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  1. Not bots btw - But I def understand the feels bad only 80 avail this time. Also technically there is still a queue at this time as some people that passed the quiz did not order... Hopefully you didn't close the page
  2. March 23, 2021 at 11:09 - Last Order March 23, 2021 at 10:45 - First Order March 23, 2021 at 10:40 - Video Live Stats for nerds ^_^
  3. Is this the contact form you're speaking of? https://www.floatplane.com/support#support-help I haven't heard of anyone having troubles with that form before Sorry to hear that. Please email support@floatplane.com directly and we'll have you taken care of
  4. Unfortunately PayPal has turned everything off for us at this time. We're working diligently to get everything turned back on - Seems like they aren't however so I have no ETA on when it will be working. In the meantime feel free to subscribe with credit card through Stripe. Thanks, sorry for the troubles
  5. Cool project! Unfortunately due to trademark something blah blah(I'm not so great at legal stuff) you can't use the logo or floatplane in the title. I've often pointed to https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/betterttv/ajopnjidmegmdimjlfnijceegpefgped to get across guidelines - their own logo and name.. bit of a sassy name :P but a fair enough name in the end haha
  6. Tossed you a refund and 6 months of free subscription - big fail on our part. Thanks for being cool about it!
  7. Banned for asking a question instead of giving a proper ban reason
  8. As you may have heard we'll be moving all subscriptions off the LTT Forums and on to Floatplane.com. You will no longer be able to subscribe through the forum AND all billing agreements made through the forum will be cut off. At this time we request that all users cancel their subscriptions on the forum and start new subscriptions on Floatplane.com. Subscriptions done through the forum have been a major accounting problem for a long time now as the forums billing agreements have all been with Linus Media Group instead of Floatplane media which is an accounting nightmare that we are
  9. Happy to hear it! Yeah there are plenty of bugs That just isn't a 'bug' per se.
  10. Not a bug. Slight RNG placeholder stats.
  11. Thanks! We fixed this stuff for live chat as that's been a focus for us but we'll be sure to apply the same stuff to comments as well
  12. Slick


    Bitwit Ultra subscriptions are now live!
  13. Hey there @Archemis., Hope you enjoyed SYW S6! I've cancelled for you through my UI but I'd recommend making sure that the billing agreement is cancelled through your own paypal account! Hope to have you back sometime
  14. Fish tanks can be thin, the oil can creep through it. It will be fine for a while but if you want a long lasting tank you should try to get it fabricated at a plastic shop
  15. Main News Topics RTG boss takes 'sabbatical' Source 1: posted by YongKang https://linustechtips.com/main/topic/834201-rtg-rajas-going-on-a-break-lisa-su-is-stepping-in-for-the-next-few-months/ Source 2: https://www.tweaktown.com/news/59104/rtg-boss-takes-sabbatical-lisa-su-over/index.html Radeon Technologies Group boss Raja Koduri is going on a break until the start of 2018, with AMD CEO Lisa Su stepping in From internal email to staff: “Vega was personally hard on me as well and I used up a lot of family credits during this journey. I
  16. My attempt at a light hearted joke response went rather terribly so i'll go with something a little more straightforward. We do make a lot of videos that are jokes or trolls.. and as is the nature of these things sometimes they don't go so well! We release a video every day.. It can be hard to perfectly hit the mark every time.. Also please consider that some people may enjoy some things that you don't! Although the comments and like/dislike and whatnot can communicate when most people aren't into it and we constantly try to learn and grow from this. The thumbnails are well a
  17. Main News Topics Intel 18 core HEDT Die Pictured, Not Soldered Source 1: posted by The Benjamins https://linustechtips.com/main/topic/831342-intel-18c-hedt-die-pictured-not-soldered-7980xe/ Source 2: http://hexus.net/tech/news/cpu/109787-intel-skylake-x-core-i9-7920x-delidding-reveals-large-die/ overclocker Der8auer has gotten his hands on an 18-core Skylake-X processor and delidded it using a special tool he designed called the Delid-Die-Mate X The tool will eventually be for sale It looks like this chip sample doesn't use
  18. Main News Topics Intel Launches Xeon-W for Workstations Source 1: posted by Ezzy-525 https://linustechtips.com/main/topic/828549-intel-launches-xeon-w-for-workstations/#comment-10369002 Source 2: http://www.anandtech.com/show/11775/intel-launches-xeon-w-cpus-for-workstations Intel has announced a their new Xeon-W family of workstation-class processors, bridging the gap between servers and consumer processors with a direct replacement for the old E5-1600 series. With the new Xeon-SP processors, the enterprise platform went up to Socket LGA364
  19. Main News Topics Xsplit - move to OBS IS FLOATPLANE DYING CrashPlan for Home says au revoir Source 1: Linus’ Email Hello, Thank you for using CrashPlan® for Home. We hope you have enjoyed the secure backup that the free version of CrashPlan for Home has provided. As of today, Code42 has made a decision to shift our business strategy to focus on the enterprise and small business segments. Over the next 14 months, we will be exiting the consumer market and CrashPlan for Home will no lo
  20. Main News Topics [UPDATE] Gamers Nexus Confirms Vega 64 Price Increase Source 1: https://linustechtips.com/main/topic/823474-gamers-nexus-confirms-vega-64-price-increase/ OP: Staas Source 2: http://www.gamersnexus.net/news-pc/3023-aib-partners-to-gn-yes-vega-price-will-change Post by Gibbo of Overclockers suggested that launch rebates and MDF would be expiring from AMD for Vega Would drive pricing upwards as retailers scramble to make a profit on the new GPU Launch pricing of Vega 64 was supposed to be $500, but shot up to $600 aft
  21. Main News Topics Intel i9 CPU's specs finalized Source 1: posted by The Benjamins https://linustechtips.com/main/topic/818787-intel-i9-cpus-get-the-finalized-specs-announced/ Source 2: https://www.pcper.com/news/Processors/Intel-Fills-Gaps-Core-X-Series-Processor-Specs After previously teasing partial specs for the Core i9 lineup, Intel has now unveiled the complete details, starting out with the i9-7920X (12 cores/24 threads) with a 2.9GHz base and up to 4.4GHz boost clock and topping out with the i9-7980XE (18 core
  22. Main News Topics All Sorts of Vega News: The first official renders of Radeon RX Vega leaked Source 1: posted by YongKang https://linustechtips.com/main/topic/813987-the-first-official-renders-of-radeon-rx-vega-leaked/ Source 2: https://videocardz.com/71292/amd-radeon-rx-vega-64-official-pictures-leaked There are no pics of the RX Vega 64 Liquid edition yet AMD RX Vega Fire Strike scores appear Source 1: posted by Delicieuxz https://linustechtips.com/main/topic/812436-amd-rx-vega-fire-strike-scores-appear-fe-scores-about-gtx