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    FX 8350 @ 4.5GHZ
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    M5A99FX Pro R2.0
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    16GB @ 1600Mhz
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    Radeon 5700 mega bottleneck :)
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    NZXT S340
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    250gb SSD, 1tb HDD, 620gb HDD, 120gb SSD
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    600 Watt crap
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    LG 2k 144hz IPS 27" panel
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    212 EVO
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    Ducky Shine 5 Arr Gee Bee
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    Windows 10 64

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  1. Wallets are personal preference but I think some of Bellroy's offerings look good. They have some wallets that don't mention RFID like this one: https://bellroy.com/products/the-low/leather/ranger_green#slide-1
  2. I don't usually think "thock" when I see "tactile switch" in the same sentence. Linears are generally thocky. Thick large keycaps (like SA) with a plastic keyboard chassis, polycarb back plate, and some lubed linears like Alpacas would most likely be very thocky. In short, I don't think you'll get a good answer because there's many things that factor into the "thock."
  3. Looks like the monitor. GPU issues usually cause artifacts. Since the issue resolves when it has been running for a few minutes, I'm thinking thermal expansion. There might be a very small gap in an electrical connection somewhere and the heat eventually expands the metal repairing the connection until it cools down again.
  4. Anything appear in Event Viewer>Windows logs>System around the time the monitor goes dark?
  5. I had an E6400 and although I liked how it looked, it had too many shortcomings. Terrible battery life, terrible display, small trackpad and terrible thermal performance. The display and thermals were bad, it was always running hot even after replacing the thermal pads. The display had no color, it was all washed out with bad viewing angles.
  6. I currently own some Audio Technica m40x headphones that are 5 years old. The fake leather is long gone from the earpads and while I could replace them for about $20-$25, I'm also looking at other options. I recently purchased the Philips Fidelio X2HR and am.... underwhelmed. For reference I own: Sony WH-XB900N (known for their bass) and the m40x. I tend to listen to Santana when comparing headphones for their overall sound and I listen to Lorn for bass comparison. Compared to the m40x, the Fidelio's sound marginally better with slightly improved sub-bass and guitar so
  7. If the above response doesn't work, make sure your 250gb nvme drive is set as the primary boot drive in your bios. Otherwise you shouldn't have any issue using this drive. I'd just toss all of the folders on it into one folder and label it "old" or something like that. Then use it for storage.
  8. Couldn't find beep codes in the manual which is stupid. According to this post, three beep codes for AMI BIOS means Base 64K memory failure. Could be a bad stick of memory, memory that needs to be re-seated or a bad memory slot on mobo. Try reseating memory first. If no success, put the memory in a different slot. If still failure, it could be a dead memory stick. Unfortunately you mentioned you have single channel ram, which not only means you're missing out on performance but also means you have no other stick to test with.
  9. Hello, I went thrifting today and picked up a nice looking Panasonic clock radio with a vfd display. It did not come with the antenna for radio and I have no clue what kind of connection this would be. Could I simply loop a wire around it and then wave the other end of the wire around until I get some reception, or is this not how this works lol.
  10. The AKG K240 could be an alternative, I see it listed on Amazon for $67 (USD) which is slightly over your $60 budget. You're still in the budget where sometimes 30 dollar headphones might sound better than 60 dollar headphones but lack some features. For instance I've heard great things about the Koss Porta Pros in terms of sound quality for the price but they look flimsy and don't have a detachable cable.
  11. Not many good options. Maybe the Superlux HD668B.
  12. What's wrong with their price to performance? If anything the M1 chip is amazing and for the price it's great.
  13. The last time I saw a post about latency and the GMMK Pro, people mentioned it was caused by the glorious firmware. I've read that QMK fixes the issue. I personally haven't noticed any issues with latency but I also don't play FPS games that much.
  14. Could be coming from a power adapter.
  15. See if any usb drives (when connected) show up in bios. If yes, then it's software/drivers. If not, well it's likely an issue on the mainboard since the chance of both pcb's with USB ports being broken is quite low.