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    AMD 3900XT / Xeon E3 1280V3
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    Asrock X570M PRO4 / Gigabyte H97
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    32GB of DDR4 / 32GB of DDR3
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    Sapphire Vega 64 / EVGA 980
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    MeshifyC Mini / Ugly
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    Gen 4 Corsair NVME / Crucial 240GB SSD +
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    Fractyl Design 760w Titanium / Antec 650w 80Plus Bronze
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    2XAcer v246HL / Dell 23.5" LED LCD
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    Noctua D15S / Noctua D15S
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    Corsair K70 / Corsair K70
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    Corsair M65 / Corsair M65
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    Pioneer DJ headphones through a vintage Sony home theater head unit (tubes, baby!)
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    Win 10 Pro / Win 10 Pro
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    A pile of garbage HP Pavilion X360 11"
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    Samsung Galaxy S10 plus

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  1. So, a lot of people complain about loot boxes, broken game launches, predatory practices, etc. What some people don't talk about is the fact that loot boxes, predatory practices, and broken games have been a problem for a lot longer than just the last 4-5 years... Anyway. I started playing a game back in 2006. Chinese MMORPG, made to compete with WoW, though... It was free to play, vs subscription, which is why I got into it. The game started out innocuous enough, the pay shop was... Empty in 2006 and in 2007, they added flying mounts. I actually bought one of the very very first o
  2. Yeah, I'm gonna have to buy a new SSD for FS 2020 XD
  3. Well, it was, but I don't want to spend 2-3 hours setting up a HOTAS if I'm only going to play it for an hour or two. I don't have FS 2020 installed, so I'm not going to use it other than ED.
  4. I stopped playing for around a year. I decided to give it a shot, but simple things are just so very difficult. I literally just spent 30 minutes trying to figure out the default key bind for the System Scanner. Every. Result. Says. To. Rebind. It. NOTHING says what it is, where it is in the menu, nor ANYTHING helpful. I want to play a game. Not spend 3-5 hours just trying to figure out where basic keybinds are, googling endlessly just to figure how to select a system to jump to it without having to go to the galaxy map... I get that it's a complicated game, but the con
  5. So, I recently upgraded from a GTX 980 to a Radeon Vega 64. I DDU - shutdown before pulling the GTX 980, and installed Adrenaline 20.11.2 drivers. After this, my games worked just fine, except DiRT Rally. It would run until I started a race, then 2-5 seconds in, the game would CTD. So, I spent some time messing with it today, changed all the graphics settings, exited the game from the menu and relaunched it, verified game files from Steam, etc. Then, I was able to do a few hillclimbs, no problem. After I quit out, I got up and wandered off, and peeked back..
  6. I was watching the WAN show, and saw the segment where Linus and Luke discussed the repercussions of the RAID: Shadow Legends sponsorship that got some people's collective panties in a twist, and I actually laughed at it. I saw that video, and yes, the sponsorship was cringe, but IMO, really mild, as far as cringe goes. You gotta pay the bills, though... I considered this to be a troll by the LMG marketing team, and a funny one at that. Imagine if King's Throne was the sponsor of the video. The LMG community would lose it's collective... Yes. This got me thinking...
  7. Was Windows Update running? My Stellaris game just shat itself last night, turns out Windows Update was running. Rebooted, told the 'upgrade' to wait, and it sorta fixed itself.
  8. A 9900K paired with a 3090 should be fine in most games. If you're running a 4k monitor, you will be fine. If you're looking at a new build, I would suggest a R5 5600X and 3090, paired with some Ballistics 3600 DDR4.
  9. I'm part of group a3, I should be getting it on the 22nd or 23rd.
  10. I fixed my Baja. Guess I won't have to buy an STi, now. 😧

  11. Hey, I use an ancient SnapOn screwdriver I bought at a yardsale like 5 years ago when I work on my PC. It's the only thing I've got that has ANY chance at removing over-tightened screws without stripping them to shreds. When I got my Fractal Meshify 2 Mini, I used it to remove the thumbscrews and PSU shroud screws, some were screwed in so tight, I was afraid I would snap the heads off the screws themselves, but luckily, the ol' beater got them all out no problem. In fact, one of the rear panel thumb screws was so over-tightened, it actually bent the metal of the case.
  12. I had a GTX 980, paired with a R9 3900XT. At 1080p, it wasn't bad. 45-55FPS medium settings. Then, I got a 1440p IPS panel that does 144hz. GTX 980 was giving me 30-35FPS. Gave up... Even downsamping, it wouldn't run 1440p. Then I picked up a Vega 64, and now I can play medium settings and get 55-65FPS, but I finished the game's story, so... I set it aside, and now I'll just wait until more content, fixes, and maybe DLC are available. I agree with most of the points, though. It's a game that does lots of stuff, but it doesn't really do any of it very well, as far as gameplay goes.
  13. Day off from work. What will I do?


    Go on Newegg and make a wishlist full of crap that won't ever be in stock again, ever. 😧


    Then make a wishlist to build a PC with nothing but fail parts.

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Sarra


      That's a lie. D:< As you age, time goes by slower.

    3. dizmo


      Spoken by someone who can't possibly be that old ;)

    4. Sarra


      Well, yeah, late 30's, but still...

  14. Why would you even consider a 3070? You can't run SLI, either. I mean, personally, I'm not considering a single NVidia card, I'm going 6800XT, but really, anything the 3070 can do, the 3080 can do better. Hypothetically, if I were to consider a NVidia card, I would go for the 3080 FE over anything else, that cooler just looks really awesome. It's like a dual fan brick of cool cooler plus a blower cooler at the same time, which should help overall in any case.
  15. Here's hoping that I can fix the boost map on my Baja tomorrow. 😧 I either fix it, or I trade it in for something less crap.

    1. handymanshandle


      Considering that it's a mid-2000s Subaru, I suspect finding a better car won't be hard.

    2. Sarra


      Not hard, but not cheap, either. 😧