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  1. If you can only have one would you pick this or an ASUS ROG Phone?
  2. This is such a good soundtrack!! I love Ghost in the Shell both OST and SAC
  3. Recently fallen for this classic style music And so much more like Lutes and Hurdy Gurdy
  4. I've been catching up on one of my most favourite artists Sarta Jarosz and the band 'I'm With Her'.
  5. I love foreign language music. They could be saying complete garbage but so long as it was sweet enough I'd never know.
  6. So nice to see that the next generation's music will be better than the current one
  7. I know heaps of cover channels on YouTube not sure what you're into but my Favs are PMJ: , Alexey Rom: and PTX:
  8. ? Super happy about the new Elise Trouw vid and song ?