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Did Dennis go over budget?!

3 hours ago, Delnith said:

I'm curious to know!

Live, Laugh, Liao

dunno but there certainly was a face book post that he went did by a dollar just as @Twolf said




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15 hours ago, Twolf said:

Think i saw a facebook post from them that said he did by a dollar lol.

... I literally just posted this in the OT thread, but...


I REALLY wish I had been able to see, live, Linus' reaction to this. XD

Have you tried unplugging it and plugging it back in? Yes? Then have you tried downloading more RAM?

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by a dollar!!!!!!!!!!!!

holy crap

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No photo description available.


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Live, Laugh, Liao... baby!

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Linus should have charged Dennis for building his PC, they didn't include it 😉

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Well yes and no. He did not go over budget, but at the same time he did, this is pre-tax, if you include tax it's like 5400 or something.


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Yvonne replied on Twitter saying that was pre Tax....

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