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    Bajantechnician got a reaction from OddGreyFox211 in can others hear me   
    what are you asking?
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    Bajantechnician reacted to thrasher_565 in Has anyone painted their Corsair ML120 Pro RGB fan frames?   
    they sell white ql and ll fans. others say don't take corsair fans apart and don't paint the fan only the frame if you do.
  3. Informative
    Bajantechnician reacted to Gohardgrandpa in Which graphics card for around CAD$500?   
    I had a xfx rx5700 a month ago that gave me nothing but driver issues. I returned it and amd released the last driver I think it’s 20.2.2 that said to fix a lot of these issues the day after I returned the 5700. 
    I bought a sapphire rx5700xt and got it this Monday. I haven’t had a single issue with this card. I’ve played fallout 4 and 76, Siege, Pub g, apex legends, battlefield 4, fishing planet and escape from tarkov. If I had to guess I’d say I’ve done about 20 hours of actual gaming on it. 

    Not one single crash, system hang or black screen. I know I’m only one person providing results here so take it with a grain of salt if you want, just telling you my experience with that card and driver version. 
  4. Informative
    Bajantechnician reacted to mariushm in Help needed, 2080ti damage :(   
    Yeah, it's a decoupling capacitor for the memory chip. Basically, it's there to improve to reduce the fluctuations in voltage going to that particular memory chip.
    The memory chip could run perfectly fine 99.999% of the time without it. In some cases, the voltage could fluctuate at just the wrong time that a write or read to/from ram chip could fail or you'd get corrupted data, and you'd see that in your game crashing or seeing a corrupted texture/glitch in the game.
    The value (capacitance) of the capacitor should be the same as the ones circled in green. It's ceramic capacitor, should be rated X7R or C0G/NPO, should probably be rated for at least 6.3v or 10v even though the memory chips run at less than 2v (because the technical properties of the capacitors vary with voltage, higher voltage rating means better properties)
    If I were to guess, i would say that's 1uF..4.7uF 10..16v capacitor, probably 0402 or 0603 in size. The actual capacitance isn't that critical, like i said it's for smoothing, making voltage (power) delivered into the memory chip more stable... so if you use a bit bigger value it wouldn't really be bad. If paranoid, one can desolder one of the other caps. and measure the value.

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    Bajantechnician reacted to ZzLy in LTT store outdated   
    This is unacceptable.

