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    Canadien hotdog

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    Privacy, Tech, The World
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    Canadien Hotdog


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    Ryzen 3600x
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    Asus Prime X470 Prime Pro
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    Corsair 16gb Vengeance Rro
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    Gigabyte Vega 56
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    Corsair 220t
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    WD Blue NVMe 512gb
    Samsung Evo 1tb
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    Evga 750w
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    Acer VG220Q (x2)
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    Corsair 240mm AIO
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    Corsair K70 (red)
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    Corsair Scimitar
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    Sennheiser HD 569
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    Windows 10 Home
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    Crappy HP 15" Thing
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    Google Pixel 5

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  1. It's been a while

    Haven't been active here in months. I still check notifications every once in a while. Guess I'm just moving on in life. I'd still consider tech to be an interest, but not like it used to be. Who knows, I might be active on here again at some point, but I doubt that at this point. I'm not going to delete this account, but it may just be relegated to that corner of the internet, yknow where forum accounts go to die. Maybe one day I'll finally deliver on my promise of a revamped privacy guide 😛

    1. Spotty
    2. Benji


      Well, I'm also not really active in the actual tech topics around here, but rather for socialising.

      It's nice to hear that your life is moving forward and that you seem to be happy with it.

    3. piratemonkey


      19 hours ago, Benji said:

      Well, I'm also not really active in the actual tech topics around here, but rather for socialising.

      I did do that for a bit, then just stopped


      19 hours ago, Benji said:

      It's nice to hear that your life is moving forward and that you seem to be happy with it.

      yeah I'm happy with it. involves a lot of politics and stuff of that nature, so it's very much incompatible with here

  2. Yes. Most of the time it will connect automatically, but sometimes it won't
  3. I have a problem. A Samsung A51 (android 10) isn't reconnecting to my home wifi when it disconnects. I don't believe it never reconnects, rather it's random (sometimes it will, sometimes it won't). The phone definitely sees the network, but it won't connect automatically. It will if I go into settings and connect manually. The router/modem/isp box thing is a Shaw Hub or something. I've done nothing to the Samsung in the router settings. I'm not too sure what is causing this, but any help would be appreciated. I've racked my brains but haven't found what exactly the problem is, nor a solution.
  4. That is an important detail. Thankfully as Audacity is open source, people have forked the current version which won't have the tracking https://github.com/cookiengineer/audacity for version 2.4
  5. When I started this thread, I didn't picture this to be where it ended up
  6. I knew someone would say that, and in response I have this Don't blame me, blame @Aprime
  7. In the AP article it says 30 years. On the note of appeal, any extradition would also need to be approved by the Spanish Cabinet
  8. Summary John McAfee, creator of the antivirus, has been found dead in his Spanish prison cell. This is days after Spanish courts ruled in favour of extraditing McAfee to the US on tax evasion charges with crypto. Quotes My thoughts This is honestly surprising for me, for no other reason than I didn't know he was in trouble with the law. It does make sense though, like cmon, only a criminal would make something like McAfee. Sources https://apnews.com/article/europe-extradition-technology-business-c39cc0f375a975946fb83b60cc2bf3d3
  9. That is the official thread that ltt writers check Also, be sure to use the reply feature (the arrow on the bottom of a post) when replying to something so the person will be notified you responded to them
  10. First of all, happy pride month to my fellow lgbtq friends. 

    Second, I got a new phone! Picked up a Pixel 5 a week or two ago. It's pretty good, though the gesture control is still a bit jarring. I dropped my A51 and cracked the screen, plus it was starting to get pretty slow so I thought it was best to get a new one. I'm happy I did, even if I'm locked into a contract now

  11. As I've said before, it's sad to see you go. I'll be sure to write a farewell message next week.
  12. Hey all, I think it's time I get a pair of wireless ear buds as I need a pair now. I have not been keeping up with much in tech recently, especially audio things so I need recommendations for what I should get. I'd be using them with a Pixel 5, when I'm sleeping or exercising or doing anything like that. For reasons, I need a pair with a reasonably good mic for calls (discord specifically, if that makes any difference). I don't have a preference for truly wireless vs not, just I need them low profile. As long as the sound quality isn't tinny, I don't have much of a preference, but the more neu