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    i7 3770k (stock)
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    ASUS P8Z77-V LE
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    32GB DDR3 1600mhz cas9
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    Zotac GTX 1070
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    C750 multimedia computer system
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    180GB Intel 520 SSD
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    EVGA 600b
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    ASUS MG28U // ASUS VE278H
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    FrostWin V2
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    Onkyo M-508/P-308, Altec Lansing Subwoofer, Panasonic SB-FS900
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    MacOS Sierra
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  1. doesn't matter, as long as it is not prime95.
  2. doesn't matter i couldn't get even 0.1 under load
  3. this generation: ryzen last generation: FX don't buy FX. its IPC is from 2010 best is 1800x, but you can overclock a 1700 to be the same as a 1800x 1700 - 8 core, overclockable 1700x - 8 core, overclockable, factory overclocked 1800x - 8 core, overclockable, factory overclocked 1600 - 6 core, overclockable 1600x - 6 core, overclockable, factory overclocked 1500x - 4 core, 8 thread, overclockable, factory overclocked 1400 - 4 core, 8 thread, overclockable 1100 - 4 core, 4 threads, overclockable 1300x - 4 core, 4 threads, overclockable, factory overclocked
  4. intel XTU stess test, intelburntest, use the quote button
  5. 1600, 8700k is $150 more expensive with at least a $35 more expensive motherboard while giving you only slightly better FPS in gaming also AM4 has a upgrade path for at least until 2020
  6. the one review of it, or well one blurb on thw is that its shit and you should replace it
  7. idk, we got that internet package in 2014
  8. we have unlimited phone and 20 channels
  9. pay 100 for 100/10, get 200/10.
  10. rogers: have cable lol, 200/10 for $100 bell: lolool cable, we can beat that with OUR DSL at sub megabit! $100 too!
  11. i think you're all forgetting how stupid the general population is. someone in the world is going: ah shit, today is raining, guess google will be slower or not work today.
  12. apu

    you need a quote if they have 15w parts, yay!
  13. save it why spend it when you don't need to? -- 32gb of ram is much more useful than a used imac. a used imac you're going to get is probably something along the lines of a g3 or a g5, apple stuff has stupidly high resell value.