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  1. Ar558a

    Scan Stock

    For any one who is interested Scan.co.uk have both 5900X and 5950X's in stock at £519.98 and £739.98 respectively https://www.scan.co.uk/shop/computer-hardware/cpu-amd-desktop/3198/3197/3196
  2. Crypto has moved faster than that in less than a week!
  3. Well you can get USD everywhere but even if you can't get physical USD you can still put it into USD based investments.
  4. While it is sensible to want to diversify and spread your risk crypto is WAY to volatile and unregulated to use as an sort of investment even if you don't find it morally repugnant.
  5. Well there are very few places where that applies, and even if that is true you would put your money in USD or GBP or EUR not some dodgy made up digital currency.
  6. I don't need a report to tell me the sky is blue.
  7. No, What I'm saying is if you someone writes a report that says something that makes NO SENSE, you shouldn't blindly believe it.
  8. Good but you might be waiting 18 months....
  9. Anything that says "Crypto is fine and is not used for crime" doesn't pass the sniff test in my book so I'm not interested in them.
  10. Looks good, except the obvious that a 1660 super will cost you much more than $220
  11. I don't and will never believe it, sane people who aren't criminals and value there hard earned money will keep away from crypto like it's the plague. Logic dictates that whoever has done this analysis is either biased or incompetent.
  12. Well thats what happens when those b*stards are fu*king the world up for the rest of us.
  13. I'm not glad if there are some innocent people who got caught up in this but they are the collateral damage in this situation. They are clearly very unwise investors putting there money in such a flaky volatile investment.
  14. Lol. Nice Try. That is something that 90% of internet users do, not by a very small minority. Plus a username has no power. Money IS power.
  15. Well this makes me VERY suspicious, why do you need to hide what you buying from yoru bank if you are acting legally? They don't care what you are buying if it is Legal?