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  1. EDIT: This reply was probably too political for the forum, so I'm not gonna keep it up.
  2. Not to get too political in this post (because I have many feelings about this, mostly "f------ finally"), but it's ironic that corporate America is the one to save America. All it took was a *direct* attack to the republic, and more importantly, a threat to their revenue streams to shut this shit down. But unfortunately, it was corporate America that did this to America in the first place, so I shouldn't be surprised that they were the only ones to shut this down. And for anyone who says this violates the First Amendment in the US Constitution, it doesn't. The US is a
  3. Isn’t Apple a huge contractor for TSMC? Didn’t they invest a large sum of money to expand the plants in Taiwan? Apple pretty much funds TSMC singlehandedly, of course they would get first dibs on a new processing node. They went 7nm in 2018 and now 5nm in 2020 — a year before the competition. I think Apple and TSMC are gearing up for 3nm in 2022. Not to mention that every new Apple product next year will use this node. Even a phone like the iPhone SE probably sells more units in a month than Ryzen would in a year if it had no production issues. Maybe if most chipmakers
  4. Many leakers have been pointing to a model of iPhone 13 without a lightning port. Plus have you not seen MagSafe? As much as it is a terrible implementation of magnetic wireless charging, it looks like it will be the way forward for Apple in terms of connectivity. All Apple needs to do is make a cheap plastic MagSafe charger and put it in the box (This would be the most expensive iPhone anyways) and they can get rid of the lightning port.
  5. Never said 3 dots I said 3 points. If it cant see your eyes and your nose, it won't activate. Those thousands of IR dots the dot projector uses to map out your face are to find those three points and map them in 3D.
  6. Pandemics at this scale are a once in a lifetime occurrence. The last time something this big happened was in 1919, at least in the US, with the Spanish Flu outbreak. Not to get too political, but I am hopeful that the new administration will get the vaccination programs underway and get people vaccinated ASAP. We already have ordered 100M doses of the Pfizer vaccine, which means 50M immunizations, not to mention its competitors like Moderna. Late Spring/Early Summer was always the best case scenario for this pandemic to be over. Let's just take what we can get.
  7. I don't think it would be worth it TBH. What do you do after the pandemic? Once you're done with the convenience factor, do you have to live with the fact that Face ID is now less secure? We're nearing the end of this nightmare anyways now with vaccine trials ending and vaccinations happening. We still have many months to go, but this is just a blip in time that Apple didn't plan for on their roadmap.
  8. The A4 and A5 were both based off of the ARM-Cortex design. The A6 was the first one that Apple custom designed, and then the A7 was the one that shocked the industry when Apple went 64-bit years before ARM was supposed to. And I just looked it up, the A11 was the first one to use custom GPU cores. All the prior ones used PowerVR or custom PowerVR implementations.
  9. From what I've heard, FaceID is about 3 points. Your two eyes and your nose, and if you wear a mask correctly, you block the 3rd point.
  10. Apple uses the term "One More Thing" as a surprise term for products that the public do not expect. There have been a few "One More Things" in Tim Cook's era, the Apple Watch, Apple Music, iPhone X, and the M1 event all got branded under "One More Thing". Steve Jobs used that term more times then I could count. No one expected Apple to release headphones in December, in fact if I recall correctly, Tim Cook said "We will see you next year" in the November event. This was a surprise, so it's a "One More Thing", at least to me anyways.
  11. Are we surprised? Apple plans their products way in advance. They probably had the iPhone X key features at least drafted in 2015 or 2014...
  12. Doesn't Apple custom design their own GPU and CPU cores? If memory serves me right, the first Apple designed CPU was the A6, and the first Apple designed GPU was the A11.
  13. Why would they not want them to sell? Look. Mac Pro Wheels are literally a niche of a niche product. Even if you buy a Mac Pro, chances are you're not buying the wheels. They know they're not going to sell, so they're passing that price off to the consumer to make margins back. In fact, the entire Mac Pro is just the definition of when a company passes off huge amounts of RnD cost to the consumer. I highly doubt the 2022 Mac Pro will cost anywhere near the $6000 it costs now. But the AirPods Max are supposed to be mass market. We simply don't know who Apple is competing
  14. This cycle happens with almost every Apple product, so much that I want to call it the "iCycle" Apple releases a product. Literally any product, could be AirPods Max, could be a cure for cancer. Two different groups of people form. People that defend the product because it's Apple, and people who hate on the product because it's Apple. Companies such as Samsung and OnePlus joke about the product A week later, people get the product, and post favorable reviews of it. The bandwagon of (It's X [in this case overpriced]) is still going hard by this point By holiday
  15. Because you get all the "Apple features" like Spatial Audio (I'm not sure if those models have something like that yet/already) and a better build, all of which is apparently worth an extra $200. Some people may be willing to make the trade off, but like I said in my OP, is it worth it to the majority of people? Will this be another AirPods Pro or will this just be a HomePod? Personally, I'm definitely not buying these. For them to even be on my radar they A) have to be a "sport" model for $349, and B) have to get rid of that fucking digital crown. It literally pisses me off being