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November 15th, 2013 The WAN Show Document

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Topic Callouts

AMD Event - Mantle, Kaveri APUs in January

PS4 vs Shield streaming

Special Guest: Wendell from Tek Syndicate

TressFX 2.0

< News Items >



- Kaveri APU gets TrueAudio and Mantle support

- PCIe 3.0

- Improved single-threaded performance, improved multi-threaded performance


- Kaveri quad cores mentioned, no talk about rumoured 6 cores

- Our testing R7 240 = dumb - APU is the future of low end graphics or save and get something bigger


    - https://twitter.com/cavemanjim





Guest Topics

Mantle: More information & Multi-Threading Optimizations from AMD


- FX-8350 as fast as 4770K

- 8350 downclocked to 2.0GHz and still no CPU bottleneck with R9 290X. No loss of framerate.

- BF4 Mantle code “more similar” to PS4 code than to PC DX code

- Implications for the future


- Many more potential games coming with support

- Finally talking number 20-50% performance improvement - Puts 270 in the same perf bracket as 280… Free $100

- Xoxide claims 2 man months to support Mantle and it will remove the CPU bottleneck from RTS… Also said they haven’t had much time to optimize to the implication is this is only the beginning.



PS4 Streaming


- Wendell to cover the technical implementation of such a thing

- wireless implementation is important. PS4 only has 2.4GHz wireless N. NVIDIA doesn’t even allow Game Stream to function without 5GHz wifi N, and wired is required for 1080p.

- VERY different hardware requirements and targeted user, just a similar idea - console/console, PC/Android

- PS Vita (some may already own) vs Shield (most will not own or even know about) and game compatibility/costs need to be factored in here. Future-proofness is another thing.

- ergonomics comparison

Cost Showdown

- PS Vita is 199(~200) on its own, shield is about 299(~300) - bundles will alter the landscape further

- PS4 is 399, so 599~ with vita, ~$180 for 3 games = ~$750

- GTX 770 + Shield + B:AO, SC:B, AC4:BF…. $549.99 http://www.newegg.com/Product/ComboDealDetails.aspx?ItemList=Combo.1463810

Smart Fridge Concept on Intel Facebook Page


- stock tracking (time benefit)

    - combine this with grocery services that folks like Amazon are rolling out

- spoiling alerts (health benefit)

- recipe planning (time/health benefit)

- smart notifications if conditions inside not ideal




- Mantle allowed to be multi vendor and cross platform

- EA is standing behind mantle hardcore, lots of IP backing like Mirrors edge, dragon age, BF4(obv), star wars, mass effect, need for speed, and more

AMD Never Settle Forever Updated


- bf4 only on qualifying r9 series skus and its at the retailers discretion which means customers need to double check here:  http://www.amd.com/battlefield4

- 260X added to Never Settle Forever

- thief added to never settle forever

- 290/290X - competitive with GTX 780 factoring in Holiday Bundle - AC

Microsoft’s Xbox One Publicity Stunt


- Crazy people in NZ put an Xbox one in a shark tank to guard it

- Thats basically all you need to know

- one lucky winner gets it as long as no crazy new Zealanders brave the tank to steal it

New Mobile Operating System gets


- With Intel and Samsung are backers.

- Free, open source, linux-based - allows developers to work in CSS, HTML5, Javascript.

- Performance has been shown off before.

- http://youtu.be/nkfd-2cLq-g?t=1m0s

- looking forward to the future past smartphone to other connected devices - netbooks, smart TVs, in-car entertainment

- The list of 36 new supporting companies is interesting… “eBay, Konami, McAfee, Panasonic, and The Weather Channel.” Many make sense because they could be app makers, Panasonic and others could integrate it into devices… and intel can back… itself? Intel owns McAfee AV

- Getting around Google’s gated community?

- Linus personally more interested in Ubuntu Phone. Going to try to find some time to try it.

Bill Gates Writes an Essay


- Cliff’s Notes:

    - in a global economy of trillions of $, even his wealth needs to be invested wisely

    - we need to focus on the innovation that fixes problems that affect the poor

    - Good point about how “down with the corporations” mentality is “nonsense” because that’s where resources to drive innovation will come from

    - cool story, bro

Humble Store is Up


- Some pretty monster sales, 10% of proceeds go to charity

    - This is noble but a bit of a departure from the previous Humble concept of allowing buyers to choose where the money went.

- Specs out what you’re getting very well - (Steam, Windows, Mac, DRM Free)

Kit Kat Android 4.4 has feature that will allow Rooting to be blocked.


- Nexus 5 was already rooted - does this mean everything is A-ok?

- No because it will be up to indivdual handset manufacturers to decide to implement

- Experimental feature right now

- Could enable some interesting functionality in the future such as allowing Google to roll out small updates (emphasis on security) without any help from carriers and handset makers who seem to be content to let users sit on Gingerbread

- Such bullshit that carriers get involved in this crap at all. Go away.

