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  1. I hope they manage to ban and crackdown on crypto globally, it has no value other than scamming amateur investors, and producing massive ammounts of CO2.
  2. X Doubt.... there is no such thing a total overhaul, they will change some icons and move 2 menus. The rest is nonsense. The real changes windows needs will never come.
  3. True but more money to SpaceX if other programs get cancelled due to setbacks and failures means faster/better development of the spaceship and its succesors V2, V3 etc... To be honest i kind of feel like SpaceX's ideas are the only ones worth investing in atm, Elon is right space was/is too expensive and needs massive cost reductions so investing in half baked systems like SLS and archaic development methods. The fact that it took NASA so long and they arent getting good results compared to what SpaceX achieved past 10 years shows clearly that the methodology used by NASA and other
  4. Well Elon Musk is rubbing his hands now....
  5. What im saying is that US really needs to fuck off, they should not be able to hold control over where a private company sells general goods that are produced and sold in other countries, just because they invented stuff with their own money and staff and factories in the US, or US based, they should not have control to completely ban sharing of technology between companies overseas and online, they can ban anything they want on US teritory. If google or ARM or intel wants to sell or share tech with anyone around the world in products that will not be sold in US and dont break internatio
  6. US needs to fuck off and the rest of the world MUST produce their own tech, a single country cannot hold monopoly over all chip manufacturing, all software/hardware patents and all internet hold hostage.
  7. Hopefully we can finally get rid of windows garbage, but thats just a pipe dream of mine, to be able to run lightweight optimized ARM laptop with decent prices with a stable android desktop OS thats lightweight
  8. I like Ada Picture a very nice lady ... that wont make me like nvidia though, nvidia can trip and fall off the stairs for all i care.
  9. well fml, i hate windows, my mom's computer has the worst issues blue screen black screen freeze and shit, same lenovo laptop as mine only difference is mine is ryzen 2200u her ryzen 3 3200u the rest is the same im sick of reinstalling and trying to fix that garbage
  10. Who even cares about 2%, 7% these things are not affordable anyway, ryzen is where the hype is at.