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  1. countries should get it over with, religious marriage =//= marriage. while churches might go against it due to their own right, doesn't mean one shouldn't be able to have a marriage or a church that supports it if they want it religious style or what has become commonly used practice, although some have done it differently over the years. a very weird legislation, it's like they should bar anything about sex/sex-ed, kissing or natural content for people under that age, I mean they do teach sex-ed don't they? scrap it all, much logic.
  2. would think a capture card/splitter would be able to connect into PC port for recording and what you are going to use it for. But didn't xbox add a recording feature or overlay for it, might just have been the xbox game bar for PC? been a while for using xbox.
  3. Wait, points that can be used to buy or get a discount? Xbox controllers are so expensive now, even though they don't always are as rugged as previous generations and still some issues. Multiple games worth for a controller that might not last long and not as good triggers, one I had failed the batteries and buttons sticked.
  4. To me, it just confirms what they want windows to be. Also can one ever be happy with what microsoft is doing? From their dedicated software, locked software, forced features, making your life more difficult. Like how they trying to change windows 10, while there is a lot that could be good about windows 11 and if they actually remove crap on release. Else some might feel like this could have been an update to windows 10 already? Since it feels like they never finished windows 10. Also that more people might like it, if they could make two versions of it and not doing a tre
  5. It really shouldn't be impacted, could be bios update BUG or something happened during the update? (as it can happen with bios updating, not the most smooth or safe route of updating) If you mean sleep in the start menu, or button press vs hold? And you only updated, not touching anything inside the PC?
  6. If they were going to change something, at least change more than a "fixed" version of windows 10. But I guess that is all microsoft is doing, and better at supporting developers but in gaming rather than their old ass softwares and MS everything with updates compared to making it just "work". Maybe windows 11 will change that, but doubtful. *releases 12 and another version soon after* Also if the change is going to be like "lets be like all the other OS (apple) out there while still sucking at the job they do".
  7. either a leaked build or "demo" preview of it? a few links on some people showing it. https://youtu.be/uB9K03jQLyw?t=59 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VMHgM_hTzlw
  8. Not so sure about that, but yes, certain information is less wanted from a gender's perspective. If it's personal related, it might be female, if it's sexual it might be male, unless they are made to profit of it, just like scam call centers. Of course it can help having some diverse thoughts and opinions, were female and male thoughts might have a different focus or view. To how they might use their body, which might make them have a different way of doing it. Which can encourage some change or view on the topic? But I disagree if one has to push it all the time or being
  9. you do just like this and will act the same, might be changed in future: .. ... same thing, asdaskjkjjlaifjladsfjglakfj
  10. Test each OS, google, apple, windows and maybe more? (that are sort of user friendly). To test, manage files/library, settings for network, screen, audio, native programs that are more or less specific to that OS, like documents, pictures etc, how easy to use and compatability? While more production apps, if they have it, how good is it and if it's worth using.
  11. Nice video, felt like it hold back some of the "memes" it wanted to make, compared to some other recent videos. Which I feel was better to watch, and smoother in overall as consumption of content.
  12. *sad grunching noises* They are updating some of it, some is similar to the "unfixed" windows 10 and some things might change. Just saw a video of someone using a demo, at least they take away some junk in the start menu and such, to nice features like adjusting windows on the screen maybe with fullscreen support? Some more widget adjustment like a focus around tablet. Kind of slow right now as a demo, hopefully the full release will be better. But doubt we will have enough control as older generations, as they will likely stick with this awful mangement system of 8+ windows
  13. yes seems a bit tablet like UI and a bit like they want the windows tablets to make a comback in a something that might be similar to macOS? Kinda hope they aren't f***ing windows 10 on purpose to get a mac clone, even if they aren't that similar otherwise. Just want a upgraded version of windows 7 is all, that actually works.