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  1. I'm curious to know! Live, Laugh, Liao
  2. Any experience setting up windows for network file sharing? Ive tried via windows 7 in the past and never got it to work well?
  3. Needed to consolidate my extra pc parts, so I put the best “leftovers” into one case and called it a day. I now have an i5 3570k on an asus z77 board, 16gb of RAM and MSI 270x with a 600w antec PSU in the CM HAF 912. I want to use this ideally as a NAS that can host my plex server and also run a minecraft and ark server…not necessarily at the same time. I am currently looking into windows vs ubuntu for this project and am interested in what you think will work best. Thoughts? Thanks all
  4. I hadn't thought of that, good idea...and just checked $100 tho
  5. I have been looking for a full desk mouse mat for quite a while and have yet to find any that look good. My desk is currently 80"x30" (yes I realize I am not going to actually get a mouse mat that big) but I want one that is say 48" x 36". Has anyone had any luck finding any or can suggest somewhere to start? Thank you P.S. sorry if this is the wrong sub-forum, not sure where it should go
  6. I've been looking around and know that retropie is not yet released for the raspberry pi 4. Does anyone know of anywhere that says what time frame it may be released in? Thanks
  7. And what do you think the "theme" will be?
  8. Best way to start imo is just using it. When playing games, what frame rate is it getting, and then compare to others online and see if its matching what is advertised. Steam has a built in fps counter that you can turn on. What work load are you primarily focusing on? What was the reason for buying the laptop?
  9. That sounds perfect. Thanks for your help!
  10. Having never updated drivers for my mobo/chipset and amd, what do I need to know? I have day 1 drivers still and wanna try and get some improvement from new drivers since voltages still seem to be high and resulting in a high idle temp.
  11. With the uGreen splitter, will it see 2 separate audio inputs or just allows both to be played and the amps turned off?