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    Intel Core i7-3770K CPU @ 4.05GHz
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    G.Skill SNIPER 32 GB 1600
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    Samsung SSD 840 EVO 250GB, 120GB SAMSUNG SSD 830 Series & 3x WD Caviar Green 4TB Sata 6Gb/s
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    ASUS VG278QR 27 Inch FHD
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    Win10 64 bit Pro N & Steam OS

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  1. Based off what you guys were recommending and other things I read I started a new different thread on Level 1 Techs as I decided to build something different For anyone who is new to building a NAS or running servers (as they differ from PC's a bit) and have questions like mine the guys at Level1 Tech are great, see my thread there https://forum.level1techs.com/t/newbie-to-nas-looking-for-advice-on-budget-nas-build/162548
  2. Any suggestions for a good reliable (min 4 port) SATA 6 Gbps PCI Express SATA Controller? Just realized that the mobo only has 4, and with the m.2 ssd in it drops to 3 and I'd like to have 6 in down the line, need 4 at the start
  3. The Node seems absolutely perfect, I've not stumbled onto that case before. I could definitely go a little wider but I've just look at the Node series and the Node 804 is just too high for the location But the 304 is a brilliant case, probably go with that. I have HDD's, 4x 4tb Red WD's, outside of that I could probably get an SSD from somewhere but I'll just buy one, double sided sticky tape it somewhere Dont care about easy expansion, I have 3x 3tb WD externals that I can use as server backups and so on, stable off server storage for longer term files to make space so 6x
  4. I'm going to build a new NAS for my sitting room, the last Plex update on my QNAP Server (TS-453A) caused issues, seems the CPU seems to be the issue, my skew is no longer supported. In fairness it has served me well and I’ve rolled back the server for now so should be ok until I build a new one but looking for some advice on that. Any thoughts on case and hardware? Any advice on server OS? I’m looking to get about 3/5 years out of it ideally so will be balancing longevity and performance but then again I wont be needing max performance in fairness I’m r
  5. Oh man, i think some research will be needed on that one, are the reliable? Also, if it comes from the US I've to pay export tax and import tax ? I do like Ducky plus it comes with the Luke certificate of guarantee ?
  6. So i'm looking to finally take the plunge and while I have used mechanical keyboards before I've never owned anything outside of a Model M and not in the last 20 years. I'm looking at Cherry MX Browns, Red or Blacks (Or the Kahl equivalent) as I'm not particularly enamored with the idea of lots of clicky noise but think I would like the tactile feel of the brown so leading in the Brown direction but sure I'd be happy with Red or black. I have a tester Cherry MX Tester board at home so reasonably confident in this (as best as one can be without actually buying it ?) So I
  7. I actually have not been overclocking it actually but I might start at this point. I'm playing Witcher 3 tight now but I'll be back playing some more demanding games after that. MSI's overclocking built in system had it at I think 4.2 or 4.4 stable without any hassle
  8. I suspected as much, thanks guys. ? It is sad though, my little baby can't be upgraded. In fairness though, I have that system since Oct 2012 ? bloody CPU was only out, owes me nothing at this point I'll just run it into the ground, playing Witcher 3 on max on a 1080 monitor and most other games without any issues so I'll just get what I can and upgrade when I'm having issues with performance
  9. So I'm running a MSI Z77 (32 gig 1600 ram, 1070 oc with some ssd's) with an Intel i3770k and was curious about what I was restricted to with my upgrade path, its not what I expected tbh, seems I'm almost at the limit with the i7's but Zeon might be an option. See this link http://www.cpu-upgrade.com/mb-MSI/Z77_MPOWER.html Seems I can pick the best Zeon up fairly cheap... Can I just through the Zeon in there? Does it require ECC memory or anything?
  10. Ideas, tricks, tips for setting up your smart home. How to avoid pitfalls and general annoyances when smart homes are set up incorrectly
  11. So we have been having a little issue with our new Google Home Hubs, when using it our phones go off. Sometimes when family and friends are over there are so many devices going off, it's getting a little bit frustrating. So I've been doing a little bit of reading as I'd hoped that there would be a setting to tell your phone yo ignore voice commands when at home or if a dominant device activates too to just turn bank off but nothing. Even something like do not respond to voice commands when at home or only in car but no. Firstly, but less important, Does anyone have an
  12. Has anyone else watched this video? Can you clarify, I'm sure this can't be accurate, right? Everyone's entire archive open to the public A friend sent me this, but it's very late here and I'm quite tired so I'm sure I'm missing something, someone smarter than me can shed light on this I hope
  13. Not sure if I will, looking at prices but just bought 4x 4TB Hdds for my NAS and 4 more for my PC and backup system, plus RAM and a bunch of other stuff plus Christmas is coming ? But, given that this is my rough hardware: MSI Z77 mpower i7 3770K 16 gig ram (soon to be 32 gig) 1600 ghz Asus 1070 8gig OS Any thoughts on a CPU upgrade for gaming and photography? (Photoshop and Lightroom) Don't ask budget as I honestly don't know, I'll see at Christmas if I have money and if so how much I have and then decide if its worth upgrading. Just look
  14. Thank you all, I figured but thought I'd make sure. I over analyse so this way I'm confident. I'm going to buy a legit copy, I think the previous version I had was OEM or something and I had a nightmare moving it to my PC from the ... Laptop if I remember (it was almost a decade if not longer ago) Ssspensive but.... fk it, might as well buy a copy outright for once (anything legit has been OEM before), I've been using Windows software in one way of another for ... 20+ years ? First time the charm ?? Thanks again all
  15. So I had a pretty serious hardware crash and I've been fixing things, upgrading and re-examining my set up. I do love Win 7 but loosing support means I should probably move on soon. Could use some advice and perspective, not been keeping abreast of the OS behaviour and/or performance. So, what should do move to? WIn 8x or Win 10? Any advice on Pro's / Con's? I use it mainly for Photography (Photoshop and Lightroom) and Gaming, lost of gaming. Planning on dual booting Linux as well but I have 700 games most of which dont run on Linux so Windows is