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    A lost weeb
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    I wish I was in japan
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    cars,tech,music and anime
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    A person that does a lot
    Builds pcs , sound engineer , weeb and photographer
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    sound engineer and student


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    Intel i5-3470
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    14GB DDR3
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    intel stock
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    Acer g215hv and dell e151epp
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    Havit Magic Eagle HV-KB558CM and Logitech G610 with cherry MX reds
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    Microsoft Comfort Mouse 4500 and corsair m65 pro black
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    headphones: sennheiser hd 206,sony mdr7506
    IEMs:Moondrop SSR, Moondrop Shiro-yuki
    pc speakers: Macally Icetune white.
    mic: Logitech e-ur20 konami usb mic with a aokeo pop filter (not in use)
    berhinger xenyx302 with berhinger ultravoice
    Moblie setup: Sony nw-e394 with Fiio A-1 amp and Moondrop SSR
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    WIN10 PRO with like 4 usb of linux somewhere
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    lenovo 300e chromebook 2nd gen and acer aspire e5-15
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    nokia 3.1c,iphone 6s(died trying to dignos)

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  1. wide angle lenses is not for me yeah thats to wide yeah I do a lot of things but a 24-70 or 24-105mm would do better TBH
  2. Frick sony cams that I will never be able to use cause I wouldnt be able to buy adapters
  3. laughs with china nock off I do use it its just not a good main lens I find my self using one all the time
  4. I am going to get a summer job finally I am going to get a A++ certification from my school But I am trying to save for a camera fast b4 summer
  5. ok good to know I KNOW I CAN'T AFFORD THAT MUCH I was in the process of saving for a sigma 17-70 but this has changed everything. https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/909806-REG/Sigma_884101_17_70mm_f_2_8_4_DC_Macro.html
  6. ok a 6d + 24-105 is about a grand and 500 USD is going to take forever for me to get.
  7. except my 50mm is utter junk and I don't want to shell out another grand or more money for a used 24-70mm
  8. ok I have very wired conflicting evidence lol I am fine with a last gen camera tbh yeah I was thinking of pulling out the 7d ok
  9. I have 400mm f/5.6 with a T2 to EF so its full frame 50mm 1.8 (cheap china nock off that I use for some things but auto fouces is slow) 18-55mm kit lens ok good to know ok I didn't know this existed
  10. ok here is the thing I am looking at used no eBay using adronama used and B&H used. also my parents are going to pay half Canon 60d is 300 ish USD Canon 70D is about 400USD canon 80d is 700 USD 7d mk2 is 800USD 7d is 290 cause full frame I don't have the lenses I want for cheap
  11. My canon XTi I have been using has died. I am looking for a good photography camera. So I am looking at used cameras. I have been looking at canons because I have a ton of canon glass. I like the idea of buying used because its cheaper but still great. I have been looking at. 60D 70D 80D 7D Mark II 7D