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    The Laundromat
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    Yuri, Plushies, Zip-Up Hoodies, Hiking, Green Tea, Good Vibes
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    Eschew 'Chew is regularly known to be the A.S.S. of A.S.S. when it comes to the Extreme Cute community.

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    AMD Ryzen 5 3600X
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    TEAMGROUP T-FORCE VULCAN Z 32 GB (2 x 16 GB) DDR4-3200
  • GPU
    ASRock Radeon RX 5600 XT Challenger D
  • Case
    Fractal Design Define 7 Compact
  • Storage
    Inland Premium 512 GB NVMe SSD
    Seagate BarraCuda 1 TB HDD
    Seagate BarraCuda 4 TB HDD
  • PSU
    EVGA SuperNOVA 650 W GA
  • Display(s)
    Sceptre E255B-1658A
  • Cooling
    Noctua NH-D15 chromax.black

    1 × Noctua NF-F12 chromax.black
    4 × Noctua NF-A14 chromax.black
  • Keyboard
    First Edition Eighty #391
    (Modded Silent L7 (TS-150g) Switches)

    (BKE Extreme Redux (90g) Rubber Domes)

    MGK64 - Den-Fi's GK64
    (Durock Lavender Switches)

    Den-Fi's NIU Mini
    (Kailh BOX Navy Switches)

    The GMMK TKL

    Den-Fi's Qisan Magicforce Numpad
    (Gateron Blue Switches)
  • Mouse
    Logitech G703
    Logitech M510
  • Sound
    Fostex HP-A4BL DAC/AMP

    Drop + HIFIMAN HE-35X
    Antlion ModMic Wireless

    FiiO FH5 + FiiO UTWS3
    FiiO FH5 + FiiO M5
  • Operating System
    Windows 10 Education 64-bit
  • Laptop
    Lenovo Thinkpad T14 (AMD)
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    Samsung Galaxy S8+
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  1. Hey there. The Logitech G915 uses low profile "GL" (i.e. Choc) switches, yes? GL / Choc Low Profile Switches That alone significantly narrows your options for compatible keycap sets. The only GL / Choc-compatible keycap sets I'm aware of are: WRK Legend (Alpha + Special Legends) / WRK Daily (Alpha Legends) / WRK Blind (Braille-Like): Coated Polycarbonate or ABS. MBK Glow Keycaps (splitkb.com): Mostly ABS, Some PBT. MBK Blank Keycaps (splidkb.com, MKUltra Corporation): PBT. No Legends. Kailh Choc Keycaps (MKUltra Corporation): Unsp
  2. TLDR: I'm not convinced that your board is compatible with aftermarket plate-mounted or PCB-mounted stabilizers. The plate above doesn't appear to be compatible with plate-mounted stabilizers. It lacks the small notches that compatible plates have (Example: Carbon Fiber Plate (DZ60)). The PCB above has rectangular holes that aren't compatible with PCB-mounted stabilizers (both screw-in and clip in variants). Example of a PCB that uses PCB-mounted stabilizers (screw-in): PCB + PCB-Mounted Stabilizers The compatible PCB has four small,
  3. That probably won't help, if the end result is the same as the linked photos. Others have taken photos of a disassembled Razer Huntsman (full-sized, but identical switches and stabilizers, I'm assuming), which I'm basing my speculation off of. Although, if your disassembly depicts a stabilizer that's different from the teardown my assessments are based on, then yes, it might help. We have a small Introduction to Custom Mechanical Keyboards. Please note that it only applies to mechanical keyboards. If your Razer Huntsman uses Razer's optical-mechanical hybrid switch a
  4. Hey there. The Razer Huntsman is equipped with optical-mechanical hybrid switches, yes? In that case, I doubt that aftermarket stabilizers -- regardless of whether they're plate-mounted or PCB-mounted -- will fit in the Razer's more-or-less proprietary board. PCB-mounted stabilizers clip in and / or screw in to the keyboard's PCB. Based off this photo of a Razer Huntsman's PCB, the PCB cutout appears to be rectangular and doesn't appear to accomodate a PCB-mounted stabilizer's screw and / or clips. Emphasis on "I doubt," as I don't have the physical product
  5. Hey there. I'm reading a dissonance between your expectations of a forum / a forum member, and LTTF's expectations (Community Standards), which -- no judgement on my part -- is perfectly acceptable. If you're dissatisfied with the forum / another person's usage of the forum, an idea would be to change either your expectations of LTTF / its members, or to suggest a more widespread change in the Forum Suggestions (no harm in a polite request). LTTF, to me, has always prioritized being inclusive. In more explicit wording -- the original intent is being respectful to eac
  6. Hey there. As minibois mentioned earlier, the TM680 right modifier keys (1.75U Right Shift, 1U Right Alt, 1U Right Fn, 1U Right Ctrl) narrows down your selection of keycap sets. TM680 Layout I'd suggest looking for keycap sets compatible with 75% boards. Examples:
  7. 20211008_180343.jpg

