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  1. But how this bug still work even though i have 32 GB of RAM? It doesn't fully crash my chrome it just crashes that one tab and i have to refresh it. Does chrome have tabs capped at a certain RAM usage or?
  2. Hello everyone so i was chilling on a livestream on youtube with 10k viewers and all of a sudden someone started spamming weird characters over and over in chat and my tab crashed giving me the memory exceeded error after that i reopened the livestream and i crashed again,and again,and again and all of a sudden it stopped.After 5 minutes someone typed in chat that the guy spamming was spamming because he wanted to crash mobile users by filling up their memory.The guy started spamming again and this time i didn’t crash.Is the error caused by the spammer or a problem on my end?
  3. What is your opinion on the temps i stated before? Do you think they are really hot or just ok? My CPU is running 4.5GHz all cores at 1.24375V btw and ambient temps about 27c-28c
  4. This is a 4 day old picture so the cooler is mounted already,hopefully i applied even pressure even though all i did was put the paste on the CPU and place the aio over the CPU in it's screws then screw it in screw by screw,not sure if i've done anything bad.
  5. Im wondering, do you think this is enough thermal paste applied on my 5900x?
  6. So i've seen a lot of posts after buying and applying thermal grizzly kryonaut thermal paste on my 5900x saying that apparently the kryonaut has a weakness at over 80c,saying that if the temps are >80c then the thermal paste will start drying out My temps are not the best but i think they are pretty ok. In idle i get about 48c.In games that are not demanding i get about 58c and in games that are demanding on the CPU like rust or warzone i get like 65-68c.In cinebench i get 77c and in realbench after 1 hour the temps max out at 87c. Im just wondering if my paste is going to dr
  7. I did but i changed the voltage since it wasn’t stable
  8. it got up to 87C only after 20 mins since the start of the test.Usually my COU runs at 48c idle and 55-60c in gaming.
  9. After 1 hour of realbench my CPU got up to 87C im using a 5900x running at 4.5 GHz all core @ 1.243V im using a kraken x53 cooler
  10. Well im getting about 85c with those settings also i put 4.4 GHz since it wasnt stable for me 4.5
  11. i changed my thermal paste and i ran out so this is how much i put
  12. Well i'm probably gonna take a look tomorrow and re-apply the paste but the temps seem fine,im not sure but i do think that i have applied enough even though it didn't look like i did.
  13. Nope,im pretty sure after screwing in the AIO it spread more across the CPU since the picture i took was before screwing in the AIO.