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  1. 1.6k for a 1080p and 7700HQ and a 1060 6gb no..
  2. The performance loss is negligible (3-5% possibly, maybe) on newer architectures and the older ones have a larger performance hit, ~20% or so as you say at max (maybe core 2 duo era?) if it just requires CUDA, go for the i9 that has more PCIe lanes (more PCIe lanes, more GPUs can be used for compute, 8700k only has 16 lanes)
  3. No Signal after GPU clean up

    do they spin at 100%, as loud as possible? if they do, dead GPU.
  4. Which CPU will have a longer life time?

    1700 more cores, can be overclocked to be slightly higher than 8700 (not k)'s stock speed, AM4 will be supported until 2020.
  5. Why is 30fps in console better than 30fps on PC?

    frame latency is always the same, FPS is mostly the same all around and optimized to be played around 30fps at all times
  6. 1. 5400RPM 2.5" HDD w/ bad sectors

    2. 64GB Lexar class 10 SD Card

    3. 7200RPM 2.5" HDD w/ bad sectors



    the 5400 one does the best in windows responsiveness for some reason, and the SD card is just for comparison as to how shit these drives are.

    1. ARikozuM


      5400rpm allows more data to be grabbed by one pass. I think WD and Seagate need to start using their daughter company's (HGST and LaCie) tech for themselves since they're accomplishing quite a lot. 

    2. manikyath


      yesterday at work we harvested a drive with what we thought was a corrupted windows install.. 655817 bad sectors (no, thats not a typo), and it was going stronk..

  7. some motherboards will support both AHCI and NVMe, some will only support NVMe If you're going m.2 2280, then you might as well get a NVMe one instead of a regular SATA one, no point in going m.2 if you go SATA.
  8. Benefits of custom loop without overclocking

    looks nice quieter con: expensive useless
  9. no, the keyboard is just very annoying and difficult to replace and remove.
  10. either something in my backpack is scratching my lid (so, my binder, or paper..), or le no go's laptop lid is fucking.... god awful durability..



    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. themctipers


      random $10 roots from 2012 or so


      it works 

    3. themctipers


      i have it sitting behind a binder, although the back of the front is facing the back of the back pack and the back of the laptop is facing the binder..

    4. givingtnt


      vinyl wrap time :D 

  11. RIP Avicii

    1. techstorm970
    2. 8uhbbhu8


      What?!!! Nooooo!!!!!!!!!!!! Noo!!! 

  12. Is 31.5'' good size for 2560x1440 ?

    3840x2160 @ 24 or 27" 4k where it at
  13. 2600 vs 2600x

    better stock cooler, overclocked a bit out of box, maybe binned slightly higher
  14. waiting for this to become a disappointment like allo, and having 0 more carriers supporting this..
  15. Would you pull down your pants for any TV you wanted?

    it's comfortable, wrap yourself in blanket, be warm, drink milk tea and eat food while catching up on your subscription feed