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  1. Still makes the high pitch sound, status leds show nothing, doesn't power on
  2. I was trying to disassemble my laptop to clean the keyboard which have been getting stuck... The very firs thing I attempted to disconnect was the battery and while doing so I think I made it to short, because there was a tiny spark in the connection where the battery cables meet the board. Now the damm thing won't turn on, the status leds won't show anything, not even when I connect the power cable... and when the battery is connected it makes a steady but quiet high pitch sound. Is there any hope? I´m getting dessperate...?
  3. The catch is that I need to migrate the OS as it is (windows 7) and all the licensed programs i've already installed. The idea is to be able to use the thing exactly as I've been doing all along, but a bit faster... Thanks
  4. So.... Now that the entries are closed... When is the winner going to be anounced?? ??
  5. So... The university I study in uses windows 10 pro in i'ts computers, but also provides licenses for the students. That's pretty cool, but for this particular project I am limited to only use Hyper-V, despite knowing that a much simpler solution might be using Portable VirtualBox. So, what I need is to be able to carry arround the hyper-v virtual machine in a drive so that i can connect it either to my computer running hyper-v or the university computer running hyper-v... I've looked a bit on google, but found not quite an answer. I am still going to give a trial and e
  6. DOCKER!... aTechQuickie about docker would be cool!
  7. I have a Dell Latitude E6430 laptop that uses a Dell Wireless 1540 (DW1540), but it is somewhat limited and want to upgrade it to something that has 2.4GHz/5Ghz band and bluetooth... Like the Intel Centrino Advanced-N 6235 (6235ANNGW) which I found at an afordable price. They both seem to be Half-size Mini PCI-E... I would like to know your advice on whether I could have any issues?
  8. It might sound dumb, but I would really suggest first to not overlook simple stuff... Making sure everything is propperly connected, the stuff that makes contact looks alright, that device manager recognizes every device with it's drivers... My first tought was heat problems indeed! Maybe someone here has a better idea of what is going on
  9. I'm just a casual gamer but I enjoy good gameplay quality. On the other hand, when (trying) to be productive, I've found the touchscreen of my laptop very useful. I would like to know if there is any monitor that combines well this two things and what are your opinions about them. note: It would be great if I could connect a laptop to said monitor wirelessly (like using screen mirroring in many monitors and tv's) and still be able to use the toucscreen from the monitor. (I know in that case there may be lag, but this I ask for productivity purposes where I can afford a
  10. Well... if it is brand new maybe you should check what's up with the warranty. Some brands include a ton of bloatware. Maybe you can check what is going on in the task manager and dissable unnecessary junk.
  11. I am trying to use an old 35mm film scanner that only works in Windows7. Given the fact that my laptop is running Windows10Pro I decided to take advantage of the built-in virtual machine Hyper-V to create a virtual Windows7 computer. The problem is that I am unable to connect the scanner's cable to the usb hub and get it recognized by de virtual machine. https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/windows-server/virtualization/hyper-v/learn-more/use-local-resources-on-hyper-v-virtual-machine-with-vmconnect According to microsof's documentation So, how can I get the Windows7 Virt
  12. This is a follow-up on a previous post of mine: I have 250+ folders that have a name format somewhat like this: XX #### - Name of the Folder [Two capital leters, a four digit number and the title of the folder] The issue is that sometimes I have the folder title all written in upper case, lower case, or both. Or I may have a hyphen, underscore or a space between the letters at the beginning and the numbers or between the numbers and the title... ... And it is UGLY and confusing Is there any way that I can automatically set all fo
  13. I've been tasked to file and classify around 7TB of files that are poorly organized so I can make a decent backup out of it... It goes from valuable photos to all sort of documents (.pdf, .docx, etc) to even engineering related files... The thing is a mess... folders are named after the date they where created... but there are a lot of folders and files repeated several times
  14. I could only find two forums adressing this: the FreeFileSync one, and the RaspberryPi one and none seem to have an answer. So FFS is available for Linux Debian, but was compiled on Intel ×86_64 and would not work on the ARM-based processor of the RPi.(https://freefilesync.org/forum/viewtopic.php?t=5192) So the question is how does one compile the source for it to work?