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    i5 6600k
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    z170 mark 1
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    16gb corsair dominator platinum 3000mhz
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    Gtx 1080 gigabite g1 winforce
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    thermaltake core wpp200
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    Corsair RM650i
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    red Logitech Mx 510
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  1. well i dont think to have the psu on the top just to proven flooding... but back in the day there was not much in terms of air flow thow cpus only usd like 80mm fans maybe 92 and psus had 1 or 2 80mmfans on it to help with the cooling. some cases had an 80mm up front but that was rare and it would be block by a full front and an small gap of air at the bottem of the front pannel not to metion the holes for the fan ware really small so its like many be add %10 more air to the case. when case started to get windows it is when people stated to compane of having the psu on top as on th
  2. i no some older psu used 120mm and newer used 120,135,140mm fans but some dont seem to turn on the fan at all or is vary slow and quiet so the usefulness of it may not be all that. there are also psu can can cause coil wine but if you get an good name bran it should be fine. long time ago i got this full modular psu that had light up plugs and it had mad coil wine so i trade my dad for another psu..i spent like $160 at the time on it i think...
  3. depending on the psu it can act like an top fan.
  4. that's an jst-sm connector. looks like the wight should be 5v midel data and last one ground.
  5. its 10.23pm here i live in bc Canada my name is andrew. ya i my self thoght aqua computer was expensive but i was quieres so i own the both corsair node and commander, nzxt, both coolermaster rgb and argb, thermatake and aquacomputer 5.25 bay controller (has rgb) and i also got the argb controller as well. if i like that set up ill tray and convert all my rgb stuff to that... haha im watching the 120mm fan test. i was thinking on doing this too but never got around to it plus i cant document it vary well anyway. i myself got the Gentle Typhoon pwm fans for my rads and corsair hd fa
  6. ya ill have to wach your other videos. i myself are not good at spelling or writing so w/e i do or try and make diagrams)in paint) its going to look like crap...but i try at least. the more videos explaining the better imo. there are so many different produks with many different convertors and software it gets confusing fast. when i first started looking in to rgb i was planing to put many fans in my pc and i really didn't no anything and i was going to put cooler master rgb 140mm fans and i got 2 packs of 3.. (good thing i only got that...) well the fans them self were CHEAP flime
  7. were did you get that controller? (i found it not on amazon thow...yet) i have a guide on hooking all usb controllers and most argb with each other. also have links of all the usb controllers i could find at least available to Canada.
  8. you just dont understand and i cant exsplane it any better best of luck.
  9. the first pic has the built in case controler youcan hook stander argb devices in to that and manually control it. to light up the ML240L fans used the induced manual controller for that. like i said there no way to syinc rgb with argb. or at least cheaply. any options that i give will cost more then buying argb fans for the aio instead of using the rgb fans. well hold on now there is a way but it will make your argb fans dumb and will act like rgb fans and its not 100% will work or not so its an gamble. there that and this you would h
  10. you will have to use the case controller for your argb devices and use the button on top since your mb dose not have any headers or but another controller of some sort. the ML240L comes with and rgb controller. you cant mix argb with rgb. only way to do that is to have an controller that can do both or buy 2 controllers one of each and hope the software can do both rgb and argb at the same time but i dont no how you would sinc rgb with argb thow... plus this will cost way more then just buying argb fans for the aio
  11. looks like a stander connector thow it looks small...if it don't work just cut it off i guess.
  12. theres 4pin argb too. also there are many different strips for both making it even more confusing. and some new higher tire mb now have 5v and 12v argb headers... for the most part you may be able to mix stuff but there software is based around there produces meaning no guaranty plus if you add more or less leds well using there software some animations wont look right. so only random animation can be use.