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  1. the 011 is built around the aio or water cooling. the side intake for tower coolers will perform worse then a case with front intake just because the air has to do a 90 degree in to the cpu cooler. air dose not like bending and when it dose it losses performance just like water cooling. the 011 being intake on the bottom for the gpu will be better then the 5000x. thow not having a back fan can heart its performance so the mini is probably better with the 120mm fan on the back. thow you need an itx psu.... they are in the works of an air version of some cases but that co
  2. all i was saying was you can improve the air flow alot by not making it look nice. and the stranded pc fan can be improved on. ya i no i watched myth-buster do the golf ball car and alot of that is in racing well almost all of it really... about arrow dynamics. but its costly to do testing in a wind tunnel witch is why the people that win can spend more money testing... but there are also regulations in racing well you cant go too fast for safety. not in till they have a way of making it way more safe the it will be aloud. its like thow adjustable wings on race cars that were band
  3. hard to find and cost like $300-$500 but ya...
  4. well we no that hav vac nos bout air flow for a building so they just dont seem to chime in on pc builds... we no direct cool air to the part will help but for the sake of looks we dont ducked air to the cpu cooler. and direct air to the gpu and out the side would be ideal but tempered glass is to blame. so in that case we given up a lot of performance for looks. even in wc builds it would be ideal to intake out side and dump the air back out side like we use to do... if we are talking about how the air flow thows the fan well there better desines the help i
  5. it has air in the front? oh i looked at it and it was solid in the front but 2 intake on the sides. case like these are not as bad for air but still restrictive. this is the case right? hmm has a weird baffle in the front im baffled by it....
  6. ya the info on the box is proven to not be right. and we dont have a way of testing it. people have tried for years. gn is working on something to test it in there new studio and will cost $30,000usd for it. un till then all numbers and test are no 100% accrete. its proven higher dbs fans may be louder but the pitch may seem quieter and it all depends on what your ears can hear so.... most people run the fan slow at idle and max when gaming if they use headphones. if they dont then you find a fan curve that you can tolerate. if you need more cooling look at other options before go
  7. having lots of fans means nothing if it cant get air...
  8. hmm ya ied say a better case is needed. the cost of buying a new case + water cooling you could have just built two pcs...but whats the fun in that i guess.
  9. and whats the gpu temp? 55-60 is not hot... the case fans are probably crap probably so the top back fan dose something. i bet if you move 1 top fan to the back and remove all the top fans you see the same temps. hears what i would try. the be-quite fans one in the front top intake, one in the back exhaust and put the other 2 fans on the bottom as intake.
  10. ya im just guessing based off the info i still dont no what case and what fans are in the front. but if you got air form the front and its a tower cooler the top fans dont do much. posably the back top fan intake might reduce vrm temps but that about it but i think it migh mess with the cpu cooler exhust. and posably push the gpu hot air back down to the gpu to re suck in making the gpu hotter. i also dont no what the temps are or if there even bad. dont no what gpu is. all i get is some fans air louder and gpu might be hot?
  11. i think the point is everything has planed opalescence build it. when we should make things last instead. if you think about it a game console is sapos to be a laptop like and have everything soldered to it make it cheap to make. so you should get more performance for your droller. but laptops are just expensive for the sake of it. laptops that you can change the cpu most items you pay extra to have that ability and by the time you want to upgrade it time to upgrade anyway. besides laptops are strange they have a "fast cpu" witch then thermal throttles... so what the point. why
  12. just take the top fans from the top and add them to the bottom. they dont do much at the top. the top front fan will steal air away from the cpu cooler making it worse