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  1. Is keeping your phone on charge all night bad?

    myth, fact for older phones (think decade old, pre lipo/lion without sufficient protection circuits)
  2. [DirectCanada] [CA] $390 i7 7700k

    closer to 450 but still eeh. tax in ontario.. before i remember it being something like 1.31 cad = 1 usd
  3. [DirectCanada] [CA] $390 i7 7700k

    i really should've picked up that $48 1tb WD Blue at canada computers (gone since yesterday iirc) damn store so far away, and damn no card..
  4. [DirectCanada] [CA] $390 i7 7700k

    lowest it's ever been
  5. Canada computer's website got a makeover.



    Instead of using all the width of my monitor, it now looks like it only fits on 4:3.


  6. [DirectCanada] [CA] $390 i7 7700k

    https://www.directcanada.com/products/?sku=12201137588 a couple of weeks ago this was $500..
  7. GTX 970 for $170 or 1060 3gb for $200

    but you can its just complete shit
  8. Intel Loihi

    ah shit i thought this was after icelake or some shit ivy -> devils cannon / haswell -> skylake = kaby lake = coffee lake +2 cores = cannon lake but for mobile only (and 10nm)
  9. GTX 970 for $170 or 1060 3gb for $200

    you mean a deflated tire lol its raw performance is better but the 0.5gb is pratically useless but is still there like using iGPU with 4gb of ram, like 512mb is gone because iGPU vram but there's still 4gb, just 3.5gb usable
  10. Setting Up A Proxy Server At Home

    don't forget to set your port to 80 (in case they block anything that isn't 80, which is standard http port)
  11. GTX 970 for $170 or 1060 3gb for $200

    still 4gb
  12. GTX 970 for $170 or 1060 3gb for $200

    you mean 1gb
  13. GTX 970 for $170 or 1060 3gb for $200

    970. pretty sure the 970 competes with the 580/1060 6g.
  14. Corsair SP120 High Performance Edition any good?

    first one isn't from Amazon (I must order from Amazon, or buy at a retail location in Canada computers) second one is $47 and is single fan, not dual pack. Budget is $35 or lower for TWO fans ($35 total), and on Amazon.