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  1. Im talking about the five macro keys that are to the left of the normal keyboard, the Unleash RGB software has a Key Assignment tab but it isn't clear how to assign anything other than email and calculator. The Macros tab seems to allowing the recording of mouse movements and clicks but no way to assign an .exe here either?
  2. Hi I just got the EVGA Z20 keyboard and wanted to remap the Macro keys to open various programs but I can't see how to do it in "EVGA Unleash RGB"? I can do My computer and Email as they are predefined but I can't find any way to do other programmes? Any ideas?
  3. Good to know everything is ok, was a little weird it disappeared but hopefully they caught it and no Crazy stalkers got to see it before they took it down
  4. Of course. Unless you wana do 8K gaming which doesn't really work on a 3090 anyway.
  5. I think the problem you describe is the overlap between domestic and industrial products. I understand that there will be some people who need GPUs for business and may be willing to pay significantly increased prices as it necessary for them to continue and the ROI still makes sense. I would argue that this should be limited to the commercial Quadro cards and possibly the 3090 (which isn't a gaming card and no gamer should have been paying the 100% markup for 10% performance over the 3080). GPU's may have many uses but the primary one is for Leisure in terms of PC Gaming. To trip
  6. I thinking it is generally accepted that if you buy a product that is in high demand for X and Sell it a secondary market for 2X or 3X, that is scalping. While you are correct that demand is the largest issue, the real problem is that most the price inelasticity of the demand. It beggars belief to me that anyone would pay 2 or 3 times for a 30 series card let alone a similar multiplier for a card 3 or 5 years old. If the price was elastic we wouldn't see the price issues, it would still be hard to get cards but at least the ones out there would be at MSRP or the appropriate second hand value
  7. Well depends what you mean, Mainstream cards (1650,1660 etc) haven't existed in shops for 6 months so I couldn't judge what there MSRP is at the moment. The 30 series cards don't seem to be a good value at MSRPt given both Nvidia and the Board Partners are inflating prices as much as they can. If you could get a 1650 for $200 or 1660 Super for $250 then it would be but having not seen any for sale I don't know whether that is what they will be sold for. The Ebay prices are double that and if the Board partners inflate their prices believing people will pay more then the whole GPU market would
  8. Microsoft are just messing with stuff at this point. They should learn from their past mistakes with Win 8 that messing with the Start Menu will always be unpopular with most users. It works and everyone knows how to use it so removing it or making radical changes will just get a load of bad PR. They only do this to justify their existence, same reason every website is redesigned every 6 months for no reason just to justify web developers existance. MS are doing the same here. Win 10 works fine. They should have stuck with the original plan to just do minor updates for W10 for ever.
  9. Hmm. Supressing news on any topic sounds dodgy to me.
  10. I pay about £0.18 Kwh ($0.25/Kwh) + Daily standing charge of another £0.25ish
  11. How come? This is news about a tech based story (Crypto) thats on a recognised news site(bbc) ??
  12. Bitcoin miners in the Uk found stealing Electricity by Police. Thousands of Pounds of Electricity stolen. Quotes My thoughts This is just the beginning, I have always said Crypto is just like drug dealing and here is an actual case of the police finding a mining setup that they thought was a Cannabis farm, stealing electricity to make a product that can be exchanged for money anonymously, and in this case that product is perfectly designed to allow criminals to purchase illegal goods and services in an untraceable way. I'm sure we will see more and more of thes