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  1. Asus Zenfone 6. Thank God they included a headphone jack. I plan to use it at least for 1 more year. I mainly want to use these with a stationary setup. That's why I'm not much concerned about Bluetooth. I do own tws and wireless neckband earphones as well.
  2. Thanks for the suggestion. I would like to ask why this over the others mentioned. Also note: I am not an audiophile or prefer straight flat sound. I am used to Sennheiser sound signature and the issue with Samson sr950 was that reviews mentioned that it was harsh and needed EQ. (My perfect device would be Sennheiser bass level, Sony's punch and Audio Technica's clarity) I saw those but removed them from my choices because they don't seem too comfortable (on the ear) as I wear specs
  3. Hi im trying to choose between certain budget audio headphones. If you guys can have some input then it will be much appreciated! Models Amazon links :- Wired AKG k92 : AKG OneOdio pro50 : OneOdio Wireless Tribit XFree Go : Tribit I do not mind if they are wired. I plan to use them with my laptop and just sometimes with my phone. I also own the Sony xm3 for travel and to be honest I like their ANC but Im not a fan of their sound signature. Wireless is an added bonus but I need them to work well in wired mode because Sony xm3 s
  4. if you arent trolling well then you have a weird sense of the world or morality idk. never been hostile towards and frankly dont care enough to do so either. this conversation with you seems futile so unless you wanna logically counter my valid arguments and have a decent discussion im out.
  5. ok sure take my wording and criticize it. check the rate for epic store and every other store for devs. check the amount of free games consumers get. if the market becomes open for other players then the price drops. if epic starts becoming the monopoly then steam/apple etc have to drop their prices to compete and if they dont then well their loss but consumers gain. if epic increases its prices, we get options and the consumer/dev isnt in a worse position from where we are right now. it also allows future players to adopt a similar strategy to epic to compete. so whats the freaking issue here
  6. even if epic isn't doing it based on values, if it helps both the consumers and devs and sticks it to large corporations like apple which make deals with big players like twitch or amazon or themselves but straight no to small creators then whats the freaking problem? i dont get the argument here. why do people defend it in this way? yes capitalism is good for progress but lets be real here for a second. apple is a 2 trillion dollar company that puts it above most countries in the world! 30 percent for every transaction? really?
  7. currently on 1909 2004 available since i had paused updates. haven't gone to it yet. usually wait for some time for any bad news to come out first.
  8. as i said i want to buy a new system. i was waiting for a SKU to be available in my location but the new announcements are creating confusion for me. considering i would not use this laptop once i replace it, i dont see the point of spending on a small ssd that i wont use anytime later and migrating windows to it. its too much of a hassle. also i dont wanna spend unnecessarily until at least my job starts because well pandemic.
  9. somebody tell windows that. it bloody thinks its idle even when im gaming with 80 plus cpu and gpu utilization. will randomly start some diagnostic. it will crash because my pc is doing everything to run the game and then starts crash handler which in turn crashes my game. theres some difference in working of both for sure. i dont care about search that much in the first place. even i didnt think it would update all the time but articles/yt videos suggest that it gives a boost and i trust windows to fuck shit up.
  10. 1.help as in maybe increase in performance of the hdd in terms of snappiness or random read/writes. 4. search everything is a separate file indexing tool/software used on windows. i had it at my workplace and it performed way better on that system but theres a lot of hardware differences so im not sure. 5. see 4
  11. So im using an i5 - 6th gen u processor laptop with just a 1tb HDD inside. NO SSD Before going in the topic i know my system sucks (gonna buy a new one) until then cant buy an ssd because for some reason they're crazy expensive in India. side note: should i wait for zen 3 mobile cpus and nvidia 3000 series mobile chips for laptops? if yes any idea till when? So i recently saw somewhere that disabling the windows search indexing helps increase the performance of the disk here are my doubts. 1. Does it actually help in daily use? 2. Difference in indexin
  12. they dont ship to or provide warranty in india.