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  1. Are you still working on this? Just curious, since I think I may have an idea.
  2. I currently have a DL580 G7 as well. Do you have a closet to put it in for long-term operation? What's the average cost of electricity in your area? If you want to use the DL580 G7, I'd suggest doing the following: tune the BIOS power settings to low power do noise testing for a few hours throw a hypervisor onto it (like ESXi or RedHat KVM) do more noise testing with the hypervisor booted up * make a Linux VM and give the VM a GPU do more noise testing with the VM running the workload * adjust BIOS settings whenever necessary during * pha
  3. Westmere all around. If you want specs, ping me and I'll answer.

    I don't usually get enthused about cases, but that's actually pretty interesting :| Just need variants of it for boards bigger than ATX. Also, is there a 1.2kW variant of the PSU?

  5. Getting close to testing out the first GRID-equipped VM. As soon as Windows Server VM setup is finished...

    Anyone else interested in this? Because I was looking at something like this a year back...

    1. Show previous comments  7 more
    2. Windows7ge


      I have a theory. What if the reason the workstation GPUs lack a hardware encoder is because the encoder unlike the MxGPU function cannot be divided up? What if the encoder is physically only able to work with one client at a time so they removed it?

    3. TopHatProductions115


      @Windows7ge That would be pretty sad. Iirc, the hardware encoders could handle multiple simultaneous streams. I would think that the clients could have them divided up amongst themselves via virtualisation, but perhaps it isn't feasible 🤔

    4. TopHatProductions115
  7. I need something identified. Is there anyway I can get a make and model for what's in this post?


    1. minibois


      it's highly likely that Norco rack the one person linked, Linus has shown off some Norco racks in the past too

    2. TopHatProductions115


      @LinusTech Sorry to bother you, but what enclosure did you use in this photo?

  8. Alright, time to spill the beans. I finally got a GTX 1080 (Mini). It's not the fastest thing in the world by any means, but I did grab it for ~300 USD shipped. The used market currently has them sitting at anywhere from 350-400 USD, possibly before shipping. GTX 1080 Ti's are still hovering between 450 and 700 USD, which is pretty tough to take seriously with new GPU releases on the horizon. Initial Ampere launch would have accelerated used market price reductions for Pascal, if supply hadn't been so low. 


    On a side note, RTX 2060 (non-Super/non-KO) goes for just under 300 USD where I live. Anything above that, for Turing, goes for 350 USD and higher - before shipping. All prices that I've mentioned thus far are from eBay. Amazon's prices are almost always higher in my case. Have fun figuring that out :P 


    My next consumer card will be either a GTX 1080 Ti or a Titan XP if nothing changes in the next 12 months 🤣 Here's to hoping the prices actually begin to drop soon. These prices that I mentioned are the same as they were in 2019, before COVID-19.

    1. James Evens

      James Evens


      300 USD is significant more then the 200€ for a Asus 1080 strix. Also things like zotac 10 years anniversary cards are around or sub 200€.

    2. TopHatProductions115


      @James Evens It would appear that ASUS's GTX 1080's are somewhat more affordable near where you are than where I am currently...