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    IPS is overrated
  • Birthday 2003-04-14

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    lets battle.. dot net
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    https://discord.gg/C2utrU5 add me there
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    The ORIGIN of my depression Is origin
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    I don't have a star citizen.. someday
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    on my phone
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    furries, scalies, computers,
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    did you know i joined ltt when i was 10?
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    doing random stuff here and there and hoping it works


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    i5 8350u
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    Lenovo T480
  • RAM
    1x16GB + 1x8GB SODIMM DDR4 2400MHz
  • GPU
    Nvidia MX150 / Intel UHD 620
  • Case
    Lenovo T480
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    1TB Samsung 860 Evo
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    Apple 87w USB C Charger
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    AUO B140QAN02.3
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    2 heatpipe T480
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    Non Backlit T480 US Keyboard
  • Mouse
    Soft Dome Trackpoint + G502
  • Sound
    busted iphone 5 speaker
  • Operating System
    winblows 98
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  1. rip 5tb wd blue

    2016 - 2018


    for 1.5 years, you sat on a nice dry shelf, unpowered. why are you unreadable now? at least the drive isn't completely fucked - but it might as well be when it's catastrophic data failure, leading to nothing being able to be read again.


    edit: yes I have a backup, only thing lost was a nice 50GB image of my T480's original HDD from the factory, in case I needed anything from that.

  2. https://haveibeenpwned.com/PwnedWebsites#Technic


    technic launcher forums / wiki has been breached, passwords, emails, messages leaked

    salt has been compromised, but bcrypt hashes with work factor of 13

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Jtalk4456


      ahhh... are you saying people were on the technic forum??

    3. themctipers
    4. vorticalbox


      Work factor 13 is pretty decent for user passwords at work we use 10.

  3. I folded because I wanted the badge, I felt like continuing folding to get the 25m badge, then I realize that I only made ~1m points that month with my current GPU.
  4. the JBL GO 2 sounds impressive for being a waterproof Bluetooth speaker for $30 CAD

    Or is it just the EQ preset..

  5. how to increase safari tab limit


    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. themctipers


      chrome would be great if it wouldn't call it a crash every time my phone resprings (sadly somewhat common because >9.1 jailbreak)

      firefox would be good too, if it didn't require iOS 11 to download

    3. DrMacintosh


      Close your tabs. The solution isn’t more tabs, it’s fixing your problem with opening too many tabs!

    4. CUDAcores89
  6. themctipers

    Anybody know a 2:1 monitor? (18:9)

    no because no no
  7. request desktop site in safari doesn't work with apple's website on an iPhone 

    1. Ryan_Vickers


      I would expect no less.  Remember when you needed a dongle to connect your brand new iPhone to the brand new MacBook?  Such a tightly integrated cohesive ecosystem 👌

  8. image.png.32db3f0de9b262f637b189f3654e7e09.png


    don't forget that when windows says GB or MB, it's GiB and MiB, you can have perfectly sized partitions by finding the GiB you want, converting to MiB, then adding one to it 

  9. themctipers

    Going to buy a Surface Laptop 2

    why? what are you using it for? any specific reason to go for a surface laptop 2?
  10. themctipers

    Valve discontinues production of Steam Link

    I bought the steam link for the hdmi, ethenet, and power brick. Don't care about the steam link itself
  11. MBA's display brightness is slightly dimmer than my T480 at full brightness, and the MBP's brightness is slightly brighter than my T480

    both MBA and MBP are glass topped 

    MBA still insanely holy shit thin 


    iPhone Xr's PPI issue, I can't see it. Standard normal distance for me of using phone, and reading text, I cannot tell the difference. Move in a bit closer (in bed using phone territory), you can slightly tell, but idc


    iPhone Xr had noticeable bezels on the side that are similar to my 6s. I wouldn't be the one that would bitch about it - but I am because it's extra thick and it's the first thing I've noticed when looking at the Xr and comparing it to my 6s plus. 


    iPad Pro is insanely thin once again. Good aesthetics. 120hz instantly noticeable just by unlocking the iPad. Nothing else to say other than it's a iPad. 


    HomePods actually sound surprisingly good, just like what Apple said. Although they had multiple chained up together in the store playing the same song, it all sounded good. That either means that one sounds eh on its own but superior together, or they all sound good, they just need multiple to fill up the whole store. 


    also bestbuy sells computer hardware, and now SSDs, it feels like they're actually gaining customers now every time I visit

    1. Techstorm970


      Apple gets shat on too much, tbh.  They have shortcomings (and overpriced stuff), but they've done some cool/smart things.  The security chips are great!  Offloading the OS tasks to an ARM CPU is great!  The iPhone XR is actually a brilliant phone, and no, the slightly lower resolution doesn't make a big difference.  Besides, the iPhone XR camera is actually slightly BETTER than the XS camera for typical use cases.  Also, the XR's aluminum is a cheaper and lighter but BETTER material for a glass-coated phone than the XS's stainless steel because it's more flexible.  You can bend it without breaking it thanks to that material (this amounts to it being slightly more shatter-proof).  MacBook Air has always been a personal favorite for thin-and-light users.  LG Gram and HP Spectre ain't got sh*t on MBA anymore!!!


      Yeah Best Buy has done that for a while now, but they're putting more effort into it recently.  I think it is smart on their part.


      (Just for the record, a 4k-screened smartphone is such a dumbass idea.  1080p vs 4k would not be discernible at that screen size.  Plus, the extra pixels would require extra power, I bet.)

    2. themctipers


      Xr is eh phone to me, good value, feels like a 5c to me though, I want to be feeling it's the new one not the feels like my old one but like internals are better .. even though A9 doesn't hiccup at all with a jailbreak on 10.3.3


      it's good for people that can oversee that, but for me, I can't because 



      MBA is still a meme to me because it's using m5/m7 CPUs and not 'real' i5/i7. M series is actually pretty good for the power consumption that it does, but at the same time, pentium gold.. also, I would think that people would be doing more on their macbook airs than what a m5/m7 allows it to do, just like how I want to do more with my ULV i5, but at the same time, it's a facebook machine, it'll do fine

  12. themctipers

    Have you ever owned an Apple device?

    is it really, for a three year old device?
  13. themctipers

    Have you ever owned an Apple device?

    449 us is still quite a bit
  14. themctipers

    Have you ever owned an Apple device?

    iPhone 3G iPhone 4 iPhone 5 iPhone 6s+ iPad Air