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  1. rant ah okey, you can see it better through this method. a lot of pros and cons. mostly when you are going to make the most details at a confined space. where the sharpness of TAA can produce a loss of details. (see link below) techpowerup has a nice slide and focus on 1080p were you got less pixels in the background. best seen in distance on 1080p (last slide) https://www.techpowerup.com/review/nvidia-dlaa-anti-aliasing/
  2. kind of sad how this has becomed a norm for games, always online. in my library only just a few indie titles can be played offline with so many server locks or sometimes due to version being outdated with so frequent updates.
  3. also depends on the game, sadly a lot more features that are tied to even SP content are connected to a server. You could sometimes play the SP, but certain content is disabled making the MP aspect more a part of the main game. Like if lootboxes for example can be gained in the SP game and only opened when connected to a server for instance, or certain gameplay features or gamemodes like some PvP aspect (like if darksouls invade player world was required to play darksouls).
  4. would want to wait for DDR5 supported systems, although unsure how stable it would be at first. but right now, it depends and the market isn't that great anyways. also between the 3600 vs 5600, there is some to be had and it has gone down in price at times for the 5600, not fully worth the extra hassle. could be better to wait it out for newer upgrades. another thing is that the 5000 series got better single core performance which would maybe help out with the FPS. but if you need new MB, RAM, CPU this is not quite worth it. While newer stuff, maybe long lifetime and hope
  5. From unreal engine youtube, intel working with UE and graphics... maybe some tips and tricks for future intel GPUs too?

    Intel GPA, a frame analyzer tool for UE. similar but maybe quite different from Unity's own information about performance tool.


    Both a standalone and can be used as a plugin for UE?

    Not sure if it only works for intel or any task and communication between the tool and hardware or through directX, etc.



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  6. if your motherboard supports Q-flash or similar type of flashing of BIOS, then you might not need a CPU or anything else, although you would need power to the motherboard and do things accurate with a perfect non corrupt BIOS with the CORRECT names for the files for it to update the BIOS with Q-flash. Not all motherboards support this, but has been more used with ryzen motherboards? and not all motherboards or BIOS might act as nicely when doing this. Also reading the manual to see when or if it fails the flashing of the BIOS, or if done correctly. Also using the c
  7. yes, but inbefore AAA studios sell their old titles as "remastered" for full price, with just the new things added being FSR into as default option and some updated textures (maybe AI upscaled).
  8. Some news around emulation and FSR, great news for emulation. RPCS3 Showing off their implementation of FSR. Using some from what was first added around the 6th of august. RetroArch getting FSR https://store.steampowered.com/news/app/1118310/view/2957164587049361993
  9. While its not really about MiniLEDs, sadly since I mentioned the Neo G9... coming out with some issues like previous Samsung displays. Samsung really likes to sell broken products and take little ownership of quality service or build quality. Samsung not giving 2 cents about your issues as a whole, so long they can keep gaining profit from it at least shown by some of their releases. Also while this is not fully about mini-LEDs, there can be more Mini-LED displays that might need tuning or firmware updates or hardware updates. Since its a bit newer tech.
  10. sRGB goes for any content including gaming. some of the gaming modes might be sRGB, unless you have to do another option to enable it. As for enabling the "aggressive mode" see manual if there is a warning, but kind of doubt they would leave in something that would harm it. Else one might want to talk with LG's customer service to ask if they can send a message about it back about that. Could be that aggressive is more power hungry and cause more light bleed from the dimming zones? not sure. overclocked however, might provide negative results. might be fine if it's rat
  11. only one pin, could be "fixed" or maybe a "temporary pin item" as it mostly just need good contact between the contact areas and the slots help a little. I kind of wonder how gold painted pins, with lower melting or easier soldered metal would have. not sure what the pads for the pins can take. as for updating, if the cpu didn't kill anything on the other one, maybe but risky. You could if you are able, to find someone who can update it for you or if you got the needed BIOS (one or multiple if stated) to be used. if a electronic store or place of purchase has an option or talk
  12. i5-11400 + 1650 gtx passive cooled and closer to stock speeds, but also done hybrid with only one fan in a certain location, massive help with temp
  13. yes right now TAA looks better in many cases. But some question how it does in performance on lower resolutions. Also since it's based around DLSS like stuff, it could be improved more or doing more "cheating" to the image now or in the future. That it also does some curious stuff in 4K, were extra details can be noticed further away. But could also be due to other things.
  14. this is why it should be on it's own page and library of games on GOG (have not checked if it is). You can still advertise for DRM free, so long they are not pushing DRM content with or next to DRM free content. Showing sales would be fine, but under DRM content or as an own sales/news window for it.
  15. reputation can come and go, but you are right that this will leave a longer impact on them. To what we can forget about, those people that make CDPR what they are and some of them might have left or going to leave due to some of the complications made. Like the crunch times that might have negatively hurt their work force or management, to other aspects that might be somewhat related.