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    Ryzen 5 2600X
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    2 x 8GB 3200Mhz Corsair Vengance
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  1. It's interesting to think that for the price of an entry level Surface Pro 8 with the keyboard and stylus, you can get a base model MacBook Air and an iPad. The MBA is just a superior laptop and the iPad a superior tablet.
  2. Yes, I know. Even my Vega 56 gets a bit louder when I run it, but it's not the final version of the game and it can only run at my native resolution, which is 4K. I'll be playing mostly on my desktop but the fact that the HD520 is enough is reassuring because this iGPU performs way better so I wouldn't mind dropping the settings a bit if needed. Also MX450 isn't "very weak". It's quite on par with a 1050, which should be enough for strategy games.
  3. Portability (batter life, ports, outdoor visibility), longevity and decent performance. I'm also curious to know why you would consider them "mediocre."
  4. Hey guys, So I'm buying a laptop this weekend around $1000 and I'm looking for the best value. Of course I'd be more than happy to get something below that budget. I'll be using it mostly to work outdoor during the day, and in bed at night. The main use cases will be: Software development and server/cloud administration A lot of Excel Reading articles, books, training content Watching videos Note taking during meetings Casual video editing with Premiere. I actually use most of the Adobe suite, so XD, Illustrator, Photoshop, and After Effects as
  5. The CSS isn't meant to be dynamic. Your HTML must be rendered in a way that allows this layout to happen. For example, you may have comments embedded into one another, and each comment may have the same "comment" class, which is shifted to the right (from the left side of its container). Hope that makes sense.
  6. Does it happen with YouTube or any video platform? Have you tried using a different browser?
  7. I would also recommend checking the max weight supported by the arm. I have a 32" monitor and had a hard time mounting a similar arm because it's very close to the max weight. I would suggest investing on a more premium product. I'm personally getting a wall mount because these are cheap and more solid.
  8. Ok so should I go for a DP 1.2 cable or try my luck with a 1.4 cable? I just want to make sure that it works fine because I've never been able to experience FreeSync with my current cable, although this might not be a cable issue. Basically I don't notice any difference with FreeSync on or off and it's actually quite unpleasant when the frame rate drops below 60.
  9. Ah interesting. OK I'll go the DP port route then since it's been serving me well so far. Do you think my monitor supports DP 1.4? I'm now looking into this cable: https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/1501350-REG/iogear_g2ldpdp14_displayport_1_4_male_to_male_cable.html
  10. Actually I can and it's atrocious. I actually though it was a cable issue but well... Actually that's confusing to me because if you check these two listings (https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/1536182-REG/vanco_prohd8k06_2_1_8k_60hz_pro_series.html/specs and https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/1501350-REG/iogear_g2ldpdp14_displayport_1_4_male_to_male_cable.html/specs ), the HDMI cable (while more expensive) has a bigger bandwidth. Both are using the latest standards.
  11. Hmm not sure what you mean, but what I meant was why did you use DP instead of HDMI. Since you're using both, I'd rather ask if there's any advantage of using one over the other. And also what ethernet support means.
  12. Cool. Are you able to run both FreeSync and HDR? Do you have a particular reason to choose DP over HDMI?
  13. Hi, So I'm doing a little office makeover and I would like to get a longer cable (6-10 feet, 10 would be ideal). My monitor is this model from Acer. I'm currently using the DP cable that came with it and my current GPU has both DP and HDMI ports. I would like to make sure that I'm fully using the monitor's features, so FreeSync and HDR (when needed). I'm seeing that only the latest DP versions support HDR, so I'm considering getting an HDMI cable instead, but I'm not sure what to get between the two and how much to spend. Here are the three candidates I found but feel to add more r
  14. Hi, I just got my new headphones but can't get the microphone to work using the included DAC. I was able to make it work using the regular jack so there's no hardware issue on the microphone itself but maybe on the DAC. I installed the G Hub software and it didn't detect any sound from the microphone. I then uninstalled it and uninstalled both the headphones and microphone from the device manager, then plugged the DAC back but the microphone still doesn't work. The audio part works fine. Any tip for me?
  15. I've been waiting for this game for a while and I'm so happy right now that I didn't buy it on sale last month or so. So here's the link to get A Plague's Tale: Innocence free of charge on the Epic Game Store: https://www.epicgames.com/store/en-US/p/a-plague-tale-innocence There a couple other free games that I'm sure most people won't care about. You're welcome.