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About themctipers

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    IPS is overrated
  • Birthday 2003-04-14

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    lets battle.. dot net
  • Discord
    https://discord.gg/C2utrU5 add me there
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    The ORIGIN of my depression Is origin
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    I don't have a star citizen.. someday
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    tweet tweet
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    on my phone
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    furries, scalies, computers,
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    did you know i joined ltt when i was 10?
  • Occupation
    doing random stuff here and there and hoping it works


  • CPU
    i5 8350u
  • Motherboard
    Lenovo T480
  • RAM
    1x16GB + 1x8GB SODIMM DDR4 2400MHz
  • GPU
    Nvidia MX150 / Intel UHD 620
  • Case
    Lenovo T480
  • Storage
    1TB Samsung 860 Evo
  • PSU
    Apple 87w USB C Charger
  • Display(s)
    AUO B140QAN02.3
  • Cooling
    2 heatpipe T480
  • Keyboard
    Non Backlit T480 US Keyboard
  • Mouse
    Soft Dome Trackpoint + G502
  • Sound
    busted iphone 5 speaker
  • Operating System
    winblows 98
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  1. themctipers

    My Pc can't stream videos in 1080p?

    can you be more specific? is the video lagging, or are you unable to select 1080p?
  2. themctipers

    Is 450 Watt Enough?

    which power supply?
  3. fun fact: logitech unifying receiver not only works with the device that you bought it with but you can make it pair with other unifying devices

    I have a bunch of random logitech things collected over the years because lost the receivers and well I can use them now

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. manikyath


      @Ryan_Vickers why not both?


      the MX Master 2S and MX Anywhere 2S both allow pairing both bluetooth and unify, and allow pairing up to 3 of them. they even have a piece of software that switches the mouse to another input when you slam it towards the side of your screen. kind of like synergy but on the actual mouse rather than the PC side.

    3. Ryan_Vickers


      Well, yeah both is best of both worlds, but if I had to choose...

    4. manikyath


      @Ryan_Vickers thats why when i have to choose, i choose logitech.

  4. themctipers

    New Vega 64! Need help!

    looks new != is new system specs?
  5. 🤔 Evil muffin is evil...

    1. Mr.Meerkat


      Who told you to come out of your hat? Next time, you'll be deported to China ;).

    2. themctipers


      the muffin is great

  6. themctipers

    How Many Computers Do You Have?

    use: 3, usually only two. ThinkPad T480, desktop (in signature), and Lenovo 3000 N100 with T7600 own: 4 working laptops, 6 broken/not completely working laptops another desktop with a i3 530 and 6GB of ram
  7. themctipers

    How much did you spend on PCs so far?

    novideo chipsets are scary since I use loonix on that laptop, but anything is better than GMA 950
  8. themctipers

    How much did you spend on PCs so far?

    I had a T5600 inside of a Lenovo 3000 N100 I regret not buying the T7600 two years earlier, because that was my main laptop for a while before I got my T480 and T5600 barely chugged along running firefox quantum i945 is painful, 3GB of maximum addressable ram with a 64bit CPU...
  9. themctipers

    How much did you spend on PCs so far?

    laptop: 2.2k, 15$ T7600 desktop: 80$ ram, 250$ for a 760, -125 for selling my 1070 for more than I paid for it, 180$ SSD, 120$ SSD, 300$ HDD
  10. @GeneXiS_X (he knows things about laptops)
  11. the acer swift 3 gets recommendations from r/suggestalaptop's discord for being a cheap ultrabook that I assume works well and can cTDP up that is pretty decent at it's price point for price/performance, "cheapest thing worth buying", although the display is terrible I think most ultrabooks nowadays don't have enough room for a 2.5" HDD/SSD, and now exclusively use a M.2 2280 drive I own a ThinkPad T480 with an i5 8350u, MX150, WQHD, and 24GB of RAM if you have any questions about the T480, although T480 w/ anything not 768p TN and a i5 8250u might be out of your price range. I think the E/L ThinkPads have a different build but close enough to the same internals however.
  12. themctipers

    New Monitor Question

    Are you looking for more resolution so that you can use scaling and get smoother text or do you think you will be fine using 1440p / 4k at 100%? Is it possible that you can use a 27" monitor instead of a 24" for larger text / more physical screen space?
  13. GTA V online (PC) isn't that bad compared to 2016/2017

    doesn't mean that everything isn't overpriced and grindy


  14. 2015 learning about general hardware, how things work, and a general list of cpus/gpus and how their performance is 2016-2017 more about gpu and cpu perf in the real world instead of this is better than that because higher number, enough to recommend a part over another 2018 more about laptop parts / upgrading old thinkpads
  15. themctipers

    Computer for grandparents

    I've used it before, but you can't possibly fuck it to the point of it's unusable