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  1. My PC was crashing when playing games and so I uninstalled my driver's. However when trying to re install them it crashes after 1 minute and gives this BSOD. Any ideas on how to fix? Thanks
  2. I was mainly just wanting to find the main platform, I am developing on PC, so it's just to be able to say that most people who filled in the survey game on PC Thanks though
  3. https://goo.gl/forms/QzJIKkK71fnwcNXL2 Creating a game for my advanced higher computing science project and have to do a survey for research Thanks for taking a look at the survey
  4. Black is faster, but makes more noise. I have one, not really worth it IMO
  5. Not that you will notice
  6. Go with noctua fans instead of corsair regardless of what you get Water cooling will be quieter Nope
  7. You must first partition the drive using drive manager
  8. Trying to set up my raspberry pi as a NAS whilst cleaning up someone's computer and installing office on someone else's, juggling so many computers

  9. Just got a 240gb SSd installed :D

  10. New 144Hz monitor YAY

  11. Will this make much of a difference in a game like CSGO? I would rather get a 24inch monitor but as you said there aren't really any that have all of those features
  12. The big question - 144Hz monitor / 144Hz 1440p for a little more money ?

    1. Coombzy


      Even with a Nvidia card i'd say those 144hz "Freesync" 1440p monitors are a good buy.