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    parthm reacted to TheTallGuy in need help deciding on a phone - asus zenfone 6 vs redmi k20 pro   
    Take a look at this page. There are not many differences. 
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    parthm got a reaction from cliffordwilcu in What song are you listening to right now.   
    just close your eyes and get lost in the music
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    parthm reacted to SlimyPython in msi boss on intel shortages   
    nice first post on the tech news topic area thing,
    though in the top area, there is a quote button that looks like talking marks, you use that for quotes
    They probably prefer intel since intel sells more than AMD does atm
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    parthm got a reaction from cj09beira in Why did you buy an Android phone?   
    the sheer amount you can customize on android without rooting it is amazing. it truly feels like a personal device (check the ss) and not to mention the multitasking capabilities.on top of that android phones have ridiculous amounts of battery too! (select phones obviously)
    headphone jack, viper4audio mod (thank god for this) substratum,magisk provide more functionality/customization than you'll ever need.
    the ability to make changes in the os, file system access, and easy connectivity is great at cheaper prices.

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    parthm reacted to SupaKomputa in recommend me software for web development   
    I used:
    - XAMPP (apache, php, mysql stack)
    - Atom for coding
    - Photoshop for graphics.
    For php framework i used Laravel, it should be easy to learn, many tutorials.
    Javascript framework Vue.js / Jquery.
    For responsive website, go check Bootstrap CSS framework.
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    parthm reacted to fpo in recommend me software for web development   
    Notepad ++
    Google Chrome

    PHP might be helpful when dealing with the database.
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    parthm reacted to AbsoluteFool in recommend me software for web development   
    I use NGINX/apache with mysql and php as server side. Full SHH into linux VM. And VSCode (Visual Studio Code) it's all free.
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    parthm reacted to Franck in recommend me software for web development   
    Bare minimum nothing complicated to install (next next next yes yes yes type)
    Server hosting : WAMP - Apache (web host) + PHP + MySQL (database)
    Coding : Notepad++ (supports HTML, Javascript and PHP from the start and has clean interface)
    Extra :
    - MySql Workbench : easy GUI for handling MySQL
    - Paint.Net / Photoshop for image editing if needed
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    parthm reacted to FlappyBoobs in recommend me software for web development   
    To add a bit of MS to this, visual studio and azure basic tier are completely free these days, and you don't have to use .net if you don't want to either.