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  1. Maybe in a month the Ryzen 3000 prices would have gone down like they did for Nvidia 20 series cards, but if you needed a better PC because your old one broke or was not up to the task then I see no fault in going with the available stuff.
  2. I can't wait to build my new rig! I hope that those AMD cards will shake up the GPU prices though, just in time for a price drop before I actually pull the trigger
  3. It could be the hard drive, or maybe there something in the fan that is making that noise?
  4. I installed Project64 on one of my high school PC and so my friend and I during recess played Super Smash Bros and it was so fun! Given that the keyboard that was there only supported 2 or 3 keystrokes at the same time I also brought a USB controller I had at home so that we could move both characters at the same time lol.
  5. I was always a firm believer of trickle upgrades too: I would ask every birthday a piece of my rig to my parents (sometimes I got two because I got the uncles involved lol), but since I started working a year ago I stopped gaming, so I have my old system with an i7 2700K and no video card, because my 970 broke shortly after I started working. However now with the new things that are going to be released I am going to make a bulk upgrade for the first time in my life since I can afford it. I am so excited and I can't wait to try VR too!
  6. I want the 3080 to play on a really high refresh monitor at 1440p and to play VR with a Valve Index
  7. If you are going to get this as a consumer, how are you going to cable manage that? XD
  8. Hi guys, I am planning to build my VR PC around November with probably the new Ryzen 4000 Desktop (hoping it is released in time) and a RTX 3080 (or big Navi if AMD really surprises me). So I was looking into buying a Steam Index and on the website I see under the VR kit "New orders ship in 8 or more weeks.". Would you order it now to receive it maybe in time or would you look into some alternatives? I don't know about alternatives though, I want the best VR experience there is: that's part of the reason I am waiting to get the best computer possible, so that it can drive that h
  9. I too think that I will get 8/16 more likely than 4/8: I really want to get into VR, I tried beatsaber and superhot at a convention and I loved them. Unfortunately my PC does not even have a video card, so I am looking forward to the end of 2020 to finally build a nice rig.
  10. Really? I guess everything is coming out at the end of 2020 so we will be able to compare green vs red at that point
  11. I really hope at least some of these things will be true, I am waiting on building my next PC for this and Zen 3!!
  12. Hi everyone! I am looking for a nice bluetooth headset (headphones or wireless earbuds) I can use with my computer, my laptop and my android phone. I had the Logitech G933 Artemis Spectrum which had a dongle that would let me have high quality sound and use of the microphone, but it did not have bluetooth so I could not use them with my phone (and I had to move the dongle to use it in the laptop). I have come across a strange thing though now that I am looking for a replacement: every bluetooth headset I try works fine on my phone, but it is seen by Windows or Ubuntu as either a
  13. I hope he is not being demoted for that, I think he is in the right, it's not like they were jamming in the night...
  14. I'm building up upper body strength with a conveniently shaped and high enough beech branch I'm using as a pull up bar in my garden. I was using some better facilities nearby but those are not accessible... Anyway after a few months I can do things I would have dreamed possible in the past lol It isn't strictly something I picked up during quarantine but I have more time to train now for sure.
  15. Do you have this sensation in other videos? Or just this one? Maybe we can find a constant