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    AMD 3900XT / Xeon E3 1280V3
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    Asrock X570M PRO4 / Gigabyte H97
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    32GB of DDR4 / 32GB of DDR3
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    Gigabyte Gaming OC RX 6800XT / EVGA 980
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    MeshifyC Mini / Ugly
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    Gen 4 Corsair NVME / Crucial 240GB SSD +
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    Fractyl Design 760w Titanium / Antec 650w 80Plus Bronze
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    2XAcer v246HL / Dell 23.5" LED LCD
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    Noctua D15S / Noctua D15S
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    Corsair K70 / Corsair K70
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    Corsair M65 / Corsair M65
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    Pioneer DJ headphones through a vintage Sony home theater head unit (tubes, baby!)
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    Win 10 Pro / Win 10 Pro
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    A pile of garbage HP Pavilion X360 11"
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    Samsung Galaxy S10 plus

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  1. I'm seriously hoping to be using Linux on everything far before then, I'm aiming at having a minimum of one machine with Linux only by early 2022, with a possibility of 3 machines running Linux by the end of 2022, and 0 Windows machines, period, in my house. Yeah, it just... Meh. This is another issue that grinds my gears, I guess, about Windows 11, on top of all of the other things about it I already really dislike. The fact that this is a problem to begin with, while at the same time, Microsoft has been working with Intel on Alder Lake optimizations, just frustrates me. I hone
  2. The last two things I can think of suggesting are: 1) Reseat your card. Power off the system, pull the side panel, pull the screws holding the card into the case, pop the connector lock, pull the card out, use a clean pink eraser on the contacts to gently clean them, then reinstall it. If that doesn't help, then if you're comfortable enough, do 2) a BIOS update. No idea who made your card, but they should have updated BIOS available for it.
  3. I've got this nightmare going where Microsoft repeats Windows 10 on me, and force-updates my machines to Windows 11. One machine is running Windows 10 Pro on an upgrade from Win 8.1 Pro, and the hardware in that machine is old enough that Microsoft will not support it, or so it says, with security updates, or any updates at all. My other machine is an AMD system, and I don't want to basically let Microsoft sap 5-15% of my CPU performance with a downgrade that I seriously don't want. So, are we going to get a repeat of Windows 10, but with basically a polished turd versi
  4. If you underclock your GPU core, and you continue to have a crashing issue, then you probably will want to look at the memory on the card instead. If you have a crashing issue with both the GPU and memory underclocked, then you probably have an issue elsewhere. Do what Jay from JayzTwoCents suggested, and run DDU then install a new driver fresh, and see if this fixes your crashing issue. If it doesn't, then log your temps. If your GPU is running really hot, like 100°c or hotter, then it's time to clean your HSF on the GPU, repaste, and repad the card.
  5. Well, you aren't getting a stable, more performant OS, so people would hope for QOL improvements, which also are too much to ask for. Windows 11 looks like an unholy trainwreck. ME/Vista 3.0? The "security" in Windows 10 is such a joke, you basically have to tell Microsoft Defender to go f*** itself just to do bitcoin mining on your own hardware. I get that predatory mining is a problem, but not being able to 'click through' an exception, and have to go in and straight up disable Defender is a joke. Something tells me that it's going to be even more difficult to do this
  6. Well. There we go. I got a job interview on Friday, with UPS Ground. I'm super hopeful, if I can get this temporary job, it will enable me to find another job elsewhere in the country.


    My current employer, on the other hand, will be left high and dry. I would love to stick around with them for a few more years, but my coworkers are all buttholes, the scheduling sucks, and the pay is not good enough to justify the aggravation the job entails.

  7. Yeah, I have a Sapphire Vega 64 sitting in it's box. Only reason I'm not mining on it is the fact that my main PC doesn't have any open PCIE slots that would accommodate a second GPU, and my server box's PSU is very far from rated high enough to run two GPU's. I don't think I would even meet the minimum requirements for the Vega 64, so the GTX 980 will stay in the server. I'd go both for the reasons on a second GPU, mining, and I could drive two of my three monitors off the second GPU. Also, if you're mining on your primary GPU, it can cause stuttering, if you use the s
  8. I've got a Dell 1080p TN panel. Manufacture date is June 2009. When I attempt to power it on, the power button will flash, pause, flash, pause, repeat, until eventually the Dell logo will pop up on the screen, then it will turn back of, then back on, repeat, and eventually, it will power up and an image will be displayed, and the monitor will work "properly". It's pretty grainy, but I can still see what's displayed... Should I bother trying to get a different power cable for it, or should I just replace it and recycle the old one? I'm assuming the problem is that the caps in the pa
  9. What? This happened all the way back to like Socket 7. Granted, it was extremely uncommon that far back, but I ripped my Athlon 3200 out multiple times, and that was socket A. If the OP pulls their CPU cooler off, and the CPU comes out with it, and they managed to damage the CPU doing that, then... I don't even know what to say. I've ripped my 3900XT out twice, and just being aware that it would happen meant I didn't get careless and damage anything. I agree, it's stupid that it even is possible to do this in 2021, but if it's really that big of a deal, then there's alw
  10. Yep. I fixed this by disabling my VPN and hitting the refresh button while on the forums.
  11. Firefox browser. If I click to the forum home page, the 'tls handshake' message appears, and stays there for hours and hours and hours, even overnight, and the 'loading' status for the page stays on.
  12. I got my booster yesterday. Today, I felt like butt. Probably didn't help that I ate bad chili on Saturday, that kept me up most of the night.
  13. I have a 3900XT and a 6800XT, and the 3900XT bottlenecks my 6800XT quite frequently. That's typically because more games only use a few threads, or only one thread, but still, it kinda sucks. Running in 12 core 12 thread mode helps, but not very much (maybe 3-5% difference). I'd say get a 6800 or 6800XT. On Intel, it's infinitely more easy to retain a good GPU from build to build, instead of a CPU. If you're going to max out one, I'd max out the GPU, and get a middle of the road i5 or Ryzen 5 CPU, instead of the other way around. Personally, if I only used my rig for ga
  14. The pic is so small that there is no detail. Some cards are simply missing unneeded traces, however, I'm not exactly familiar with the 460.
  15. You know you need to go see a beautician when you use your nose hair trimmer, and it sounds like a weed whacker trying to cut down an Oak tree.