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    Saskatchewan, Canada
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    CS Student who shouldn't be spending as much time on here as he should
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    Studying Computer Science & Interactive Systems Design


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    R5 3600 @ 4.1 Ghz
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    B450 Tomahawk MAX
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    16GB Corsair Vengeance
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    GTX 1080
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    Define C TG
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    1TB S11 Pro, 2TB Seagate Compute
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    750w EVGA G2
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    MX34VQ, GW2765HT
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    Noctua D15
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    Keychron K6, KAT keycaps
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    Logitech G Pro Wireless
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    DT 770 Pro's, DT 990 Pro's, E10k
    Modmic Uni
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    XPS 13

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  1. Meshify C is the same price, arguably a better case all round
  2. DDR = Double Data Rate 1600 is accurate Woops What speed is set in the bios? Tbh I don't trust task manager
  3. Unfortunate. If you had to pick out of those two then, I'd probably be going with razer's
  4. If it is possible to squeeze another 20$ out, you can get the MH751's which is literally the best gaming headset before getting into audiophile headphones
  5. Cpp pretty much follows the same format and everything as C. Just the compiling commands are different It looks like your tab spacing on the second and third commands are too much
  6. Are you looking for something good or something to do the job?
  7. Most likely, if the board was produced since ~August last year
  8. -Locked- Please use status updates for content such as this
  9. There is a free two hour course on Udemy that is extremely resourceful for starting in Unity.
  10. Well you'd be missing a fair few keys, majority of the right side of your board
  11. TMK yes It *Looks* like the rest of the shift keys, caps, etc are all pretty standard
  12. No they won't Your bottom row is quite different from most keyboards. The key size isn't a standard format