AMD to bring TressFX 2.0 to grass and fur


- TressFX already being used in games like Tomb Raider and… Tomb Raider.

- Performance hit right now is a bit of a barrier… Especially on low end hardware.

- TressFX works fine on NV hardware (Compute based) but Mantle may give it a big leg up...

- Excited to see this in open world fantasy games (Elder scrolls VI yeeeeeee)

RapidFire Stories

Xbox has tablet-like multi-tasking


- this is getting made fun of, but I love it.

- Next stage is to allow multi display so you can really do other things while gaming. We’ve had it on PC for a while.

Ballin’ 4K tablet


- Professional applications - drop resistant (12” while non operational 30” on back while operational

- 20” & costs $6000

- Core i5 processor, Windows 8,

- Where’s my bloody desktop 4K display????

Bluetooth Makes Everything Better


- 4 sensors - sunlight, moisture, fertilizer, and temperature

- low power bluetooth smart device lasts for 6 months on single triple A

Occupy Movement Does Something


- wow.

- just wow.

- Can buy debt from creditors that don’t think they can collect due to the individual not paying

- Normally someone would buy it and try to collect to make a profit, but they’re instead just forgiving it.

- Doesn’t make much impact, but it’s certainly helping with awareness. They’re focusing on medical bills.


- Over $1000 savings

- drinkable water produced almost instantly - fast re-heat & cleaner than most tap water














< This Week in Forums >

And as always be sure to check out our Folding and Boinc teams

Boinc team is looking for a new leader, must have many points and have demonstrated through helping and recruiting members that you are very knowledgable about boinc and will be able to help people in the future!

< After Party >

Next Week?


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YAY, i am gonna watch it now! :)

Hi Slick, just little off topic question, did you use AMD Graphics OverDrive to OC 290/290x or did you do it "normally"?

( i know that you showed OverDrive in video, but did you use it to OC?)

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archives get uploaded at night here. it makes mo stay up late in the night. but i think it's worth it. i love linus and slick. no homo.

| i5 3570 | Palit GTX 680 jetsream | Gigabyte Z77x-ud3h | Corsair Vengeance 2x4 1600mhz | WD Caviar Black  1TB | Corsair TX 650m | Coolemaster Hyper212 X | NZXT Pantom 410 | Asus VS239 | Logitech G400s |

Click here to learn how to troll

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Watching it again :)

CPUIntel 4670k  Motherboard - Gigabyte GA-Z87X-D3H  RAMKingston HyperX 8GB  GPU - EVGA 780  Case - Fractal Design Define R4    Storage - 2TB WD Black, Samsung 840 Evo 128GB     PSU - Corsair RM650  Display -  Benq XL2430T and Acer S235HL  Cooling - CM Hyper 212 Evo  Keyboard - Corsair K95  Mouse - Razer Deathadder  Sound - Sennheiser HD 558                                 Mic - Blue Snowball  Phone- OnePlus One  Tablet - Nvidia Shield

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Loved the show, was great to hear Wendell on. Kind of surprised there was no politics talked about seeing as he was a guest but loved it regardless. Please bring him on again



Also, I have been noticing an issue with the stream on Twitch. Firstly I am not getting the emails on time (or anything that could be considered mildly useful), not a huge issue tbh but may be for others. They are being received into my (Gmail) inbox about 30-60 mins after the show has ended. The WAN show is not the only one that this is happening but just thought I would mention it in case you were relying on it.


Also, there is about a 30-40 second delay for me between when you guys start streaming and when I am able to see the stream. Each week I am watching live I load up the stream and leave it there and surf the web and what not and when I hear you I come back and watch but the last 3 weeks it has been extremely obvious that you guys have started chatting but this week it was very clear as it was not until the point where you were talking about your laptop and after you lifted your laptop up that I actually started to receive the stream. I just watched the Youtube upload and saw the delay and thought I would post.


I have no idea if I am the only one or not but if I am not ...

I'd like to recommend two small things, one would be that you guys maybe just turn on the stream for 30 secs or so and maybe just finish getting ready or something and then once that delay is dealt with you could start. The second recommendation would be a mailing list that could go out 15-30 mins before the stream is to start (so when you are sure you know when the delays will be dealt with if there are any and so on). PCPer do it and it works great for me. Just a thought.

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Marriage is a wonderful invention: then again, so is a bicycle repair kit. Billy Connolly
Before you judge a man, walk a mile in his shoes. After that, who cares? He's a mile away and you've got his shoes. Billy Connolly
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i own an FX8350 and an HD 7870 (similar performance to the R9 270). 


the reason i am commenting:  i was messing around with clock rates and the Asus AI Suite 2, and i set the CPU to low power mode (1.4GHz instead of 4GHz).  i let it stay there for about month, long enough i forgot about setting it there.  i played Borderland 1 maxed out (DX9 title, 1 or 2 threads) Minecraft (single threaded Java) and Battlefield 3 (just the campaign because my internet sucks) almost maxed out.  In all of those games i NEVER DROPPED BELOW 60FPS, the experience i had was amazing. 



