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  1. None of them are worked - Windows Installation Error ( My OS is fresh installed ) - Access Violation ( None of it's fault ) - Application unable to start ( Some will work but mostly the installer gaves you same error code )
  2. Hellow guys, I'm currently running Issue on my PC ( Error code: 0xc0005 ) even my RAM is good and new 8Gb ( DRR4 2400 ) with an Ryzen 5 2400G i'm using M.2 as my boot disk of Windows 10 & i had installed 3 HDD [ 1Tb each]. but my PSU was Trendy SRM 500x ( 500W ). even i do clean reformat my pc, the error of 0xc0005 is their most of my apps after i install even i download from its official website. ( ex. WinRAR ) also my computer specs got purchase a month ago Q: is this was my PSU Fault? if so, should i replaced it? ** Spec ** CPU: Ryzen 5 2400G
  3. Well if its overheat, why my CPU still running?
  4. Hey guys, so i having problem on my AMD Desktop. well when i turn on my PC, it boot up, then a minute later, the display just went No SIgnal & both of my Mouse & Keyboard ( of course they are RGB ) they went off either, but the CPU still running. i tried to move mouse or press any key on keyboard, still no respond & when i forced to reboot, it won't display. CPU & GPU: AMD A8-7650k APU ( i used Integrated GPU ) RAM: Unknown 4Gb 1600Mhz SSD: Samsong EVO 260Gb & Seagate HDD 1Tb PSU: Power Choice 580W PSU
  5. I'm using SeaGate Barracuda ST1000DM010-2EP102 ATA and i was researching that this Hard Disk life expectancy was less than a year or less than 3 Years
  6. So if i use eGPU, i should connect it to External Display?
  7. still no idea, since I;m using this Laptop [ hp 14-ck0018tx ]
  8. Maybe i can set the Graphics Properties of my games like GTA V to eGPU High Performance
  9. No i going to connect it on Mini PCIE ( where the WiFi Card are located )
  10. It is possible to add a External GPU even your Laptop has Dedicated GPU? Processor: Intel Core i3 7020u 2.3Ghz Memory: 8Gb of RAM Dedicated GPU: AMD Radeon R5 M435 ( 2Gb ) Does it improve in gaming when adding a External GPU?
  11. so okay? but which of them is better in editing video ( 740p ). also i tried to upgrade RAM on HP, yet the GTA V works, idk on Lenovo since i should buy it soon
  12. Is Lenovo Thinkpad + eGPU ( Nvidia GT 730 ) better at gaming than HP with AMD Radeon 560?
  13. Lenovo used Laptop costly $100 bucks and i should tried to use an External GPU on it