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    i5 3570
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    Gigabyte Z77x-ud3h
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    2x4GB Corsair Vengeance 1600mhz
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    Palit GTX 680 Jetstream
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    NZXT Phantom 430
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    1 TB WD Black
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    Corsair TX 650m
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    Asus VS239
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    CM Hyper 212 x
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    Logitech g400s
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    Win 10 Pro

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  1. Again, will m.2 run at SATA2 speeds or can it do SATA3? I'm just making sure since I'm thinking whether to buy an m.2 or a 2.5" ssd. I have a free sata3 port and if the m.2 does sata2 speeds then I'll buy a 2.5"
  2. It says SATA2 port 5 will be disabled not port 2 That's not what I meant. If using the m.2 slot disables a SATA2 port, does that mean the m.2 will operate at SATA2 speeds?
  3. I'm looking at upgrading my rig (quite the fossil but hey, I'm a broke student) by buying a much needed ssd. I looked at my mobo specs (model in sig) and I saw that using the m.2 slot disables a SATA 2 slot. Does this mean I'll get SATA 2 speeds if I use my m.2 slot?
  4. so my 10mbps plan upgrade reverted to 3mbps in less than 24 hours. gj globe

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    2. DigitalHermit


      Suggestion sa akin ng kaibigan kong taga-Telstra, derecho mo sa billing para wala masyadong bullshit... Wag sa technical kasi Level 1 Tech ang una mong makakausap... Wala syang masyadong magagawa...

    3. iAsuno


      mas may alam ba yung agent dun? baka kasi kung ano nanaman isipin nung makausap ko mamaya

    4. DigitalHermit


      Linawin mo muna yung contract terms bago mo itanong yung configs ng modem... Kung tama yung pagkakaalala ko sa script nila, ipapasa ka sa Level 2 Tech...

  5. I like gw2. Though I haven't got the time to play it because of uni.
  6. The new forum looks nice....

  7. Great idea! I will do that tomorrow since it's getting late here.
  8. So i was in the middle of printing something and all my USB devices stopped except for my gamepad which was plugged in on the front USB ports. Warm boot didn't solve the issue and a cold boot after a few minutes got the ports back but stopped after a few seconds. Anybody got an idea on what happened?
  9. I really liked the music in Guild Wars 2, The Witcher 3, Final Fantasy IX, and Metal Gear Rising. MGR's music just feels like "fuck yeah" when i am playing the game.
  10. I think Advent Children happened before Dirge of Cerberus.
  11. this is off topic but... You're a mod now? i don't when this happened but congrats anyways!