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    victoria bc
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    computer, paintball, videogames
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    stock shelves


  • CPU
    i5 6600k
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    z170 mark 1
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    16gb corsair dominator platinum 3000mhz
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    Gtx 1080 gigabite g1 winforce
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    thermaltake core wpp200
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    mushkin ssd 480gb
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    Corsair RM650i
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    BenQ GL2450
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    noctua d15
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    red Logitech Mx 510
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    windows 7

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  1. gamers nexus test is done with 2 fans in front and 1 in the back at lest his stranded case test that is so...passably more fans could improve it but more fans also add more dbs and air flow is more imported then just max fans. how the air gets to the components is imported.
  2. you need a usb controller or manual controller to control the 5v argb fans. if you want to make your argb fans dume and act like rgb fans the you can try the convertor but i dont recommend it.
  3. that wont work... 5v 3pin argb uses data not voltage to control the rgb
  4. oh the problem is only having an rgb mb header? if so then ya buy all rgb fans or buy an usb controller manual or software controlled. there is an convertor to convert 5v device to rgb12 mb header but i dont recommend it.
  5. notices the r and g is witched on this mb
  6. oh you can buy a hub i recommend an powered hub by sata or molex
  7. i would buy another argb fan to replace the rgb
  8. rgb = red, greed, blue. this can be ground and positive red12v, positive green12v, and positive blue12v. but it can also be positive 12v, ground red, ground green, ground blue well standard rgb 4pin 12v and argb 5v 3pin but you can also buy 4pin argb as well as rgb 5v and argb 12v then theres the 5pin 12v rgbw witch just add white in there. some strips can also be wired rbg instead of rgb why i dont no...
  9. MX330-X and MX331-X are slim case so cpu cooler height might be a problem and can only mount 120mm fans. but if you can find it cheap its hard to beat. heres a list i did from cheap to about $150ish range and all should have mesh front or some cooling Antec GX202 2whight led fans Cougar MX330-X no window slim 120mm fans only low cpu cooler hight Cougar MX330 acrlic window slim 120mm fans only low cpu cooler hight Cougar MX330-G temperd glass slim 120mm fans only low cpu cooler hight Fractal Design Focus G 2whight led fans black,whight,blue, red RAIJINTEK PONOS
  10. not the c450m as it has no mesh front.
  11. hes a youtuber and has to do things to put food on his workers tables. he dose make mistakes. and part is entertainment. he also heavy in to marketing as well.
  12. i was trying to install windows 7 on an m.2 only laptop and well i tried everything that lead to making a usb stick for install the os and it SO much faster.... should have done it years ago... just installed 98se with a usb stick so ya i got more usb sticks in the mail so i can make a xp usb stick. other then stick an disc drive in to fill an hole in the 5.25 bay is what ill probably use em for.