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  1. Headphones have lost popularity in my opinion because they aren't as commonly used because they're often bulky and cost more compared to just standard earphones. Nowadays it is just far more convenient to have a pair or wireless earphones that are compact and fit neatly in your pocket next to your keys and phone. Whereas carrying around a pair of headphones isn't convenient, they don't fit in your pocket so most of the time they'll either have to hang around your neck or carry them in a backpack. I'd always rather carry my Taotronics wireless earphones over any other bulky pair of headphones I
  2. No, not really. You can switch to Linux which will probably work a bit better but besides that there isn't much else you can do besides getting an ssd. Windows is and has been for a while notoriously sluggish on a hard drive
  3. probably an ebay auction or locals, like facebook marketplace, or shpock, or whatever is relevant in your country if you have a bit of luck.
  4. That's because that's a motherboard that came from an Acer Veriton M200-Q87 computer and it was probably made by gigabyte for Acer to use in their OEM PC's. It's also likely that the M200 was exclusive to a specific region since I can't find much info about it.
  5. There's various options you can choose from. I can't pick one for you since I don't know how different the prices are for these parts in your market. For the APU, there's the 3400G which is a bit older and only has 4c/8t, the 5600G/5700G which is newer but costs more, these would be perfect if you plan to add a gpu later down the line. And there's the 4700G which should be something in the middle. All of these are capable to an extent to do gamecube, PS2, even some WII and PS3 emulation. Here's some videos of benchmarks of the 3400G/4700G/5700G emulating various consoles, including 3
  6. haha, that's funny. you can't find a 3300x in stock, you can't find it since like a few months after it launched. Same for the 3100.
  7. You should always check yourself on the manufacturers website since that's where you're likely to find the information with the best accuracy.
  8. It shows up on Asus's website, all the various models, so I don't see why it wouldn't be compatible
  9. Went to a car boot sale and I picked up 10 games, spent around 5-6£ on them, the GTA 5 copies I got separately. 1st copy I got of ebay and only had the install disc but the listing didn't mention it in any form so I got a refund and they never asked for it back. 2nd one I got locally.
  10. Not really, this chart shows that 8k 120hz is possible with Display Stream Compression (DSC). Though I'm unsure whether DSC affects image quality.
  11. It looks identical to your 9380 mb, if it is actually a 9305 and it has the components you want than I don't see why it wouldn't be compatible.
  12. This is a XPS 13 9380 motherboard This is a 9310 motherboard with the i7 you mentioned. Couldn't find a photo of the 9305 you mentioned but I'm assuming it's similar to this one. The motherboards are very different and it is highly unlikely that you will be able to find a motherboard equipped with an i7 1165G7 that is compatible with the chasis of the XPS 13 9380 you have. You may be able to install it if you're willing to mod it but I can't promise that it'll work.