really. There are plenty of ways to mitigate this issue and my favorite is "stop opening the back like you're clicking a f#cking pen". If they can make a water-resistant USB port, they can make a battery cover that is just as water-resistant.  
  23. Informative
    KnightSirius reacted to greenmax in Official Hotel Accommodations/Discounts   
    $60 for a hostel style bunk bed is quite expensive. If you are 6' tall, good luck sleeping in them pods! LOLOLOLOL What a joke.
    I bet Hostel International is $40 or $45. You wont be able to get a motel room for less then $100 anywhere.
    Campgrounds are cheap.
    Sleeping in your car is cheap.
    Renting a Uhaul van and sleeping in that is $20/night + $0.40/km. A very legit method if you ask me! Even if you drove to Vancouver, you can still rent a uhaul van, or a uhual cube van and sleep in it. I would hunt down tons of clean cardboard, maybe buy some camping bed foam from Crappy Tire and bring your sleeping bag.
    Finding a spot where you wont be hassled to pitch a tent for free would be quite easy to do. I notice lots of good spots nearby.
  24. Informative
    KnightSirius reacted to greenmax in Official Hotel Accommodations/Discounts   
    Well, you can always shower at any gym. City pools have a shower fee of a couple dollars. Use baby wipes or just cover body odor with Axe Body spray. A quick wipe down at any Tim Hortons coffee shop washroom. Truck stops you can use their showers, and if someone just got out you can use the dirty shower for much cheaper.
    Been backpacking and traveling for cheap for a long time. Gotta know all the tips and tricks.
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