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    Aerospace engineering student


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    Ryzen 9 3950x
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    Gigabyte Aorus X570 Xtreme
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    Corsair Dominator Plantium 32gb 3466mhz OC to 3733@cl15
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    RTX 3080 ftw3 ultra +105 core +1000vmem on xoc bios
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    Phanteks Enthoo 719
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    Pcie gen 3 ssd
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    Corsair hx850i
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    Dell 1440p 144hz, 2 1080p 60hz random monitors
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    Custom loop
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    Corsair k68 rgb
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    Logitech g900
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    Logitech z623
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    HP Omen 15. I7 9750h, GTX 1650 oc +155 core +455vmem, 16gb ddr4. and 500gb nvme m.2
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    Samsung Galaxy note 20 ultra

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  1. Ok, i'll clean it out. Does ek cryo fluid have a tendency of clogging? I thought it wouldn't since its clear and there's no color dyes. So do you believe it is just normal wear and tear like the corsair representative said?
  2. Hello, I have a corsair xd5 pump reservoir combo that I think might have stopped working. It started when I saw my CPU temperature get up to 102C when under the same heavy load it usually gets to 75C. My loop consists of 1 corsair CPU block at the moment, 2 480mm black ice radiators, and 1 360 black ice radiator. when the temperature got high, all the fans were at 100% which is normal so I felt the pump and there was no vibration at or around the D5 pump. The tube directly out of the outport also had no vibration from the force of the pump hitting it. The top of the reservoir is also not
  3. Hello, For some reason my pc shows two coppies of windows 10 but only one is usable which is the top one. Is there anyway to remove the second windows 10 option? Thank you in advance
  4. oh ok, makes sense. I just ended up putting it on a usb flash drive
  5. Hello, does anyone know if there's any tricks that allow windows media creation tool save to a standard DVD? I have a 4.7gb standard dvd and windows 10 64 bit cannot download to it since it's too small, it has 4.36gb usable space even with using the dvd option
  6. Yeah backpacks like that are exactly what I'm looking for. I've never heard of that company before but I'll take a look at them. Thank you
  7. Hello, Does anyone have any suggestions for a backpack that holds a 15in laptop and has tech organization plus secure water bottle pockets for college that is also large enough for a binder/text book? I found a high sierra backpack called the Endeavor Elite 2.0 Backpack but it does not feature secure water bottle pockets but it has all the other requirements. Thank you in advance
  8. Actually do you have any ideas on how to test to see if it's the mobo or cpu?
  9. Hello, are these artifacts? They started occuring yesterday and only on one monitor when I turn it on. It's static and a restart fixes it
  10. How is firefox with syncing between phone and pc?
  11. Oh ok. Are there any web browsers that have any benefits or are they all just the same now a days?
  12. Hello, I've been using Google chrome for years now and now a days I'm using microsoft office 365 a lot more with school/jobs and I was wondering if microsoft edge has any useful productivity features that I could take advantage of? It would be on my computers and android phone. Since I use mostly microsoft products for work and not so much google products anymore like I used to. Thanks in advanced
  13. Ok cool. Just curious, what would you consider the highest end blocks?
  14. Technically $178 is a lot cheaper then the optimus block at $380 but thats good. any idea on how good the ek is with thermal performance?