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  1. If its enabled in the bios, that should be it. Any windows settings are irrelevant.
  2. Try and google it. example: <NAME OF CARD> Specifications <enter>
  3. Well, if the coil whine is still there after changing the GPU and P/S, that only leave the motherboard. You should run everything outside of the case and see where its really coming from.
  4. Why do you need it? How fast is your internet?
  5. https://downloads.dell.com/Manuals/all-products/esuprt_ser_stor_net/esuprt_poweredge/poweredge-r510_owner's manual_en-us.pdf The manual states that the memory config needs to be identical for each CPU.
  6. Did you add ram for the second CPU or just move some from the first CPU?
  7. You could try reading the manual. Some SATA ports are disabled when you populate an m.2. The information you need is on page 27.
  8. Also need to remember, If you care about the data you are putting on the NAS, You will need a place to back it up to.
  9. I would be surprised if they "tested" anything and just make sure the specs are within their limits.
  10. You could buy all the parts on aliexpress and make your own custom cables with individual wire sleeves. Do they make cable combs that small?
  11. I'd recommend getting a case for that use case. But seriously, how da fluck do you expect anyone to answer without any information?