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  1. IDK how I go this thread mixed up with someone else's that's my fault. It has to be the mount on the cooler, I've done it before a long time ago
  2. Either the cooler isn't mounted right or the pump isnt working for some reason and I'd be willing to bet it's something with the pump not being plugged into the right port on the motherboard
  3. Do you have all the cords plugged in? You might not have it set right on your board. What mobo plug do you have it on
  4. Clearly something aint right. How are you monitoring temps? It sounds like the cooler isn't mounted right. I had a 10700k that I pushed pretty hard and it didnt get anywhere near that hot
  5. Cost to performance the new cards are great, getting one would be a pain even if we didn't have the Rona going on right now. Sure it wouldn't be this bad but it wouldn't be easy to get
  6. Are you using DLSS? What resolution monitor? If your 2060super is doing fine in all other games I'd look into your CB2077 settings and play around with it. I have a 2060 super on a 1080p monitor and it's chugging along just fine
  7. I'll take the nvidia card over the amd priced equivalent any day for DLSS. It makes such a difference in framerate that I feel like it's worth it
  8. I already got this for free from epic a while ago
  9. You ever consider a platform change to Z490? You can get a i5 10400 for pretty cheap
  10. Turn ray tracing off or run dlss on performance
  11. I’ve already contacted them before I posted this. I was showing what happened to people I was talking to before you even entered this thread... Glorious also told me to return it to amazon instead of offering to send me a single switch
  12. I’ve been using a glorious compact and I really like it. Idk if your in the United States or not but check Amazon for a used one. I got a compact for my friend for $80