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  1. MacBook Air doesn’t have a dedicated GPU. It also doesn’t have a costly hinge design. Beyond that though, you generally get what you pay for. If you want a cheap plastic ridden laptop with a poor screen and tinny speakers, you can’t then point your finger at machines that provide much better build quality, materials and components and cry foul.
  2. https://www.pcgamer.com/amd-claims-its-largest-share-of-the-overall-x86-cpu-market-in-14-years/ Those are the numbers. Their overall estimate INCLUDING consoles is 22.5%. If you average it all out, they're definitely at or below 15% excluding consoles because their server share is so low. I think I already made my point, they can't deliver a new ARM product if they can't even deliver their current product. You went off on your own tangent, not sure why. They're already severely behind and nearly irrelevant. Intel makes something like 20 times as much
  3. The numbers you’re using include previous and current gen consoles. If you look at the computing device share, they estimate 10-15%. Regardless, being entirely dependent on TSMC is an issue they can’t seem to address. This is why I said I’m not sure why they think they can deliver a new ARM product when they can’t even deliver their current product.
  4. AMD can’t even meet demand to break past 15% market share with x86. Not sure why they think they can do anything meaningful with ARM. They need to solve their abysmal manufacturing output before they try to compete in another sector.
  5. Doesn't really matter one way or another if people agree, I'm not an insecure individual that needs approval from a YouTuber's fanbase, lol. He does stand to make millions, however. If the company goes public, his private shares will explode in value unless something goes terribly wrong between the announcement and the IPO. He even says this in his video disclosing it. Pretty basic concept when it comes to private investment.
  6. Linus’ opinions are irrelevant and entirely compromised now with him standing to make millions from his investment in a competitor. I’d just ignore them. His thoughts already meant little with so much of his income coming from companies in the industry, now they mean nothing.
  7. There’s no main thread discussing the ethical implications of LMG doing this. Please put this back.
  8. So Linus just disclosed that he invested $225,000.00 in Framework. He then goes on to say if all goes well, you can sell these private shares once they go public "for way more than you paid" (He's talking millions upon millions if they blow up). He then goes on to discuss whether or not he will recuse himself from journalistic laptop content, since there are obvious ethical conflict of interest issues. One would assume that he would follow that up with an obvious "In light of this, LMG will cease reviewing notebooks since I have a significant financial interest in a com
  9. What? That’s literally how it works. Plug in the iPhone and browse the DCIM folder in explorer. Or you can mass import with the Windows photo app. Whoever you’re talking to has no idea what they’re talking about.
  10. Yes, what a fool to skip out on the daily memorization of every other CEO in existence. The audacity!
  11. None of their market shares come remotely close to being monopolistic.
  12. What use do you have for the Quadro? I hope it's not creative work because that display is really, really bad. Almost offensive that it doesn't even cover sRGB for $3,000. It's likely targeted at scientific workloads or stuff like CAD, otherwise it would have a passable display.
  13. It's where crash dumps go. If you ever have issues, you'll never be able to diagnose anything with it disabled. Also if you have a random memory leak in a game or wherever else, your entire system will hard crash without it. Why do you want to disable it?
  14. I highly doubt there are more Clevo machines sold than Dell.
  15. You're not reading what I said. You're literally agreeing with me. "In some way", which obviously, means in one of many different ways. You're not an LMG employee, you're an unpaid forum moderator. You're just as much on the outside as the rest of us. This is factually incorrect. FTC regulations are freely available online to read. You should check them out for yourself because it seems like you're misinformed on the subject. Do you think ads/informercials/paid product showcases presented as journalistic content on television put "THIS IS A PAID ADVERTISEMENT" on