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  1. Nice! Bu can it runn crysis? My first PC litteraly was a Mac soooo.. But my first real PC was a Laptop. This one: I had a different account back then.
  2. In case you really need a dual tower, go with D15. Max perf and silence. Yes the Zalman will do the job but Noc is much better quality and they will last longer. That said: Yes I am a Noctua Fanboy.
  3. Metallus97

    Other than Jayztwocents, where are these people…

    Man, thx for your ongoing support of the comunity! Youre da absolute PSU boss. Keep on pushing and PROPPERLY educating people! Btw: This is one of the reasons why I unsubbed Jay a long time ago... he builds SIC PCs, but yeha doesn't do enough resarch/blasts out wrong info...
  4. Will work without a problem, but I cant open your PCPP link. Semms like the parts list is not on public.
  5. Did you try the basic stuff? Update BIOS, drivers, Windwos? Power limit wont matter forr turning the rig on. Power limit will show itself when putting the system under load.
  6. The best DOCSIS 3.1 is the Fritzbox 6660 (2x2 Wifi AX) or the 6591 (4x4 AC) they are FAST as F and have by far the most features, best stability and security. But outside of the EU and especially germany no one knows em...
  7. Tried a CMOS reset and after that reseating the CPU (and for good measures the RAM while youre at it)?
  8. Doesn't matter that much. Personally I think the NT-H1 spreads a lil better. But I am writing this wearing a Noctua Hoddie Performance will be so close, that you wont notice it. Unless youre doing some HARDCORE OCing.
  9. whuuuuut? U got a link for this? Thats duble emulation lol
  10. HEHEHEHE wellll you just cant compare em. But for the normal user the M1 busts some serious a. I thik that this machine is way way better than any current normal laptop on da planet Except hardcore gaming
  11. Yeha, that wont hurt. Just don't run prrime95
  12. I agree 50% 5900x for gaming is overkill YES. Idd also get a 5600x and put the saved $$ at the GPU. However the NH D15 is an excellent choice! Super silent, no matter what you throw at it. Also absolut perfect quality
  13. Case Limit is 170mm, noc is 165mm -> works https://www.xpg.com/en/feature/640/ https://noctua.at/en/products/cpu-cooler-retail/nh-d15/specification
  14. You can. That chip is close to a nuke in thermal output and will clock down but will run (slower).
  15. 3900xt -> le cores! in case you ca find a cheap 3900x, this will also do the trick! GPU is fine. Most editing software need cpu power first, GPU second.
  16. I have the nitro and its super-nice! See here: Absolutely solid card, more is unnecessary for it!
  17. Wich types of componets do you need? switches? NICs?
  18. Yep! That will get you the most performance/$. That will get you a super solid laptop but with less speed (and used, but thinkpads run forever)
  19. Are you able to download the podcast? If so you can get Audacity (free) and compress it. I would suggest trying to get the most boost via compression and not the limiter. However this depends on the style of the recording.
  20. But NOT the quality and longevity
  21. i suggest to invest some more in noc and getting a quality product. But sure there are cheaper options.
  22. yeha but the noc will do it more silently (yes i know then the case fans also have to be silent) and will do it for longe without problems. My GF now has my old noc form 2010 and it runs like on day 1.