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  1. Let me put it into perspective, lets say i have the driver version 460.09 right? And it's not extremely stable for me so i want to rollback to a driver i trust is stable like 445.87.But everytime i use DDU and install 445.87 it just automatically installs 456.71 another driver version that i didn't want.And i just can't seem to install 445.87 without windows reinstalling another driver.
  2. Hello everyone, so i think the title says it all. I used to have the driver 445.87 and everytime i seem to DDU any driver i have and install that one, windows decides to AUTOMATICALLY install 456.71 without even telling me.How can i fix this?
  3. Yeah,thank you i wasn't really looking for any CORRECT answer. i was just looking for opinions since i was never big in OC myself! Appreciate it!
  4. A good balance between stable and performance.
  5. i have a ASUS TUF B450M-PLUS Gaming i have 32GB of CORSAIR VENGEANCE RGB PRO 3600 and it's all running fine.
  6. No like, im wondering what everyone considered a small overclock vs a medium or a high overclock.
  7. Alright so i have an MSI Gaming X Trio RTX 2080 Super.I've never been a OC type of guy i know my stuff about tech but i never got into OC.What do you guys consider a small OC, a medium OC, and a HIGH OC.All of these OC without requiring any increase in voltage. For me this is what i think those are (correct me if im wrong) For a small OC maybe like +30 Core Clock, +100 Memory Clock? For a medium OC maybe like +50 Core Clock, +300 Memory Clock? For a High OC maybe like +100 Core Clock, +600 Memory Clock?
  8. Alright so hello everyone, i want to ask something.Usually my sleep schedule is messed up.I wake up at 8am for school i open my PC, get ready and at like 1 pm im done.I hop in my bed, go to sleep and wake up again at like 11 pm, stay awake until 8 am.Go to school online and repeat the process ( yeah i know it's not healthy).My pc gets from 3-6 hours of shutdown.Usually when i fall asleep in the afternoon it goes into sleep mode and sleeps for like 9 hours, but that's not complete shutdown thats just sleeping mode so my PC isn't fully turned off. There are nights where i only shut it down for l
  9. I've never seen someone mount their radiator like this.I really hope the fans are not taking the hot air and instead of throwing it outside the case, it's throwing it back in.If it isn't doing that try to reapply the thermal paste and make sure that the CPU Cooler is sitting down with pressure making contact with your CPU.
  10. Damn that's sad on windows's part.Some kids in africa could've eaten my 8GB of ram ;(
  11. Hello everyone so today i upgraded my 16 GB of Corsair vengeance RGB PRO ram to 32 GB of Corsair Vengeance RGB PRO and i realised when im idle i have 8.9 GB used out of 32. can you guys take a look at this photo and explain to me what Antimalware service executable is? and why it's using 500 mb of my ram?
  12. Sadly yeah, but tbh i kind of expected that with rockstar.Well i'm glad me and SavageNeo could've helped you, enjoy your time gaming! And say hi to your friend from me aswell. Happy new years to everyone!
  13. Yeah if you go to ADVANCED SETTINGS ingame you should see like frame scaling or frame rendering and try to reset those or increase them. (WARNING: if you increase them the game MIGHT look better but it's gonna put more force on to your GPU causing you to lose a couple frames, and BTW don't decrease the frame scailing if you don't want your game to look like a fucking baked potato.)
  14. I think i saw like 50 posts about people having this exact thing so i might just say that it might be the game itself having some problems when it comes to the RAGE Engine that it's using cause i can't think of any other thing really.