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Thread For Tech Quickie Video Suggestions

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Hey Linus

 I don't normally post in forums. I believe this is my first post.  Let me start off by saying. I'm not a hard core techie, but i do enjoy all the videos you produce and believe it or not, its got me though some ruff patches...so thank you very much and keep up the good work.


Idea for a Tech Quickie episode.

USB power deliver types.

Ex: USB PD 2.0 vs. USB PD 3.0

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On 3/6/2019 at 11:03 PM, Tsuki said:

so, i currently do IT for a school district.


chromebooks are cheap, easy to replace, easy to get fixed if broken, easy to manage (our domain accounts are linked to google accounts), and easy to lock down.   you cant install anything on it, so students cant fuck them up with stupid shit(we have students installing fortnite and other shit on some of the normal windows computers).


not to mention if there is a software issue its fixed with a 5 minute wipe that the teacher can do without me either driving out to the school, or even having to be on the phone.

with a windows computer, that means a 2 hour re-image that requires me to actually go out to the school.(i spend my time and the district office)



and honestly, all the students need access to, is Google Docs, and normal web browsing.   chromebooks are perfect for that

As A Tech myself i 100% agree with this. the less the snot bags can do to fuck things up the better.

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Please make a video explaining time of flight sensors and what they do more and more phones and other things have been getting time of flight sensors and I think people will want to know what they are and how they work

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About Microsoft PowerShell, its uses and difference from traditional Microsoft Command Prompt. 

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Not sure if it's been requested before, but a Tech Quickie on UseNet would be cool.


Google Groups actually has archived old newsgroups so you can look back on what were essentially old "forum" posts from as far back as the 80s. 

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How about a video series or run of Tech Quickies about start up business technology suggestions. Pros and cons of buying vs leasing and picking hardware that has a decent upgrade path if you expand. As a company that has done this, going from house to multi unit industrial space what would you change to have saved time and money etc.

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I would suggest making a video about power supplies (how they work). I have seen some techquickie videos that mention parts of it, but none of them really tackles that topic properly. By the way, I was alarmed when I saw the techquiclie video on capacitors, resistors and electronic components (hosted by Luke): he mentioned opening the power supply after unplugging it: This can still be very dangerous since the power supply's capacitors will still be charged which can lead to nasty shocks (as an electrical engineer, I know what I am talking about).

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Tech review history as fast as possible. 

Including history of LMG as fast as possible in the story. 


Good way to show the (NCIX tech tips) corporate to (small youtubers)individual to rise of individuals to corporate respected status(hey random dude, show off our new expensive product) 

might help people better understand the YouTubed work environment. 



4000 posts! *Toot*

LTT Fan Fiction:


PC game list: 


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Ok hear me out....


I have spent countless hours now on LTT videos, trying to learn and also laughing my ass off. Here is where I am...


Years ago I had a Toshiba laptop that ran CS Source just fine and that is all I did, played Source, big ol' clan and all (made Admin, thank you thank you)! But then I eventually fell back into console gaming and remained there until about 4 months ago when I decided screw it, I'm going to learn how to build a PC and be able to play all the cool games! So now, I would say I have put together a pretty decent rig, down the the SLI linked RTX 2080s.


Here is where my idea comes into play, I will put this in the quickie thread as well, I have NO idea how to optimize my set up! I'm constantly afraid of screwing something up and crying over a pile of my smoldering money. WHAT IF... there was a video for us "still learning and scared" types where we are shown a system and the steps to take to make sure it is performing the best that it can without exploding. You can even remote into my PC and use segments of that footage for examples. I wish there was a simpler (and yes, LTT) video out there to help guide people through some steps of this type.


There are all KINDS of videos and articles out there. However, after watching what YOU guys have done to some machines and you're fairly more knowledgeable than myself... yeah...


Hopefully this makes sense!

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SMT4 / 4 thread hyperthreading found in the New Xeon chips and upcoming Zen 3

LinusWare Dev | NotCPUCores Dev

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Retro Build: Intel Pentium III @ 500 MHz, Dell Optiplex G1 Full AT Tower, 768MB SDRAM @ 133MHz, Integrated Graphics, Generic 1024x768 60Hz Monitor


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Best Storage for Long Term Backup.


SD Cards aren't Forever


I have had so many non-tech friends and family members think they can just fill up an SD card with a camera or video camera, and toss it in a drawer till they're in their 80s and want to revisit the past.  I tell them it's not a good idea, but I wish I had a TQ to point them to.  TQ is so clear and to the point, and I would just get too technical or wind up losing their attention.  I honestly don't understand the specifics of why NAND flash is a bad LTS method.

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A suggestion for a TQ that came to me while watching "TQ: Can You REALLY Trust Online Reviews?". Make a TechQuickie (or even a longer "normal" episode) about Fake News in general, the mechanisms the huge internet companies or government institutions employ to battle this and how to recognize/use them. Or ask different people at LMG about how they handle misinformation from the net and make a episode out of it.

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Why does firefox / other browsers use so much memory when you have open only a couple of tabs.

I can easily get to 1gb of memory usage, and fans start going strong.

even though the 3 or 4 sites I have open are probably only a few MBs in actual content.

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