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    Computing Science, Psychology
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    B.Sc. CS. Candidate at Simon Fraser University
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    IT Support Technician, First-Aid Volunteer, Professional Chinchilla herder


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    AMD FX-6300 @ 4.2GHz (Not stress tested)
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    ASUS M5A97 R2.0
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    24GB Kingston DDR3
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    MSI GTX550Ti
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    Antec 300
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    OCZ ModXStream Pro 600W
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    Samsung CJG52 / ASUS ProArt PA238QR
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    Logitech G610 Orion Brown
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    Logitech G402
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    Xonar DG / GNT 5000 / Sony MDR-V250
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    Windows 10 Pro x64
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    ASUS VivoBook 15 // HP EliteBook 850 G4
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    iPhone 6s (iOS 14.5.1) / iPhone XR (iOS 14.5.1)

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  1. When you say stuck, how long was it actually at 82%? Try running the update again if it has already rolled back successfully?
  2. Are you sure you have the correct input selected on your monitor? That solution works more often than you would think.
  3. Soo... I'm pilot testing Cloud Managed Desktop at my workplace... do I dare try to introduce it to Windows "11"?
  4. If it's literally just an office and basic university machine, either would be fine. I would be more worried about the creature comforts like display, touchpad, speakers, etc.
  5. I would personally take a stab at it. It being damaged in shipping would be rather rare as most reputable suppliers would package them well protected. And just looking at the diagram, it's a straight forward swap. From the photos it looks similarly constructed like the HPs I work with daily so it'll only take you a minute or so to get inside.
  6. You can open "Repair your computer" on the initial screen, open command prompt and then diskpart to create the new partition. But usually the installer is smart enough to still detect disks with no partitions. In fact, that's what I always do, just delete all partitions, select the disk and let Windows handle the partitioning from scratch.
  7. Some OEMS have been bundling Office 365 one year subscriptions with new Windows devices so not entirely surprising. Once that subscription expires, he'll loose access to his Office apps unless he renews that subscription. Think the HP Stream was the laptop that really started this trend as the subscription and subsequent OneDrive storage was a main selling point with the machine only having 32GB of internal storage.
  8. Manufacturers rarely cover user caused damage... unless you're a large scale customer who bought extended warranties, then they might overlook it. HP may or may not have covered liquid damaged laptops for us in the past (shushhh).
  9. Well no. I don't think anyone was saying that Windows 10 looked macOS ish or inspired. Microsoft teased fluent design for years and before we really got to fully experience it, they change course yet again and now come out with something that feels early similar to what a competitor has released and further away from what was teased. It's not that Apple has a patent on rounded corners or centered icons, it pisses me off that Microsoft can never fully follow through with something promising... sort of like Google. Case in point, Chromium Edge was as backwards step from Edge Legacy
  10. I think I would like to see them change up the task bar and give it rounded corners if the rest of the UI is going to be embracing them. At which point... guys it's just macOS.
  11. YouTube Display names are not required to be unique. So this happens: Not surprised one of them is a bot.
  12. I guess that'll make sense. But in 2021 I would at least hope someone would've tried to install this on bare metal to give a more representative demonstration of how it would look. Sort of hard to judge a OS UI change until you can see it running at a resolution it was designed for. And I don't think 1280x1024 would've been one of them. It might actually look alright at 1080p and 1440p, who knows.