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  1. Here is a good breakdown of what the differences are (also a video version in the article) but the main difference is X570 supports PCIe 4.0 whilst B550 does not. It may also have a better VRM configuration which is useful for overclocking but that depends on the manufacturer, it also tends to have a few more USB ports and such which is generally useful. Most people here will rightfully tell you, that unless you know you need PCIe 4.0 you shouldn't bother with X570 and save the money. However, in my opinion I'd go X570 as long as you're not paying an extravagant amount more over a si
  2. Looks great! I've built a PC for a family member with that motherboard and it was quite good, also well rated overall. My only suggestion is look further into M.2 Drives, you should be able to get a 500-1TB drive for a reasonable price and it's easier to do now than later. 256 is pretty small these days especially if you want to load a few often-played games on it. The Corsair MP510 series is very high performing and cost effective; the same goes for Sabrent Rocket drives which also have PCIe 4.0 variants if you want to go that route.
  3. 3600MHz in the C16 to C18 range is the sweet spot, higher frequency than this is wasted and lower leaves some performance on the table. Should be easily achievable within budget at 16GB-32GB (depending on your needs), although I don't know what EU prices are like.
  4. Apologies but I'm am not quite understanding what you are trying to say in this post. But as for the components yes that is understandable that you don't have any available on hand. So your only options are if you have a friend/family member that has some or if possible or seeing if a local PC shop would be willing to help troubleshoot components with/for you. Other option is doing a return on the Motherboard or CPU and hoping you guessed which is the problem. (I'd say the Motherboard is a more likely to be the issue). Ah, so you had Windows working for a time and enabling XMP seems to
  5. It seems likely you have a either faulty component or maybe their BIOS support for that chip is not great. It's not a good sign being unable to boot sometimes and seeing that CPU LED light up. That is very likely the root cause of the problems you are having and Windows is just more sensitive to it hence entering repair mode constantly since it sees something wrong. You said you've reseated your CPU already which would very likely have fixed any install issues that were present in the CPU. You've also tried single stick of RAM with no better results and you managed to try different BIOS
  6. Well they are Canadian and quite proud of it. It has large Coniferous trees on the left side which kinda sums up Canada as a whole but also BC specifically where they are based with their ancient Douglas Fir forests; Then there are the Northern lights at the top. Pretty clear visual description of the Great White North, save for the white which wouldn't have sold as well I'm sure hence the black colour scheme, there is the little bit of snow included though so it's still represented. You could also argue the trees are designed to look as though they are covered in snow themselves. Persona
  7. Just wanted to reinforce that B&H is great. They have awesome support, and never had a problem with them before. I'd rather purchase through them than NewEgg actually. Also specifically for Canadians they're great because they have their own brokerage process so you don't have to worry about ridiculous duties on expensive items as it's included in the price, and often times buying through them is cheaper than buying it in Canada in the first place.
  8. What specifically about the 4000D do you like? Is it the form factor? The Mesh front? Tempered Glass? Separate PSU Compartment? Colour options? It's hard to match all of those with support for many 3.5" drives since they are becoming less and less popular for mainstream users. The first to come to mind that satisfies all requirements except for form factor is the Fractal Meshify 2 (not the Meshify S2 which only supports 3 x 3.5" drives).
  9. Summary Nintendo has over the last ~12 hours or so been issuing DMCA claims against Twitch streamers who are playing "Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity". With the reasoning being that it is an unreleased video game and thus in violation of Nintendo's rights. Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity's release date is set for November 20 2020 which for the streamers affected is the current date in their timezone and they have legally obtained their copy. Regardless this has resulted in the suspension of several Twitch-partnered streamers from Japan, Korea, Australia and European countries.
  10. Surprised nobody has mentioned it but I've seen people have good success in the past bringing chips in this condition to a jeweller / watchmaker who has tools designed for such intricate work. Of course you'd have to explain the situation and see if they're willing to give it a shot, but if you are looking for a professional those people are the closest you'll get.
  11. Should be either a single 8-Pin or a single 6-Pin, which one it is depends entirely on the model you purchased. If you let us know that, we can tell you exactly what you need or you can simple search the model number yourself and look at the manufacturers product page (should it still exist) and it will tell you what you require!
  12. Seen this before, and have been meaning to do it myself with my old Q9550 I retired years ago. You can see here the person who made this sanded down the edges of the substrate so it's no longer sharp. Beyond that it's a simple matter of drilling a clean hole through it, ideally with a drill press and if you want to go the extra mile you can counter sink each side of the hole so whatever you put through the hole to carry it won't get worn down as quickly. It's a pretty fun way to re-purpose dead or useless CPUs!
  13. Take everything I say with a grain of salt, I'm not an expert and haven't done any of this myself. It's also been years since I watched Jay do glass haha, I expect if he was filing down it was just to clean up the ends after the break. If you're trying to take off more than say 5mm of material I'd reckon you're going to be far more likely to chip the glass, could be wrong though maybe wet sanding and other methods don't carry much risk of that happening. Also yes precisely, bending glass is very difficult. However, just doing straight runs with fitting to make the turns is much easier, yo
  14. Yep exactly, the reason it's so difficult is because you have to score and snap the pieces. Meaning you need length to snap them off so you need the measurements perfect for the first cut cause you can't snap off a tiny piece or file it down because it's will just chip and ruin the look and function of the glass. If I recall the recommended method is to do your runs in PETG first make sure it's a perfect length and fit and then do the final cut on the glass. This should work in theory anyways assuming you transfer the measurements perfectly.
  15. I don't think you're being overambitious. With the proper research, planning, and careful attention; I don't see any reason you can't do it. It is certainly one the most difficult materials as was mentioned already but if you want to put the time in it can be done. It's not like when you go to do it you only have one chance and if you screw it up everything explodes, maybe you'll ruin the glass you ordered and you need to reorder more and try again. Worst case you can just switch to PETG at any time as the parts you'll be using should work for both as long as they sizing is the same. As