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  1. Found a passively cooled nvidia GPU in my box o’ treasures.



  2. Just get a 570 or a 580 and probably get a PSU upgrade since the upgrade to a 3450k is not worth it.
  3. Granted but its now a spoiler hole that says "elephants are supreme" I wish for a tube of Thermal Grizzly Kryonaut.
  4. Pretty cool but I don't see any use for a normal user besides more values to get confused at.
  5. I can second this. But for me its usually if I open a new tab and do something else and come back to the page and the browser needs to refresh the page. P.S. Only happens on mobile(IOS 14.3) on safari.
  6. Normal people use Crystal Disk Info. Magician is not that great but Crystal Disk works on every drive. Also quote people so they see the reply.
  7. Yes I did read your full post. If you want I will address each individually. Yes mac's are optimized to all hell and back but that can only do so much when the hardware is severely limited thermally and hardware wise. There are many softwares on windows that are not subscription based. There are even very powerful free ones such as Davinci Resolve. Yes but Vegas is not the only option. DaVInci resolve has a free version that is more than enough for most people and if you feel that you need the extra features, then the Pro one is a one time payment. I personally use Davi
  8. Try DDU and reinstalling some older drivers.
  9. The best route will be going with a custom PC. Yes mac's are optimized to all hell and back but that can only do so much. If you could tell me your budget and your location I could make a pretty decent build.
  10. Only few people get the honor of pg 6hundred9nty
  11. First time I have seen a bot penetrate so deep through the forum's protection. 


    1. Skiiwee29


      You weren't around before the bot protection that we have now was in place... We use to get hit hard with bot spam a few years ago...

    2. Spotty
  12. What usage is the CPU at? Which resolution? Temps of both the CPU and GPU?