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    Mi casa, no casa?
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    Fast as speed boiii
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    GTX 1080
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    Mini, mine, mooooooo
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    All types, all in space
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    Air to water, is like my father
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  1. you wouldn't need an 240hz screen, 144 should do good. but even so that card on that game should do fine. you should be playing on higher settings since its csgo. when fps is too low on high hz screens, it can be often horrible (overdrive setting on the monitor). anything more demanding might not do so well, but should be able to play overwatch too at decent settings and fps.
  2. it's hopefully getting better, but google and not just their search engine by themselves is always for me going to be used in one way or another. and how google is nearly everywhere.
  3. Like you said above, if it's online dating... things be wild and not really seeking a relationship, even if they might state that they do. Else, its good if both got a refreshing start and enjoyed your time. While nothing ever lasts forever, it's a great way to know that both care and could build something together?
  4. oh god, yesn't. Welcome to mac. Would say to get more of the happiness benefits, need a lot more to trick the brain. Wait, the smell-o-vision is coming out with a 7.1 air fan adjuster and having an realistic display of the outside in the window?
  5. unless covid does... oh nevermind.
  6. that was weird, no links worked for youtube. An attack? Better now for me, but could still search for things however links were broken and wouldn't load content.
  7. I would say gender idenitity can be very complicated and changing with a person, however gender being different.
  8. Just find the whole "gender non-conformists" and how it sounds to be a mess. Like how is some of it any different from other people? And more so when that can be mixed with trans? As it sometimes happen in the US and UK. Not caring what you do, but the topic around some of it, just to me, seems like a mess. *that is some groups version of gender* Some wants to mix the gender system with an identity system, which often bodes unwell, since people like simplicity and some of the areas that is being talked about identity is going to cause problems when people are going to see by
  9. that is how they get you, and soon before you know it... *BAAM* you are a reptilian furry now.
  10. oh god, now HP will get you insurance fraud with your next headset and do "common" business practices.
  11. Disagree, and it again depends on the game and what you find playable. Some games CAN be played in 30 fps, but is at times unplayable, more so in games that are made to run in higher fps. Else I wouldn't really want to play them, but on average? maybe not, but at times? yes.
  12. when they love their cats too much, no wonder they are wanting to creating cat girls. Do not love your cats that much, do not create. It's bad. Leave the cats alone!
  13. more fps depends on the game, and sometimes on the player or what they really care for going towards. Also if they have ever played with everything enabled and high frames? If only used to console, then 30 fps could be fine, but even then I would think some games do struggle with lower FPS, and it being a BS claim that 30 should be the standard when 60 is so much smoother and can be better for everyone. While for some games it does matter, or it's built around being in 30 fps.