PS.  the only reason i noticed that i had my CPU locked at 1.4GHz was because of a HORRIBLE ( I AM MEANING A EXTREMELY HORRIBLE) implementation of multi-threading on the part of Gearbox and Nvidia PhysX in Borderlands 2.  at a clock of 1.4GHz my CPU utulization never went above 30-40% on THREE CORES and i was getting 5-30FPS (mostly 15FPS).  Now that i have my CPU clocked at 4GHz, I get 40-50% on THREE CORES, but now at i have 45-90FPS (45 FPS sometimes durring big scenes and mostly 80+FPS). 


PSS.  clocked at 4GHz i have enough performance in my CPU to run 2x copies of Borderlands 2 Locally on my single computer. 


1.4GHz settings: Everything on Low @1280x720. 

4GHz settings: everything on HIGH except PhysX on Med @1920x1080

dual borderlands 2:  everything on Medium with dual @1920x540

CPU: AMD FX8350 CPU Cooler Zalman CNPS 10x Quiet Motherboard Asus M5A99FX Pro R2 GPU HD 7870 (@1050) Memory G.Skill 8GB DDR1333 SSD: PNY Prevail 120GB Backup 4x 2TB in 2x software mirror pairs 1x steam 1x personal w/ 2nd drive in a fireproof box and backed up bi-weekly PSU Corsair 600w Case Zalman Z9 Plus with 5x 120mm intake fans Filtered (because of cats), 3x 120mm 900RPM out (at the top)  http://pcpartpicker.com/user/c9870/saved/mP4Pxr


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i have an idea for next weeks guest. 






he does a show called Security Now on Twit.tv (http://twit.tv/show/security-now/430). 


big encryption and security guy



Guest topics


SQRL Secure Quick Reliable Login (which he is creating)



and a Virus called Crypto Locker and a way to survive it (a hint is Sandboxie). 





short description of Crypto locker

you get it through bad links

the virus generates a list of 100s of server address, which only a few of them are actual servers

pings 1 on the list every second until it gets a respone from an actual server

server give the virus a 2048-bit public key

virus uses the 2048-bit public key to encrypt ALL OF THE DATA YOU HOLD DEAR IN YOUR LIFE. 

Virus goes out to letter drives flash drives, external backups, network attached backups, and even cloud backups that are letter drives AND ENCRYPTS ALL OF THE DATA YOU HOLD DEAR IN YOUR LIFE AGAIN (if you have it backup properly). 

The only drives that are safe are not a drive letter, off (no power not idle), or not plugged in. 

Then the virus RIGHTS OVER the 2048-bit public key with 0s (no way to get that public key back from your computer). 

Then the virus tells you that it destroyed your life and you can get your back if you pay $300 in 48 hours. 

You pay $300

Server sends your virus the 2048-bit Private key

virus re-builds your life. 



with sandboxie

mostly the same as before

but the way sandboxie works is that when a file outside the "sandbox" is edited, it DOESN"T RIGHT OVER the pervious file, it creates a copy in a seperate location (even registry edits are not applied, they are copied to the sandbox folder). 

the virus think it encrypted your data

virus tells you it encrypted all your life, but in reality it made an encrypted-copy of it somewere

you erase the sandbox

all good, no $300 spent






i hope some one actually reads this, took a long time, go subscribe to the security now podcast it will better your life. 

CPU: AMD FX8350 CPU Cooler Zalman CNPS 10x Quiet Motherboard Asus M5A99FX Pro R2 GPU HD 7870 (@1050) Memory G.Skill 8GB DDR1333 SSD: PNY Prevail 120GB Backup 4x 2TB in 2x software mirror pairs 1x steam 1x personal w/ 2nd drive in a fireproof box and backed up bi-weekly PSU Corsair 600w Case Zalman Z9 Plus with 5x 120mm intake fans Filtered (because of cats), 3x 120mm 900RPM out (at the top)  http://pcpartpicker.com/user/c9870/saved/mP4Pxr


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Build Logs of The Week?

| Case: NZXT Tempest 210 | CPU: Intel Core i5 3570K @ 3.9 Ghz | GPU: ASUS ROG STRIX GTX 1070 | RAM: Crucial Ballistix Tactical 8GB |

| Mouse: Zowie FK1 | Monitor: Acer 21.5' | Keyboard: CoolerMaster Stealth w/ Brown Switches |

#KilledMyWife - #LinusButtPlug - #1080penis


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