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  1. I still see there being a difference between TLC and QLC, but it might just be MLC and QLC, MLC for people who are too worried about SSD lifespan for me or people with too much money and QLC for everyone else for purposes if it does get better endurance than.. QLC. If it stays the same, so shit, QLC will become HDD and MLC/TLC for OS/shit.
  2. Huge frametime issue/stuttering in most games

    try disabling vsync in the games that have stutter, it fixes most of the stuttering issues for me in my games.
  3. click the MemOK! button on the motherboard, should be near the light
  4. I see it as a cheap QLC SSD is ~$50 CAD at 256GB, as a 'starter' SSD, or just a scratch disk, or for your mom's old netbook, TLC/MLC will remain for high performance / reliability required areas like OS for main desktop but QLC will take over those large SSDs
  5. We're at a point where 3D TLC is fine for most people but MLC is still preferred against TLC QLC, no fucking way. Only as a cheap storage drive which hopefully is what this technology will bring. Replace HDD with cheap QLC SSD, important stuff on TLC or MLC.
  6. How much I should spend for psu

    https://de.pcpartpicker.com/product/WrNypg/seasonic-focus-plus-gold-650w-80-gold-certified-fully-modular-atx-power-supply-ssr-650fx PSU is very important so don't skimp out on it.
  7. M.2 SSD

    I recommend getting a large 2.5" SATA SSD for games. You can have more games installed on a larger SSD than a smaller SSD + HDD combo. If you don't already have a M.2 SSD for Windows then you can get a ~500GB NVMe SSD for Windows + a couple of games and programs. Personally I don't think it's worth going from a regular 2.5" SSD to a NVMe SSD because it is only slightly better responsiveness in Windows and in launching up programs.
  8. Motherboard for future upgrade

    consider ryzen for your upgrade, much better price/performance and better longevity in terms of future CPU support; AM4 is supported up to 2020 by AMD. There won't be consumer Intel motherboards with 2x 16x PCIe 3.0 slots because the CPU is limited to 16 lanes, the rest of the slots is from the chipset. 300 series chipsets only support DDR4, so no DDR3/L, and your ATX power supply will work with the new motherboard. Don't recommend SLI for 1050tis, just sell the 1050ti and get a single, more powerful GPU. It'll perform better in pretty much all games.
  9. M.2 SSD

    it means that it can take a M.2 SATA SSD or a M.2 NVMe SSD. You can buy M.2 SSDs in either NVMe or SATA varient, it depends on which drive you get for the motherboard to run at what speed. NVMe SSD inside that slot = NVMe speeds, SATA SSD inside that slot = SATA speeds.
  10. Which RAM is better at cooling?

    I just have one for main PC storage, most of my data is either working (downloads folder, movies I want to watch, games, etc) or archive (family photos, finished projects, backups), and so my gold drive is for working and my cold storage drives (unplugged and in boxes) just contain my archive data. Ambient here is ~24c, but I have no airflow to my HDD, using some 1998 PC case with bad airflow, just have the case panel off.
  11. use wiztree to find out what / which folder is taking up most of the space
  12. Re-paste a GPU?

    consider adjusting the fan curve of your GPU before opening it up and repasting, unless it's really hot. Generally you don't have to repaste NEW GPUs until after a year or two because the temps are just fine
  13. Which RAM is better at cooling?

    adding to this, 7200rpm drives are super hot in my experience, as long as it's rated for it then don't worry too much, just be slightly weary my WD Gold 6TB HDD goes up to 50c during idle/operation, but it's rated up to 60c so it should be fine but regular backups won't do any harm
  14. Buying a second hand GPU

    test it out in person I guess 15 minutes in furmark should validate stability