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  1. Don't use task manager to check your frequency, mine shows 5.20 GHz on 4690k... While in real it is oc'ed to 4.3.
  2. About crimp - remember to use proper size to crimp. I mean if wire is 1.5 mm2 then use 1.5 (some have 1.5-2.5 combo) 'hole' in crimper, that way you will not bend the pin or make him not enough crimped. Also when you will look at pin he will have a pair of 'wings'. When you will crimp them, they need to bend at places they are designed for, like - bigger one is for wire insolation and smaller second is for cu/al or another metal that wire have. And about the lenght for isolation to take off, just only a little bit. Lenght of second small wings would be very ok (eventually +1mm for feeling save
  3. For what will you use sanyo and how will you control their speed? Also what kind of plug will they have? Molex?
  4. Fantastic build, I love how beautiful and how well Miku figure fit this project : )
  5. Dude this is beyond imagination! What's the name of this badass mobo? PS. I hope you will take picture of this 20 gpu monster
  6. Could be, but 1080 winyl is kinda frigile, you need to watch out for and friction with case... Well paint is also fragile but when you put good amount of clear coat it is fairly durable.
  7. I don't recommend auto OC, in most cases it gives too much voltage than processor needs... And yeah if you destroy cpu by OC that means you really wanted to break it lol There are many security systems (like temp limit) that save your cpu from damage. Just don't go above 1.325 - 1.350 mV and you are good to go.