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    Ryzen 1500X
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    MSI B350 Tomahawk Arctic
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    2x8GB LPX 3000 MHz CL15
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    Sapphire Radeon R9 280 Dual-X
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    Cooler Master Elite 430
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    Samsung 850 Evo 120GB, some old Kingston 120GB SSD + 240GB WD Green SSD
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    Seasonic Prime Titanium 650W
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    Samsung S27D391
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    Hyper 212 Evo + Accelero Extreme IV
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    Logitech G710 (Kailh Box Jade)
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    G502 / G303
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    PXC 550
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    Windows 10
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  1. You can fit a rounded peg into a square hole. Just plug it in, stop overthinking it
  2. The CXM and CXF are as similar as "car" and "carpet". It should be fine, but it's lower end, and you should expect coil whine. The CX650 would be a better option.
  3. What do you mean by low profile keycaps? If it's just something like DSA profile or Cherry profile, then you should be able to use them, although they may have some interference issues due to the keyboard having north facing switches. https://www.keycaps.info/
  4. Where are you buying from? The availability and pricing will vary, and so will any recommendations. Also, what case are you getting? For wattage, with a 3080 Ti, a good 850W should be fine. Ignore the 80+ rating, and ignore any generalisations, as it's possible to just look into individual PSUs.
  5. There is no PSU with that thick Molex cables. 1.5mm^2 is apparently 16 AWG, which is what you get for the main PCIe cables (not the pigtail part) in high end PSUs. Typically, they are 18-20 AWG for Molex, which is 0.75-0.50mm^2
  6. It's a prebuilt, so they will have tested the configuration. It's fine, stop overthinking it. If you have issues, just get it replaced under warranty.
  7. That does not fix the fan noise, implement multi rail OCP, or fix Seasonic's previous cold solder issues
  8. The Prime TX and AX Titanium are both the same, and both have the typical Seasonic issues of shutdowns with higher end GPUs, and using a crappy fan with motor noise at low RPMs (possibly reduced/fixed in the AX). Don't confuse the Dark Power 12 with the higher end Dark Power 12 Pro. The 80+ rating is just an indicator of efficiency, not how good the PSU is. E.g. the Corsair RMx has more advanced fan control than the Prime TX, and doesn't have the same issues with high end GPUs. I would check to see if this is the issue What do you mean that it reboots
  9. How did you think they controlled the fan? What do you think would happen if a PSU that expects airflow from a high static pressure fan running at 2000 RPM gets replaced with an unsuitable fan running at 1000 RPM?
  10. But... there are...? They just so niche, that you apparently haven't even bothered looking for them? Here's a video on Nipron ones (hey, uploaded by Jonnyguru) This also looks similar, but as you can see, the max power output of their ATX model is 250W https://www.atx-upsu.com/
  11. The top figure says it's for the G2 1000W. Here's the one for the G3 from Cybenetics.
  12. A PCIe 6 pin cable has three 12V 16-18AWG wires to carry current. A Molex 4 pin has just one 12V wire, which is often thinner, 18-20 AWG. So instead of having three thick wires, you have two thinner ones, as well as an additional connector (adds resistance), and even more length from the adapter. So no, it's not really fine.
  13. Random shutdowns, you can find plenty here on the forums, including just in the last few pages of the PSU tier list thread. Noise on the 12V line from RTX 3000 series GPUs freaks out the PSU and causes it to shut down. In the past, they have also had issues with the Focus shutting down with Vega and the Strix 970. Noise, they use crappy fans/driver IC, so they have an annoying ticking noise at low RPM, their PSUs are typically not as quiet as what you would want from a high end PSU, and the rudimentary fan control they use can't do hysteresis, so you can end up in a situation where the fa
  14. While you might enjoy random shutdowns, noise and lack of protection(s), I'm sure OP would not
  15. I don't know, why doesn't this motherboard have 8 memory slots?