    FiiO UTWS3 True Wireless Bluetooth Adapter




    Den kinda be sexy?





    FiiO FH5 + FiiO UTWS3 (MMCX)

    FH5’s not included, kek.

    Also, not to be confused with FH5s.

    Tangent: FiiO is a good example of newer iterations not necessarily being better products.



    FiiO FH5 + UTWS3

    Daily drivers. 🥰



    Bluetooth Connection

    (⁄ ⁄≧⁄Д̣⁄≦⁄ ⁄)


    Test Drive - Marshall Canyon Trail

    786423780532027433.png peepos already know, but 'Chew has been going on hikes every weekend! Needa move these chonky legs, yanno. 😆


    Today's trail was Marshall Canyon Trail!


    • Total Distance: 11.2 mi
    • Elevation Gain: 1,550 ft



    Good Stuff

    • No flimsy cables to repeatedly whap against the body, to get snagged on things, or otherwise be a general annoyance.
    • Weight is a non-issue -- I’m more aware of the FiiO FH5’s weight, rather than the FiiO UTWS3. Shape and fit were fine around my ears.
    • Seamless setup and use. Bluetooth connection remained constant throughout the 4 hour hike. Button taps were responsive.
    • Case is rather thoughtfully designed. Space for both the UTWS3 + IEMs. Magnetic. USB-C charging port at the back. Charging indicator lights for the case, and for the L / R UTWS3.



    • Wouldn’t recommend these for at-home listening. I get the feeling some higher frequencies and subtleties are missing from my songs, even after EQ is applied. Not quite an issue when I’m out-and-about, with half my brain being distracted by IRL things and the other half tuning out to the music.
    • Case is bulky. I mean, it’d probably still fit in the pants pocket. It’d just... stand out. A lot. 🤣


    Shilling b5b3228dca689fa8fbe65b4581286c1baec644de.gif?v=9

    748522849681277011.png 748522849681277011.png 748522849681277011.png


    Alternatives to the FiiO UTWS3

    FiiO's not the only one with Bluetooth adapters. Note that I can't vouch for the quality or convenience of any of the below.

    Also, double-check whether your IEM's connectors are compatible (e.g. MMCX / 2-Pin 0.78mm / 2-Pin 0.75mm / Other).

    • FiiO UTWS5
    • TRN BT20S / BT20S Pro / BT30
    • KZ AZ09
    1.   Show previous replies  2 more
    2. XGoodGuyFitz


      They look comfy, do you buy a kit to make them wireless yourself, and if so, how difficult would it be to do that? not like im gonna do it anytime soon because 200$ earbuds but yk

    3. The Blackhat
    4. Eschew


      1 hour ago, XGoodGuyFitz said:

      They look comfy, do you buy a kit to make them wireless yourself, and if so, how difficult would it be to do that? not like im gonna do it anytime soon because 200$ earbuds but yk

      Erm. Not 100% certain what you mean by "kit."

      There's the UTWS3 (Bluetooth Adapter), and there's the IEM (e.g. FH5). The UTWS3 ($80-ish) is not exclusively compatible with only FiiO products (e.g. $250 FiiO FH5). You're free to select a cheaper IEM, if that's what you prefer.

      So long as the UTWS3's connectors (either MMCX or 2-Pin 0.78mm) match those on an IEM with detachable cables, the UTWS3 should be good to go.


      As for setting up, it's as easy as plugging a USB-C connector into a port. Replace USB-C with MMCX / 2-Pin.

      Then, switch on the Bluetooth adapter, get it into pairing mode, and find the UTWS3 with your phone or other device.

      After that first connection's made, once you pair up either the left or right UTWS3, the other automatically pairs up as well.

