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    I don't know where I am. Do you?
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    PC hardware, music, interactive entertainment media (games), basically anything that lets me stuff my brain with facts and experiences I'll have no use for
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    Miraculously not dropped out of college yet


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    Ryzen 7 1700
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    MSI B450 Tomahawk Max
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    Corsair Vengeance LPX 16 gigs @3000 MHz (2x8)
  • GPU
    Cheapest 1660 super in stock (gigabyte gaming oc)
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    Random Antec case
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    240 gigs of rubbish dram-less SSD storage as a boot drive, 2 terabytes of hard drive storage for "homework", games, and any experiments I may be doing with VMs
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    Really trashy gigabyte b700h, will change as soon as I get money
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    Random cheap-ass LG monitor (24MP59G)
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    Wraith spirr that came with the CPU
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    Cheapest mechanical keyboard I could find
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    Logitech g304
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    KZ ZSN Pro X
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    Windows 10 (unfortunately)
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  1. Is there any way of making sure you're buying a GDDR5 version of the GT 1030? Because the DDR4 version of the GT 1030 sometimes performs worse than the vega 8 iGPU in your ryzen 3 3200g. Other than that, if the intel core i3 10100f isn't cheaper in your region, this is a decent build, certainly good for the money.
  2. It won't explode at all, unless you buy faulty parts (which is always the case, nothing specific to this case)
  3. You can always do that, there's nothing stopping you; a bottleneck isn't a bad thing, it just means upgrading that part will result in a large increase in performance.
  4. sorry, lemme explain what I meant (hopefully without salt this time): 1080p to 4k was a 4x jump in raw pixelcount, and it was easy to see the difference. 4k to 8k is another 4x jump in raw pixelcount, but we can't seem to see a difference easily apart from huge 100" or bigger screens. if you follow this pattern of diminishing returns, a jump to 16k won't benefit anybody unless you want a video wall with the pixel density of a 720p smartphone screen.
  5. well then 16k is just gonna be more of the same innit (i might sound blunt, i'm sorry in advance)
  6. Intel's Xe graphics are a lot better, but yes, they're still not good enough to even try to play modern games without some drastic lowspecgamer tweaks.
  7. it's nowhere near it. Intel's iGPUs have come a long way since the horrible GMA graphics, and they can run games like csgo and other esports titles at 1080p, but for anything heavier you're gonna have to be content with 720p low at 30fps, if not lower. as for 3d modelling, if your workflow uses CUDA, no luck there mate; you need an nvidia card for that. As a general stopgap solution, it makes sense, but keep your expectations in check
  8. Thanks! Now I know what I'm doing tomorrow (it's 12 AM right now and I should be completing my sleep instead of obsessing over stuff I don't even have yet)
  9. I do have it on hand, but I don't really know what fhe number actually means (what is 5/8" long? Or wide? What dimension are we talking about? Can I measure it with a ruler? And a million other questions I can't really find an answer to).
  10. Thank you so much! Now I just have to find a stand with 1/4" threading (literally every stand I saw on the first two pages of Amazon had no threading)
  11. That reminds me: none of the stands I could find online had screw threads, while the mic holder things (I still don't know their name) have screw threading. The reason I asked the original question (apart from the problem I just stated) is that I found out online that there are multiple sized for this screw-threading with no easy way for me to measure it, and for some reason, no mic manufacturer lists this along with other specifications.
  12. Okay so this is a very stupid question. I bought a pair of behringer c4s as a pair of do-it-all mics for myself (I had planned to go and sample a bunch of instruments during the summer holidays last year when I bought it in spring last year, but then the pandemic happened and I never did that). They came with a nice case and a plastic thing that comes between the mic and the stand (I don't know what it's called). I wanted to buy a stand for a long time, but since everything's under lockdown all the time, I can't go to a shop and make sure my mics fit on whatever stand I wanna
  13. There's one other reason why people buy huge air coolers with tons of fans: a very high ambient temperature. Temperatures are already hitting the low 40s (or above 100 for you Fahrenheit people) where I live (I genuinely don't know what i'll do when summer hits apart from using my PC only at night), and many small coolers just aren't able to keep CPUs from thermal throttling when they're hit hard. In these situations, something like the noctua nh-d15 I upgraded to recently made the difference between thermal throttling at 95 degrees (celsius) and full performance at 85 degrees (celsius).