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    i7 3770k 4.4ghz
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    ASUS P8Z77-V LE
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    24GB DDR3 1333mhz cas10
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    Zotac GTX 1070
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    C750 multimedia computer system
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    240GB 850 evo
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    EVGA 600b
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    ASUS MG28U // LG 27UD69P
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    FrostWin V2
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    busted iphone 5 speaker
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  1. CPU or RAM

    CPU then try to get GPU
  2. CPU or RAM

    are you running out of ram or are you cpu constrained ?
  3. i fix the wear (some of it) by erasing the top of it with an eraser its.. better, and that is not a thonkpad; that's a 3000 n100
  4. core i9 in a laptop hot hot hot! im waiting for new thonkpads to come out ..
  5. Gtx 1070, how much would you spend right now?

    $600 because I bought one at $600 in march it was the cheapest CAD is trash
  6. lmao what ? People actually enabled the snapchat location stalk feature




    1. Mr.Meerkat
    2. Max_Settings


      Yep, TBH everyone who didn’t enable it totally uses it to stalk people 😂

    3. FloRolf
  7. you should be folding on your GPU, not your CPU not worth folding on CPU
  8. i5-8600k temps

    cooler is fine, and the fan is working too probably means you need a new and better cooler? it doesn't have enough surface area for the heat generated from your CPU or something..?
  9. Red screen crash! Help!

    event viewer the red screens of crash I get are usually gpu related.
  10. K95 - $100 USD? my asus monitor - $300 USD? G502 - $60 USD? basement has speakers - $0 but weighs 75 pounds or something
  11. Intel graphics card? RUMOR

    Intel is too expensive for consoles and this is why they run AMD APUs that cost maybe $100
  12. 8100 too toasty

    it's fine, stock cooler is poo and prime95 uses AVX (heat your CPU up a lot 🔥)
  13. Intel graphics card? RUMOR

    I would love to see iris pro in ultraboo CPUs and desktop pentium/i3s. High end iGPU in high end CPU doesn't make sense to me because it'll have a higher chance of having a dGPU instead of using the iGPU