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    Bajantechnician reacted to Slottr in I'm just really excited   
    Looks good! Make sure your gpu is in the top pcie slot tho
    -Moved to Build Logs-
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    Bajantechnician reacted to mark911 in Does anybody know what's the name of this cable?   
    That's what I was looking for. Thank you Sir!!!! ?
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    Bajantechnician reacted to Windows7ge in USB expantion   
    IMO if this were to be remotely feasible while being at least a little professional it'd be to find docks that accept like 10 of these SSDs at a time.
    Another issue we haven't even addressed is if they use Windows, Windows only allows up to 26 drives to have drive letters. Beyond that the other 74 would have to manually be assigned mountpoints. That would be a lot of work and I don't see a way to maintain it seeing how they'll be plugged and unplugged at random.
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    Bajantechnician reacted to TVwazhere in The end of lightning is nigh, possibly.   
    This seems..... A bit overreaching. 
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    Bajantechnician reacted to JZStudios in Dear Americans, is it true you don't get paid holidays?   
    Depends on the job. Low level stuff, no, but my friend who's an EE gets paid vacation time and bonuses.
    Forced paid vacations are frankly BS.
  11. Funny
  12. Funny
    Bajantechnician reacted to goodtofufriday in How do you even cool this thing - i9-10990XE + 10th gen i3/i5 spotted   
    As someone who ran a FX 9590 in tandem with two radeon 6990s, this is fine. 
  13. Funny
    Bajantechnician reacted to rcmaehl in Running Spotify on a USPS scanner   
    I don't think Spotify has Windows Mobile app, so you're likely SoL.exe
  14. Agree
    Bajantechnician reacted to RonnieOP in Best first credit card for me   
    Capital one also has some pretty good options for starting out as well. They gave me my first non secured card.
  15. Informative
    Bajantechnician got a reaction from spartaman64 in Best first credit card for me   
    I am 19, turning 20 this year. 
    Im in my first year of college.
    I got a job working for my school in one of the planning departments. 
    I work 20 a week @ $13 an hour, whatever that end up being a month/year.
    My first credit card (opened 6 months ago) with 0 credit was the petal credit card. 
    Was approved with $750 of credit line.
    Non increasable credit line
    1% cash back in everything
    Opened a deserve edu card 4 months ago to serve as a credit increase only.
    Was approved with $350 credit line
    Credit will increase automatically with every full monthly payment, in which i only use for netflix and spotify a month.
    1% cash back in everything, paid back every $25 as a statement balance once you spend $2500.
    Appiled for Discover it Student cash back yesterday
    Was approved with $1500 credit line.
    Credit can be increased in future
    %5 cash back on certain categories, different per quarter
    I spend no more than about $500-600 a month (pursuing a engineering major isnt cheap, especially when i have to buy parts for projects ._. )
    I pay off my monthly balances in full. 
    I currently have a credit score of ~690 after 5, almost 6 months of opening a credit card
    I say you can apply for a Discover it. That card specially is very open to people with little to no credit score. 
    Check the prequalify page to see if you are likely to get approved. If you are, go ahead and apply for that.
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    Bajantechnician reacted to HarryNyquist in EA is banning Linux Gamers in Battlefield 5   
    > not officially supported on Linux
    > hacks to make it work on Linux
    > banned for hacking
    Seems legit to me.
  17. Agree
    Bajantechnician reacted to Enderman in The PROBLEM with 5G...   
    Ah yes, literally what I predicted years ago when 5G was announced.
    Useless reception that gets blocked by everything.
    Stupid technology tbh, there is no need for hundreds of Mbps on a phone, nobody is downloading huge games or video files like on a PC.
    Phones need consitent reliable connection through objects. Even 4G sometimes has dead zones in certain places like parking lots.
    Instead of increasing frequency they should have increased power output for better reception on 4G or added multiband for higher speeds without higher frequency.
    Low speed + good connection > High speed + no connection
  18. Agree
    Bajantechnician reacted to Vitamanic in 52,600$ fully loaded mac pro   
    I think the argument that this isn't aimed at consumers is a little silly. They're absolutely aiming at "prosumers", at the very least.
    There are very, very few professional situations that would utilize the top spec'd machines as workstations. Anything that you need 1.5TB of RAM for is getting offloaded to a server in 99% of professional scenarios. Pixar isn't rendering movies on some random dude's office desk, Exxon isn't modeling ocean floors in Bob's office, etc.
  19. Funny
    Bajantechnician reacted to mxk in Verizon can't cover a basketball stadium with 5G   
    are you talking to me or the lads?
    anyhow, sounds like I get to hit it w no condom after I leave my phone in my pocket
  20. Funny
    Bajantechnician reacted to aisle9 in Personal opinions on RGB....   
    I think it came from a few different places. Star Wars is one, so are the running lights underneath riced-out cars, cocaine, the realization that blinky multicolored lights are kinda cool (probably a result of someone having cocaine). And yes, people like it. Again, cocaine.
  21. Funny
    Bajantechnician reacted to Bacon soup in Verizon can't cover a basketball stadium with 5G   
    I'll have some season tickets in the cancer zone please.
  22. Funny
    Bajantechnician reacted to The King of the Undead in Titanium Apple Credit Card reportedly very sensitive | Say goodbye to Jeans and Leather wallets   
    >strongest metal on earth
    >scratches and thus breaks easily

  23. Informative
    Bajantechnician reacted to LinusTech in Is "Sleep is for Pussies T-shirt" available?   
    Not authentic. 
  24. Agree
    Bajantechnician reacted to LinusTech in Is "Sleep is for Pussies T-shirt" available?   
    It's one of my favorite designs we've ever done, tbh, but it's not 2019-friendly. 
    And it's not really funny without the pun.
  25. Agree
    Bajantechnician reacted to Wadzinsky in AMD hype train?   
    I've stuck by AMD even through the dreadful FX lineup.  I was very skeptical of the Ryzen launch.  I don't think there is much "hype" at this point.  Zen took the market by storm, and now the Zen2's are offering even better performance and lower wattage and much better pricing compared to Intel.  
    If I didn't already have a 1st and 2nd gen Ryzen,  I would definitely get the 3rd gen right away, especially at the price.
    If you're skeptical, just wait for some actual user reviews and benchmarks.  I'm almost certain they won't disappoint