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  1. My Galaxy S9 is showing ads in the built-in Samsung Weather app. It isn't just the cheap phones. This right here is reason enough for me to deal with not having a headphone jack and switch back to an iPhone. Fuck getting ads on a flagship device.
  2. If I have to pay to have more than 3 friends and myself in a server after the advent of Discord, I consider this DOA.
  3. I really don't like that the terminal is running buttplug sniffers.
  4. Technically the first quad core CPU released the same year as ES IV Oblivion (2006), though of course games of that era were a long way from being meaningfully privy to multiple processors.
  5. I still haven't updated my BIOS to patch the S/M vulnerabilities. I paid good money for that ~10% performance, damnit, and I'm going to keep it. Personally IDGAF about these vulnerabilities because not being an idiot on the Internet or my network hasn't failed me for decades.
  6. Depending on the game, you might see a bit of bottlenecking at 3440x1440 because of your CPU (mostly light esports titles like Counter Strike, Starcraft 2, Overwatch, etc.) but if you're playing newer AAA games then you should be just fine. Really, I'd get the GPU and just go from there. If it ends up being an issue, upgrade to a Ryzen 3700X/3900X or a 9700K/9900K later down the road.
  7. He's been in a few videos/done work for Linus.
  8. Considering Louis has done a fair bit for Linus up to this point, if I were in his position I'd be a bit insulted that Linus isn't throwing me a bone. It's like none of that work matters anymore. But since none of us are Louis or Linus, we're all lacking context/info surrounding what was actually said or the state of LMG's finances, so it's all pretty moot anyway. Others were tossing their two cents, so I figured I would, too.
  9. Pretty sure the issue was that he would be one of the "star Youtubers" and not just a regular attendee going to an event solely to enjoy it. As he put it, it's business. If I had to leave my own business to be part of someone else's, I'd expect to be compensated in some fashion, especially because Louis doesn't have any kind of brand to promote or booth to market out. Considering he'd be losing several thousand dollars from trip costs and unfinished repairs back at the shop, all in the end to throw a bone to someone else's event/business (LMG), I think it's a bit short sighted to s
  10. My usage of CUDA for Waifu2X (there's a Vulkan version that I use on my AMD laptop, but it isn't as configurable) and NVENC is what's keeping me leaning toward Nvidia, and given the article I saw the gaming performance doesn't seem to be that much greater than my 1070. I'll stick to getting the RTX 2070 Super when partner cards release for it later this year. It was the attractive price point of the 5700XT that made me curious about maybe swapping to an AMD card once again.
  11. I'm reminded of that one Spongebob episode where Spongebob shows Patrick all the dirty diapers, but instead of diapers, it's evidence that Google is, in fact, doing evil.
  12. Given this article's findings, I think I'll just wait for the 2070 Super. Thanks. (I don't play BFV so that particular graph doesn't have any bearing on me). It looks like a solid upgrade over my 1070 overall, but for $100 more I can get a massive upgrade, not just a solid one. That's assuming the 2070 Super actually sells for $499 USD though. I'll just wait and see so I don't make a decision I regret later. If Nvidia prices suck, I can always just get a 5700 XT. Oh and I use a 1440p 144 Hz monitor.
  13. Hey there. Besides Hardware Unboxed, do you folks know of any reviewers comparing the 5700 XT to a GTX 1070? I'm not quite convinced on the upgrade just yet, but the potential of 2070-2080 performance (depending on the game) for $399 USD is tempting so I just wanted to do more research before pulling the trigger. The biggest point of contention for me is how the Radeon Media Encoder doesn't seem to spit out the quality NVENC can yet, though drivers might fix this (hence my lack of being convinced yet). I use a 1440p 144 Hz monitor. The alternative is just wa