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    I'm interested in interesting things.
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    I was born without being asked if I actually wanted that to happen and I've been refusing to go away ever since.
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    Victim of impostor syndrome.


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  1. And yet, for some reason, this film shoot had a real operable weapon capable of firing real live ammo. So what is it now? Are guns always made inoperable on a film set or aren't they? And if they are, why should an actor obey rule #1 of gun safety? See how you contradict yourself here? You can't say Baldwin acted irresponsibly and also maintain that guns on film sets are always made inoperable by prop makers. Unless of course you have some kind of ulterior motive.
  2. I'm not saying every pro-gun person is doing that. But from the reactions I've seen, it's largely pro-gun people digging up tweets by Baldwin about gun control and use those to juxtapose that and the accident. I haven't seen any anti-gun people use this incident as a means to propel political discourse over gun control. And that part about me laying out why an actor who gets handed a gun and reportedly told it was safe wouldn't have any reason to assume it was a real loaded firearm on a movie set completely went by you? Again, baseless conjecture and outright lies
  3. Have you asked him about it? Or did he admit to knowing nothing about them? If not, it's conjecture. And the reason why it's besides the point is that an actor has no rational reason to assume that they're being given a loaded firearm when they're otherwise surrounded by purpose built scenery and props, so you can hardly wind him a noose about him not following proper gun handling protocol, regardless of his political stance on guns. You'd also not come down in him like this if he were to break a real bottle over someone's head instead of a breakaway bottle made of sugar. This is j
  4. Those are just baseless conjectures all around. Never mind that it's entirely besides the point, since the accident didn't happen at a firing range but during a film shoot.
  5. That port is also intended for other accessories such as keyboards.
  6. Just use the Google Drive desktop app to sync a local folder with the one on Google Drive itself. That way, you always have the same file locally as the one that's on the Google Drive.
  7. What exactly does his anti-gun stance have to do with the accident?
  8. If my Google skills haven't let me down, the blue whale
  9. Try using: cmd.exe /k "ssh user@ip" If you've set up a custom SSH port, you'd need to also specify it here as: cmd.exe /k "ssh user@ip -p port" Should look like this in your profile (minus all the German text ) EDIT: Forgot to mention, at least on my machine, that field tends to not like manually entering the @ symbol, so copy the entire command you intend to use and just paste it, that way it should work, if you're experiencing the same silly behavior.
  10. Depends entirely on what you've been playing.
  11. And? I can ban you from my house for no reason. And that's probably the most apt comparison, not a bank, employer or whatever. My house, my rules. If I feel I don't want you in my house, you don't get to be in my house. How would that be unfair?
  12. Those costumes are actually a nod to the Swiss Guard, the armed forces and honor guard of the Vatican. Not that I'm aware of. Lynch reportedly was already not happy with the version shown in theaters, but he outright disowned the TV cut, so that version got attributed to Alan Smithee (a generic pseudonym reserved for directors who disown a film). IMDB lists a few alternate versions beyond that, but they mostly don't seem to meaningfully differ from the theatrical or TV cuts.
  13. It's very faithful to the material, which is what at least I as a fan of the novels wanted. Is it a perfect movie? No, it's a bit too slow and plodding (at least for most modern audiences; my favorite film is 2001: A Space Odyssey, so I have nothing against slow movies per se), it's too fond of showing scenes in an overly meditative way that drags out the runtime and the fact that it basically splits the book in two means there's no satisfying conclusion until the sequel arrives. It would've been better to just cut some stuff (a couple of fight scenes and that entire bit with the ornithopter i
  14. Problem 1 can be solved by logging into your account and problem 2 can be solved by either buying the new office version that comes with those new icons by default or just downloading the icons manually and setting them as the shortcut icons.
  15. True, should've worded it better, it doesn't replace amps altogether, but the big guitar amps in particular. Well some speaker on stage will always need to be present, even if you go through a DAW or a profiling amp, for the simple reason that you need to monitor your own sound somehow. It's either a regular guitar amp with a cab or something else hooked up to a monitor speaker. That's more to do with shitty attitude. As a guitarist, I can tell you that guitarists tend to suffer from the delusion that they're the most important people on stage, especially in rock