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    Aerospace engineering student


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    Ryzen 9 3950x
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    Gigabyte Aorus X570 Xtreme
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    Corsair Dominator Plantium 32gb 3466mhz OC to 3733@cl15
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    RTX 3080 ftw3 ultra +105 core +1000vmem on xoc bios
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    Phanteks Enthoo 719
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    Pcie gen 3 ssd
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    Corsair hx850i
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    Dell 1440p 144hz, 2 1080p 60hz random monitors
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    Custom loop
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    Corsair k68 rgb
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    Logitech g900
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    Logitech z623
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    HP Omen 15. I7 9750h, GTX 1650 oc +155 core +455vmem, 16gb ddr4. and 500gb nvme m.2
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    Samsung Galaxy note 20 ultra

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  1. Oh ok. I just ordered a c910 for $32 since the c920 was too much
  2. @Exidoror this one too https://www.logitech.com/en-us/products/webcams/c270-hd-webcam.960-000694.html?crid=34
  3. Would not of thought it was that old lol Here's the one my dad recommended, i'll definitely purchase a used c910 if you think it's better https://www.amazon.com/dp/B088D1C9JL/ref=cm_sw_r_u_apa_fabc_DqIaGb7BZ2GF4?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1
  4. Ok cool. Does the one at the ebay link look like a good one?
  5. Used like this one? https://www.ebay.com/itm/Logitech-C910-Carl-Zeiss-Tessa-Hd-Webcam/333852497441?hash=item4dbb28d621:g:R04AAOSwYDVf-hIF The c920 is a bit to expensive. What features does the c920 have that the c910 doesnt and what's the benefits of these webcams say over the $10-20 ones on Amazon?
  6. Hello, I need a webcam since i'm doing college online. What webcams do you guys suggest that are under $50 and I would like it to be at least 1080p. Thanks in advanced
  7. Never heard of this news source before, has anyone else heard this before?58672090_Screenshot_20201229-081607_GoogleNews.thumb.jpg.dd3093204c09a3581436a7a63e5bd5c1.jpg

    1. Levent


      Another anus website posting shit from website that shit rumors like they have diarrhea 24/7. Another wccftech wannabe. 

      This the link to the said article:


      this the their alleged link (which has nothing to do with the article that linked it but also a shitpost site)


  8. Thanks for the article. It does deal with older hardware but solidworks utilizing quadros more then geforce cards is still true today
  9. Ok cool. I was looking at the quadro p4000 since you can find it for half the price of the RTX 4000 used and it being pascal it has roughly the same performance as a GTX 980. I'm an engineering student and with everything going on I need to work from home a lot more often with solidworks
  10. Hello, what do you guys think of a quadro p4000 vs a RTX 3080 for solidworks/cad? I already own a RTX 3080 but I've read that quadros are better for cad and stuff which is why solidworks natively only supports quardos and not gaming gpus. So I am wondering would a quadro be better performance wise for that task? I've been using my RTX 3080 but it's slow at rendering visuals with realview graphics and shaded edge models so I am wondering if a quadro could make that more smoother. Thanks in advanced
  11. The software only allows Quadros nativily for rendering but I've modded the software to take advantage of the RTX 3080 but I was thinking there must be a reason why the software only allows quadros nativily and that quadros are marketed towards more professional applications than gaming cards.
  12. Hello, I am an Aerospace engineering student and I do a lot of cad like solidworks but with doing online classes and stuff I have one computer which is my personal computer and it has a Ryzen 9 3950x 32gb cl14 ram and a RTX 3080 on a custom loop but I am getting into more design that utilizes quadros a lot more then a gaming card and I want to put a quadro in my computer to accelerate the Cad software and I know that there are driver conflicts with running a quadro and a gaming card in the same pc so I was wondering if this could be worked around by using a virtual machine where the main opera
  13. I have that exact card on a gigabyte aorus x570 xtreme with no spacing issues but it sounds more like a motherboard issue since you said you had to bend the metal