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  1. Sorry if everyone's talking about vaccines but, https://linustechtips.com/profile/685825-piratemonkey/?status=283374&type=status Tldr vaccines (namely Pfizer's) are getting approved, and Britain could start using them as soon as the 7th of this month. Still not a huge amount of info afaik for Canada tho
  2. If Pfizer's covid vaccine is approved by Britain, the first shots could start to be administered Dec. 7. The FDA (US) is meeting on the 10th to approve Pfizer's vaccine. The EU's drug agency is meeting around the 29th to approve Pfizer's. The green light for that could come as early as Jan. 12th. It's looking pretty good, but there's always logistics to slow everything down. Hope yawl holding up fine :)


    1. 3 Lions

      3 Lions

      Of course they're going to approve it. That's the whole plan, I could've told you this back in March...

  3. you sure Riley? I'm no moderators thread noob. I've asked before, they've gotten answered (most of the time). most of the time with a joke answer with an actual underlying answer
  4. for the mods: if someone posts on my profile, can I report and request the removal of it?
  5. LOL, that's the whole foundation behind every war and conflict. If you don't pull the weeds out of the garden directly from the root, it's just going to grow back.


    We can play and pretend the weed is gone, but the root is still in the ground.

    1. piratemonkey


      what the fuck are you talking about? if you're talking about the master race thread, reply in there. Don't take it out of the thread

    2. Spotty
  6. no your solution has bars originating from both left and right. LTT's current doesn't
  7. Can you add my guide plz (in signature)
  8. hopefully you aren't quickly going through a review to see if you should buy a couple hundred dollar thing. but ya, their graphs could be better, but your solution is quite jarring honestly. especially with the pace they're going at, having to readjust to the bars being on the opposite would be too much
  9. It would make sense if the points were for the buyers account. Besides that I don't see so much of a point, as folding is usually kinda personal. It's not like mining I guess; while I might be comfortable buying compute power for mining bitcoin (nicehash for example), I'd much rather actually own hardware for folding
  10. it was more of a joke/observation. tbh I don't really know what populism is soooo...