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  1. There's also the Logitech M720 Triathlon Wireless which is also 50CAD which is decent as well but apparently the scroll wheel is too sensitive according to PC Mag PC Mag review Amazon Link
  2. The Microsoft Bluetooth® Ergonomic Mouse might be worth considering, it has decent reviews and is 50 CAD and technically price reduced at the moment on microsofts website Microsoft Bluetooth® Ergonomic Mouse PC Mag review of the mouse
  3. I wouldn't consider that a disadvantage since if it really bothers you, you can always switch back to 60hz from the settings.
  4. Re-padding is most likely not necessary, re-pasting should fix the issue. Over time thermal paste dries up and it can cause areas on the die to be improperly covered leading to those hot spot temperatures.
  5. Found the extension I needed after some digging. It's called Pico-Go and it works well so far, it add button at the bottom of the IDE and you can connect (at least according to them) any RP2040 board. And that non-rp2040 boards are not supported but may work.
  6. I wish I could read chinese to find out what that actually does. And form the looks of it, it's probably meant for the BBC micro:bit, maybe? Anyway after some digging on the internet I was able to find the Pico Go extension which actually works properly, or at least it seems to so far. And the "MicroPython IDE" only supports ESP boards so far. Hopefully support will improve with time Edit: Found the english version near the bottom of the list, again it looks like it's made for the BBC micro:bit platform and not the pico.
  7. I'm looking for an extension for Visual Studio Code for MicroPython that works with the Raspberry Pi Pico since I don't really like the Thonny Python IDE so I was wondering if anyone knew of an extension or solution for my problem.
  8. Assuming you know the basics of python you should be able to make a simple calculator yourself using guizero since the library is very easy to use and has plenty of good documentation. If you don't know the basics then regardless of what guide you pick you still will be starting with learning more or less the same thing you're learning as part of the playlist I posted above. You should learn the basics if you want to actually understand the code and then write your own code rather than just copying it.
  9. Yes. There is a playlist with videos made by Microsoft Developer, it carries you step by step through the essentials and a bit extra and it is very easy to understand and they also provide useful examples. I used this to learn python myself and have found it very useful. And it takes you from the very basics, like print commands and data types to more relatively advanced stuff like calling API's and object oriented programming. After finishing these tutorials I had all the necessary skills to go on my own and make my own programs.
  10. Headphones have lost popularity in my opinion because they aren't as commonly used because they're often bulky and cost more compared to just standard earphones. Nowadays it is just far more convenient to have a pair or wireless earphones that are compact and fit neatly in your pocket next to your keys and phone. Whereas carrying around a pair of headphones isn't convenient, they don't fit in your pocket so most of the time they'll either have to hang around your neck or carry them in a backpack. I'd always rather carry my Taotronics wireless earphones over any other bulky pair of headphones I
  11. No, not really. You can switch to Linux which will probably work a bit better but besides that there isn't much else you can do besides getting an ssd. Windows is and has been for a while notoriously sluggish on a hard drive
  12. probably an ebay auction or locals, like facebook marketplace, or shpock, or whatever is relevant in your country if you have a bit of luck.
  13. That's because that's a motherboard that came from an Acer Veriton M200-Q87 computer and it was probably made by gigabyte for Acer to use in their OEM PC's. It's also likely that the M200 was exclusive to a specific region since I can't find much info about it.
  14. There's various options you can choose from. I can't pick one for you since I don't know how different the prices are for these parts in your market. For the APU, there's the 3400G which is a bit older and only has 4c/8t, the 5600G/5700G which is newer but costs more, these would be perfect if you plan to add a gpu later down the line. And there's the 4700G which should be something in the middle. All of these are capable to an extent to do gamecube, PS2, even some WII and PS3 emulation. Here's some videos of benchmarks of the 3400G/4700G/5700G emulating various consoles, including 3
  15. haha, that's funny. you can't find a 3300x in stock, you can't find it since like a few months after it launched. Same for the 3100.