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  1. No, I can't rule that out. I don't remember now whether I also got the pop-up at the bottom of the page or not, so there is a chance I assumed the top notification was behind the "1" count.
  2. Browser, version and OS: Vivaldi, Windows 10 Steps to reproduce/what were you doing before it happened? Logging in, I guess. What happened? Received a notification I had already received and read (so it should not appear as new), and (at least one) posts I did yesterday were gone. Notifications associated to said post(s) were also gone. What did you expect to happen? The post to be there, and notifications only showing up if new and not read Link to a page where it happened, if applicable: Just the home page. Scre
  3. Seems like copy-pasted from previous legislation and regulations, probably themselves copy-pasted from even older regulation... I guess it begs the question: who thought it would be a good idea to write specific software names in a law that is meant to outlast several generations of software and industry changes? Then again, one can understand while sometimes norms want to give explicit examples of instances it applies to. Still... (worth noting: as an example of functionality, it's perfectly possible to use dead software, as long as it still helps to understand the behavior e
  4. Yeah, the bottom table is confusing. But in your case it won't matter anyways. It would seem that your second PCIe M.2 drive would disable the x4 slot (the "other" long PCIe slot, labeled PCIe_3, not the one for your GPU).
  5. Well, I don't see that getting triggered by the size of either b or g, but you are initializing index as zero? So the first comparison in your highest score loops compares the first element to "element 0" of each vector? With respect to the error itself, I'm not as familiar with C, although it somewhat resembles the messages I would sometimes get in Fortran dealing with assumed types/sizes. I'm afraid I can't be of much help.
  6. If and when that happens, it'll be a problem for the GPUs available then. It's not like "the future" means "in two months".
  7. Someone please mark this as the correct answer, because it 100% is. ¡Que la inocencia les valga!
  8. I find it funny when Generation iPhone accuse the people who had to understand how computer works in order to use them of being "tech illiterate" It reminds me of when the generation that fixed their own (CRT) TVs was told "kids are smarter than ever!" because 4-year olds could handle a remote control
  9. Ask the authors of the benchmark. They seem like nice and friendly people...
  10. Why? Video playback is going to account for most of the battery usage, even more so in the 20-minute runs. For audio testing, why not playing music files with screens off? Sure, it's going to take much longer to make a dent in the battery, but that's the point: if you can't see a significant change in battery, one that allows you to detect differences across devices, in 20 minutes of pure audio, then what you are capturing with the 20-minute video is just margin of error of video playback. If not, then running pure audio, screen off, should be feasible. On the contrary, this was
  11. So? You're not renting nor buying the car in this discussion, only a particular feature, an add-on. That add-on is the equivalent of the house, not the car. Well, I can see a very real harm to Tesla's bottom line.