  8. Need to go east a bit more. Swim a little. Like, sedikit.
  9. Which kampung you come from, ah? It's Megamall, not Mid Valley.
  10. Hey there. I, ah, have zero personal experience with designing and producing custom PCBs, but I might be able to direct you to some resources: mini_cardboard: a 4% keyboard build log and how keyboards work by minibois: Introductory guide to minibois's 2 x 2 programmable keyboard / macropad. Concepts Covered: Switches, Microcontroller (MCU), Matrices, Electronic Components + Tools. eLiXiVy: a 65% mechanical keyboard build log, PCB anatomy and how I open-sourced this project by minibois: Detailed guide on minibois's 65% keyboard. Concepts Cover
  11. Unapologetic Self-Promotion + Shilling

    Because shiny new domain! (742801246422958150.png?size=44)

    Domain isn't mine, but it does link to my content.



    Custom Mechanical Keyboards - Vendors List

    parrot.gif https://keebvendorlist.com/ reverseparrot.gif

    • An extended and international tabulated list of vendors for keyboards, keyboard kits, keyboard parts, and artisan parts.
    • Vendors are sorted by Region, and Inventory (Essentials, Keyboard Modding, Switch Modding, Accessories, and Others).
    • Continually updated with keeb-related news, sales, discounts, and no-frills giveaways.
    • Maintained by yours truly.

    To the best of my ability, I try to avoid skewing the list or news with personal biases or tastes. The list is ordered alphabetically, and any news will have original sources attached, verbatim. That being said, new and unfamiliar storefronts will be assessed with a scrutinizing eye.


    Please note that this also means: a site being included in the list does not equate with me personally vouching for the storefront's legitimacy. While I will try to keep the list free from sketchy and scammy vendors, ultimately, I am a single person managing this list, and this single person is very much human and fallible.



    Individual Links / Internal Links

    Self-expanatory, because internal links are the best thing?! 882095375190724639.gif?size=32

    1. XGoodGuyFitz


      You make your own keyboards? nevermind im an idiot

    2. Prodigy_Smit


      Chew you do not know how much time you just saved me. I was looking around reddit and I was trying to make a list of trustworthy keeb websites, but you have done that for me TY.

  12. MGK64 Update - Smooth Criminal I tried thinking of a clever title but my brain kinda be lethargic. MGK64 + Durock Lavender Linears I got these back in mid-June, from Den. I’M SORRY I TOOK THIS LONG. I HAVE NO EXCUSES. MGK64 + Gentleman Blank XDA Keycaps $26.90 from KPrepublic (Aliexpress). Received them early-September. KPrepublic’s email marketing worked, heh. Lavender Linears + Gentleman Keycaps = Smooth Criminal. Or something. MGK64 - Durock Lavender Switches + XDA Keycaps (Fast)
  13. Hey there. Hm. What about the System 76 Launch interests you? If it's switch customizability or QMK-compatibility you're after, there are plenty of cheaper hot-swappable QMK boards, or hot-swappable QMK boards with better features and better build quality than the Launch. GMMK Pro ($170 from Glorious): 75% Layout. Hot-Swappable. Rotary Knob. Gasket-Mounted. QMK-Compatible. IDOBAO ID80 ($140 - $160 from IDOBAO): 75% Layout. Hot-Swappable. Integrated Plate. QMK-Compatible. Keychron Q1 ($150 - $180 from Keychron): 75% Layout. Hot-Swappable. Gasket-Moun
  14. Hey there. It's possible to build a custom keeb on a budget and be decently satisfied with it, assuming you aren't too nit-picky about particular parts (specifically, parts that are usually only available through limited-time group buys / pre-orders). For 60%s, DZ60 + Tofu case builds are popular -- a fair number of custom keeb parts vendors carry compatible PCBs and cases. If DZ60 builds are outside of your budget, consider the GK61 / GK64 (and other identical kits, like the SK61 / SK64, GH60, etc.). For TKLs, the ID87, GK87 / GK87S, and GMMK TKL Barebones are pro
  15. EschewStreams - Monkeytype: One Hour Warrior Challenge

    One hour of 788502319645720636.gif?v=1 ⇒ 788501181335863395.gif?v=1 ⇒ 764533767180124210.png?v=1.



    What to Expect

    • Tired after a 10 mi hike yesterday. 😂
    • Once the typing test starts, don't expect a lot of conversation. My brain isn't big enough for typing and chatting at the same time.
    • Also don't expect keyboard ASMR. My switches are silent linears, lol.